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Evan Low, Gay Mayor of Campbell, California, Verbally Assaulted

Evan Low, who became the country's youngest openly gay mayor in 2009 when he was elected in Campbell, California, outside of San Jose, was verbally assaulted by a woman on his way to a community festival over the weekend, NBC Bay Area reports:

Low"She pointed her finger at me in the shape of a gun and said, "Bang (expletive), die. Go back to China, you will die," Low said. The expletive was a derogatory word for a gay man.

Low said the loud hatred lasted five minutes.

"I thought it was a joke because it was so random that this woman was screaming at the top of her lungs," Low said in a phone interview. "It was so strange and out of the blue, but after a while I came to find out it was not a joke."

A suspect has been identifed but not arrested. The woman's actions would be classified as a misdemeanor.

Low said that several people who did not know he was mayor came to his defense. One spit on the woman's car.

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Spain apologizes to man jailed for being gay in the 70's: "Antoni Ruiz spent three months in prison under a law introduced during Gen Francisco Franco's dictatorship. In addition to the letter, he has received 4,000 euros ($5,900; £3,600) in compensation. Mr Ruiz estimates around 5,000 homosexuals suffered a similar fate to him during Gen Franco's dictatorship."


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Southern Utah University expands anti-discrimination policy: " The school's board of trustees unanimously voted Friday to amend its anti-discrimination policy to include protection for those with an alternative sexual orientation. SUU and Brigham Young University were the only two institutions of higher education in the state without such a policy. SUU Student Body President Cody Alderson praised the board's action, saying it will help ensure a safe and friendly campus atmosphere for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation. The Student Senate on Nov. 4 passed a resolution that endorsed the policy change."


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Youth counselor killed in gay attack at Tel Aviv LGBT youth center receives honor: "The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) has awarded Nir Katz, a youth counselor who was killed in an attack on a gay community center in Tel Aviv, a medal of commendation awarded each year to defenders of human rights. 'Nir Katz won the commendation because with his activities at the community center and other activities in which he took part he promoted the understanding of the other,' said Nirit Moskowitz of the ACRI."


Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon logs a record-extending 742nd week on the Billboard charts.


Cook County, Illinois has one of the highest concentrations of openly gay judges in the country: "Last summer, the 15 jurists formally organized as the Alliance of Illinois Judges to, among other things, lobby other circuit judges for the appointment of more gays and lesbians as associate judges, mentor law students and encourage the state to extend judges' pensions benefits to domestic partners. They also plan to serve as a sounding board for other judges looking for information and resources."



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The Mercury News profiles openly gay Campbell, California mayor Evan Low: "One day his dad asked him a question: On a scale of 1 to 10 — 1 being completely gay and 10 being completely straight — what number was he? 'I'm a 10,' his dad said. 'I'm a 2 or a 3,' his son replied. And suddenly his dad knew for sure. Evan Low says his father, whom he considers one of his heroes, accepted his sexuality from that day forward. 'He told me, 'I raised you. You're my son, with my blood and my DNA. So it came from me.''"

Evan Low Becomes Country's Youngest Openly Gay Mayor

Campbell, California, just outside of San Jose, has a new, very young mayor:

Low "The council promoted Evan Low, 26, from vice mayor to a one-year term as mayor of the 38,000-resident Silicon Valley city...Low is working on his master's degree in public administration from San Jose State University, where he also earned an undergraduate degree in political science. He also attended an executive program at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

...Low grew up in San Jose but eight years ago moved to Campbell, where his father, Dr. Arthur Low, is an optometrist and sits on the Chamber of Commerce. Low said he became interested in politics because he felt young people's interests, such as affordable housing and the future of Social Security, were not being addressed. He first ran for City Council in 2004 and lost, but won when he tried again in 2006. His term ends in 2010. Campbell seems to be an unlikely city for a young, gay, Asian American politician to gain a foothold in public service. The San Jose suburb is 70 percent white and 11 percent Asian, with a small, quiet gay community. Low said he received hate mail when he announced his opposition to Proposition 8, the gay marriage ban, as well as threats of a recall."

According to KTVU, Low is also the country's youngest Asian American mayor.

Congrats to Evan!


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