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GLENN BECK: Doesn't buy Teresa Heinz Kerry or Hillary Clinton's medical conditions because John Kerry is a liar and the State Dept. is in a cover-up.

FRANCISCO LIRIANO: Now that's a catch.

3-D PRINTING: Liquid metal at room temperature.

ELIOT SPITZER: On his past sins and future plans.

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Eliot Spitzer Plans Run for NYC Comptroller

Former Governor Eliot Spitzer believes people will look past his prostitution scandal and allow him to reenter politics. As such, he's planniing a run for the NYC Comptroller's office, the NYT reports:

SpitzerIn a telephone interview on Sunday night, Mr. Spitzer, 54, sounding restless after an unwelcome hiatus from government, said he had re-envisioned the often-overlooked office and yearned to resurrect the kind of aggressive role he played as New York State’s attorney general. He said that after consulting with his family and taking the temperature of the city’s electorate, he believed New Yorkers would be open to his candidacy. “I’m hopeful there will be forgiveness, I am asking for it,” he said.

Is Anthony Weiner leading the way?

Mr. Spitzer batted away a question about whether the reception enjoyed by Mr. Weiner, who is running neck and neck with the front-runner Christine C. Quinn, factored into his decision, but said he was approached regularly by New Yorkers who say they would support him if he ran for office again.

Wrote Spitzer on Twitter: "Yess, I'm running for NYC Comptroller. Office is ripe for greater & more exciting use of the office’s jurisdiction....I have looked at this race and decided that now is not the time to sit on the sidelines or go along to get along...As a former Governor and Attorney General, I believe I have the right record to continue fighting for the people of #NYC as comptroller."

Spitzer announced he would appear this morning on CBS This Morning at 8 am to discuss his campaign.

Eliot Spitzer, Richard Socarides And Wayne Besen Discuss Potential SCOTUS Marriage Case: VIDEO


Former Bill Clinton advisor Richard Socarides and journo-activist Wayne Besen appeared on Eliot Spizter's Current show last night to discuss the progress marriage equality has made in various courts across the country.

Watch their conversation about the judicial changes and a potential for a Supreme Court decision, including how Chief Justice Roberts will rule, AFTER THE JUMP.

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ExxonMobil Needs to Step Up and Protect Its LGBT Employees: VIDEO


Freedom to World President Tico Almeida talks to Eliot Spitzer on Viewpoint about the NAACP's endorsement of marriage equality and a campaign targeting Exxon Mobil for its lack of corporate policies to protect LGBT employees from discrimination.

Says Almeida: "They are decades behind in adopting the principles of corporate leadership that so many Fortune 500 companies have already adopted because it's the right thing to do for business."


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Freedom to Work Founder Tico Almeida Has 'Sliver of Hope' That Obama Will Sign LGBT Non-Discrimination Order: VIDEO


Freedom to Work President Tico Almeida returned to Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer late last week to discuss Obama's refusal to sign an executive order banning LGBT discrimination in the workplace.

Almeida said that the White House was not happy with his appearance two weeks ago on Spitzer's show in which he discussed the meeting where it was announced that Obama would not sign the order.

Almeida said that he had a follow-up meeting with White House aides at a Starbucks and still has a "sliver of hope" that the executive order will get signed.


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Jim McGreevey and Eliot Spitzer Discuss NY's Marriage Equality Decision and the Future of Gay Rights: VIDEO


Former NJ Governor Jim McGreevey appeared on CNN's In the Arena with former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer (both, interestingly, resigned amid sex scandals) last night and discussed the NY marriage equality victory and whether it is a sign that the tide has turned on gay rights in America. He also discussed politicians whose positions are lagging on the issue:

"I think 10 years ago what Gov. Christie said was the norm by Democrats and Republicans and I think that will change," McGreevey said. "I think Gov. Christie, or whoever's governor across this nation, they will catch up with the decency of the American public."

And of President Obama, the former governor stated in a reference to the first lady, "If only he would listen to Michelle more often." The president stopped short of using the term "marriage" while endorsing equal rights for same-sex couples at a fundraiser late Thursday, but affirmed, "I believe that gay couples deserve the same legal rights as every couple in this country."

Now that the state of New York has legalized same-sex marriage, McGreevey admitted that he, too, is tempted to get married - but will wait until it is legal in his home state.

It was unclear whether McGreevey knows something about Michelle Obama and same-sex marriage that the general public doesn't, but she has never publicly come out for it.

McGreevey also addressed shame, something that drove him to closet himself for years, and notes how it is lacking in the younger generation, a fact which will propel equality. McGreevey, currently a divinity school student studying to be an Episcopal priest, also discussed how religious bigots manipulate the Bible to perpetuate homophobia.


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