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David Hockney's iPhone Still Lifes Ready for the MOMA


David Hockney has no fear of new technology: "Hockney has had the [iPhone] for only four months, but he has already turned it into a hi-tech canvas. It even fits neatly on a miniature easel in his London studio...'I lie in bed and send illustrated art lectures to friends and also my own iPhone paintings,' said Hockney. 'I like to draw flowers by hand on the iPhone and send them out to friends so they get fresh flowers. And my flowers last!'"

A close-up of the painting on the mini-easel, AFTER THE JUMP...

In related news, a major work by Hockney is on the auction block this week at Christie's: "Leading the selection is one of the most important works to come to the auction market by Hockney, Beverly Hills Housewife, (estimate: $7-10 million), 1966-1967."


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A Big Gay Hockney - Van Sant Milk Mash-Up


So I came across some stills online today of James Franco's naked swimming scene in Gus van Sant's Milk and it struck me that Van Sant must have been inspired by David Hockney's "Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)" and, lo and behold, Franco got the stroke, and Van Sant the angle, just right.

So, above is a mash-up I put together of Hockney's 1971 painting with a still from Milk. I pasted the swimsuit over from the painting so as to keep it SFW. Click to enlarge.

As far as I know, the painting is owned by David Geffen.

I've posted a link to the still and the original painting, AFTER THE JUMP...

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David Hockney Unveils "Bigger Trees Near Water"


David Hockney today unveiled the largest painting he has ever created, "Bigger Trees Near Water", a 40x15 foot work made up of a grid of 50 smaller canvases. It's also the largest painting ever shown at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition.

Hockney, 69, has been painting a series of landscapes in and around Yorkshire, England, where he was raised.

The large painting has also been given the name "Peinture en Plein Air pour l'age Post-Photographique".

Another piece from the series, below.

The exhibition opens to the public on June 11.


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David Hockney Portrait Exhibit Brings out the Living


The first major survey of David Hockney's portraits went on display at the National Portrait Gallery last week:

"The exhibition contains numerous self-portraits, including one from 1954 when he was an intense and precocious 17-year-old, again never seen by the public before. The painting was discovered seven years ago in an attic. Hockney, as he put it, lives 'on location in Bridlington as they say in Hollywood' while keeping his base in Los Angeles."

Hockney was joined in the photo above by Celia Birtwell, who with her then husband Ossie Clark were captured by the artist 36 years earlier, in the background portrait "Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy".

Hockney and Warhol Items Set Auction Records [tr]

Hockney and Warhol Items Set Auction Records

Warhol_hockneyOne of Andy Warhol's silver wigs, which was estimated to go for between $4,000 and $6,000, sold for $10,800 at Christie's yesterday. The wig came complete with the toupee tape which Warhol used to stick it to his head. You may not be able to get the wig anymore but you might still be available to get the action figure from Kid Robot.

Other Warhol items of note at the Christie's sale: "A 1977 Polaroid photo of Muhammad Ali, signed by Warhol, sold for $19,200. And a Warhol Polaroid of Mick Jagger from 1975 went for $15,600."

At the end of May I posted about Sotheby's auction off the David Hockney painting "The Splash". At that time, folks were prediciting the painting would sell for $5.6 million. Last night, "The Splash" was scooped up for just over $4.7 million, not as high as predicted but still breaking records.

The previous record for a Hockney painting was $3.4 million for his work "A Neat Lawn".

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Hockney Work Expected to Make Biggest Splash

ThesplashThe market for 20th-Century art continues to be hot, hot, hot.

Sotheby's recently announced the auction of this minimalist David Hockney work and gives it an estimate 56% higher than the record for any previous work by the artist.

"The Splash", one in a trio of works by Hockney depicting a swimming pool just after someone has entered the water, was once owned by David Geffen and is expected to go for $5.6 million when it is auctioned on June 21.

Acccording to Sotheby's, "'The Splash' last sold at Sotheby's London in 1973 for 25,000 pounds and joined Geffen's collection in Los Angeles in the late 1970s. The painting would achieve a 120- fold rise in price in 33 years if Sotheby's reached its top estimate in the June sale." Sounds like a good investment to me.

The painting's companion pieces, "A Bigger Splash" and "A Little Splash", are in London's Tate Modern and in a private collection, respectively.

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