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Watch: Dog Tsunami Victim Won't Leave Other Dog's Side


A heartbreaking reminder that many animals were victims of the earthquake/tsunami as well.


Writes Kenn Sakurai on Facebook:

"This is what it's like when we could find the dogs at the actual disaster area. The white has gotten weak but the brown one is not allowing to get closer. The TV crew shot this. We have already got these dog. But it too two hours to take them to the closest shelter. The guys who had done that had the bigger plastic cage on the back of the bike. Having such weight on the back is risky for going the way with no road...Those two dogs are rescued. The one which came close to the camera is in the better condition. The other White, Gray and Black was weak. So it is in the vet clinic in Ibaraki Prefectre. The other dog is in the shelter of the same area. But please know that those two are just the tip of the iceberg. There are more and we need help."

Sakurai works at Butch-Japan - an animal rescue organization. Donations at PayPal can be accepted at If you want to read more, go to his Facebook page, and here.

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Watch: CNBC's Larry Kudlow 'Grateful' That 'Human Toll' of Earthquake is Greater Than the 'Economic Toll'


A rather poor choice of phrasing from CNBC's Larry Kudlow: "The human toll here looks to be much worse than the economic toll and we can be grateful for that."


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Watch: Second Explosion at Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant


A second explosion has occurred at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan.

The Japan Times:

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano gave assurances that the No. 3 reactor's containment vessel survived the explosion, just like the one at the No. 1 reactor, which blew up its housing on Saturday.

Tokyo Electric Power Co., struggling to cool down all three reactors, said the water level in the No. 2 reactor is still above the fuel rods, but officials are scrambling to prevent a meltdown.

The latest hydrogen explosion came as the government — confronted by the massive rescue and body retrieval operation all along the Tohoku region coast, and the threat of massive power outages in the Kanto region — scrambled to prevent a nuclear meltdown that could be triggered by overheating fuel rods.

NYT: "As the scale of Japan’s nuclear crisis begins to come to light, experts in Japan and the United States say the country is now facing a cascade of accumulating problems that suggest that radioactive releases of steam from the crippled plants could go on for weeks or even months."

More from CNN...

Watch the explosion, AFTER THE JUMP...

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