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Chris Pratt and 'Apparently Kid' Face Off in a Prehistoric Game of Dino Trivia on Ellen: VIDEO


Jurassic World star Chris Pratt and the always adorable Noah Ritter (aka "Apparently Kid") took part in a game of Dino Wrong or Dino Right on Ellen this week. Noah proved he's an expert on prehistoric facts while Pratt proved he's as good with kids as he is with his looks.

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B.D. Wong Is Back in New 'Jurassic World' Trailer: WATCH


The latest trailer for Jurassic World features more dinos, more attractions, more screams and sex jokes, and the return of actor B.D. Wong as Dr. Henry Wu. 



Director Colin Trevorrow also unveiled a new poster for the film on Twitter, featuring Chris Pratt and his domesticated Velociraptors.

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Indominus Rex Makes Its Debut in 'Jurassic World' Super Bowl Spot: VIDEO


Universal Pictures continues to tease us with more footage from this summer's upcoming Jurassic Park sequel, Jurassic World. Back in November we saw the first trailer for the film and yesterday we got another look at the sure to be blockbuster in a TV spot that aired during the Super Bowl.

In it, we see more chaos at the island theme park (pterodactyls!), glimpses of the menacing main baddie dino (a hybrid dinosaur called Indominus Rex) and Chris Pratt tame a trio of velociraptors and then seemingly using them to fight the giant creature.

Watch Pratt attempt to save the day, AFTER THE JUMP.


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'Jurassic Parks and Recreation' is the Chris Pratt Mash-up Trailer You've Been Waiting For: VIDEO

Chris pratt

Pawnee's lovable doof Andy Dwyer gets transferred to an amusement park 65 million years in the making in this hilarious pop-culture mash up video. Dwyer also apparently gets a haircut and a killer physique along the way, because he looks like a real stud by the time he arrives on the prehistoric island.  

Dinosaurs, Parks and Rec, and Chris Pratt - what more could you ask for?

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Robbie Rogers Wants Chris Pratt To Play Him In The Sitcom Based on His Life


Earlier this year, we told you about the new sitcom, Men In Shorts, based on out gay soccer player Robbie Rogers' life that was acquired by ABC. In a new interview with Attitude Magazine, Rogers opens up about the evolution of the show and who he wants to play his character:

What can you tell us about Men In Shorts, the TV series inspired by your story?
“I was approached with this idea about doing a show about a gay athlete who comes out and we were talking about my experiences, funny stuff like jokes I had to make in the showers to break the ice, talking about dating for the first time, all these different ‘first times’ and how awkward they were, and we just laughed, so it progressed into this comedy about this guy who comes out as gay – a total fish out of water – and he’s expected to have all these answers for little Tommy in Thailand who’s thinking of coming out, and he has no idea what it’s like in a gay bar because he’s never been to one. It’s inspired by parts of my life but the family is different, a lot of things are very different and it’s exaggerated for comedy. We want to teach people through laughter and play with stereotypes.”

Who would you like to see playing you?
“It’s gotta be someone funny, someone who doesn’t care and someone very masculine; someone you wanna grab a beer with. In a perfect world – he obviously wouldn’t do this and I don’t think I’m anything like him – but someone like Chris Pratt. You know, someone hilarious, good looking but not super fit, you know what I mean? So it looks like he doesn’t go to the gym kind of thing…”

Chris Pratt goes to the gym!
“Haha! Yeah, now he does!”

Rogers also shared that he has been in touch with the West Virginia high school goalie who came out last week at his prom, inspired in large part by reading Rogers' memoir Coming Out to Play:

"It’s such an amazing story, and that kind of story reaches so many other kids. It was never my intention for someone to read my book and it make them want to come out. Well, I mean, that is the point of it, but I didn’t think it was going to happen, so I’m happy that it’s happening so quickly.”

Check out one more snap of Rogers poolside, AFTER THE JUMP...

And read the full interview over at Attitude HERE

(Photos via Attitude)

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Chris Pratt's Jungle Beefcake Gets Photobombed By a Velociraptor: PHOTO


Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow sent out the above photo yesterday of Chris Pratt, his bulging biceps, his motorcycle, and a toothy Veliciraptor that may or may not be Pratt's pet depending on how you interpreted the raptor scene in the film's debut trailer last month.

Tweeted Trevorrow:

Jurassic World starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, and BD Wong opens in theaters June 12, 2015.


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