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Gay Iconography: Honoring Drag Roots In ‘Paris Is Burning’


As we cross the halfway mark on this season of RuPaul's Drag Race, the popular reality competition (1 million Facebook Likes, and growing) continues to be one of the primary drivers of a reinvigorated interest in drag culture and slang. However, long before Mother Ru was tellings us to “sissy that walk,” Venus Xtravaganza was asking if we were “going through it” in the iconic 1990 documentary Paris Is Burning.

While the film introduced America to lots of drag vernacular -- launching “reading,” “realness” and “voguing” into the cultural consciousness -- it also perfectly encapsulated a specific moment in time. Filmed in mid-to-late ‘80s, director Jennie Livingston’s documentary sheds light on the faces of New York ball culture at its peak, including figures like Willi Ninja, Pepper LaBeija and Dorian Corey. It is a portrait of a segment of the LGBT community before the height of its struggle with AIDS. The film also tackles issues of race, class and gender.

Take a look back with some of our favorite clips celebrating Paris Is Burning,

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A Supercut Of Chris Evans' Shirtless Scenes: VIDEO


Hunky actor, model and LGBT ally Chris Evans, who scored big in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, thankfully threw out his ill-advised “shirtless ban” giving us the chance to enjoy a super-cut of his many shirtless movie scenes before and since the ban.

Sadly, the 60-second super cut doesn’t include every instance of Evans shirtless, but we’ll still enjoy it. Also weirdly enough, it turns out Chris has a special kind of stand-in — we didn’t figure he’d need one.

Watch the video AFTER THE JUMP...

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Bruce LaBruce’s New Film About An 18-Year Old Falling For An 81-Year Old: VIDEO


Writer, filmmaker and provocateur Bruce LaBruce has debuted the trailer for his new film, “Gerontophilia,” that follows an 18-year old boy, Lake, as he realizes he has a fetish for older men and subsequently takes a job at a retirement home. Once there, Lake falls for the 81-year old Mr. Peabody and breaks him free from the shackles of assisted living once he learns that the facility is purposefully over-medicating their patients. LaBruce told that the film was inspired by his friend Marcus Ewert, who began a love affair at seventeen with the much older famous Beat poet Allen Ginsberg:

"I liked the notion that, in a way, [Ewert] had sacrificed himself on the altar of these great artists by offering his body and soul to them. But beyond that, I was sure he also found them sexually stimulating because of their wisdom and stature, and also because he felt an empathy for someone in that stage of their life who might not have easy access to the sexual vigor of the youthful and the beautiful."

Read part of Vocativ's interview with LaBruce (which can be found in full HERE) and watch the trailer for “Gerontophilia” along with a clip where Lake and Mr. Peabody play a drunken game of strip poker, AFTER THE JUMP…

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Jeremy Irvine to Star in Roland Emmerich's 'Stonewall' About the 1969 Gay Rights Uprising


Last year we reported that Independence Day director Roland Emmerich was planning a movie about the Stonewall riots, and plans are moving forward quickly.

Today, Deadline reports that War Horse star Jeremy Irvine has been cast to star in the film:

Scripted by Jon Robin Baitz, the film is about the June 28, 1969 police raid at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, a mafia-owned bar that was a gathering place for gays and transgenders. It became the flashpoint for the gay rights movement, a galvanizing event that is considered a touchstone even today in the fight for equal rights for the gay and transgender population. Emmerich’s way in is to focus on a young man’s political awakening in the backdrop of those riots.

Emmerich plans to start production soon as he's also preparing an Independence Day sequel due to arrive in summer 2016.

More Scenes From A Gay Marriage: VIDEO


Writer/director Matt Riddlehoover who titillated audiences with his voyeuristic romp, “Scenes From a Gay Marriage,” has returned with a sequel about what happens after the couple in the first film, Joe and Derren, finally gets together.

RodineyAnd things have gotten a bit meta:

Darren's ex has made a gay-themed film about how Darren and Joe met and fell in love. As a result of the film's success, Darren and Joe begin to question whether their domestic partnership is as exciting or romantic as what led up to it.

The sequel promises just as much wit, with Thashana McQuiston reprising her role as Luce, and sex appeal, with Rodiney Santiago (Logo's “A List”) co-starring as a sexy masseur in addition to a bevy of other alluring cast members including Charlie David, Rett Terrell (pictured below), and Jared Allman.

Check out the trailer, AFTER THE JUMP…


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Zac Efron Flexes Shirtless: VIDEO


The most important part of the new Neighbors trailer.

Co-star Seth Rogen recently told Conan O'Brien that he thinks Efron is the "sexiest motherf--ker alive" and described his abs as "a Plinko game" for your eyes that "points to his d--k."


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