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Rhode Island Firefighters Allege Rights Were Violated Following Order To Drive In Gay Pride Parade - VIDEO


A lawyer for Providence, Rhode Island has argued that former city mayor Buddy Cianci did not violate the rights of firefighters ordered to drive a fire truck in a 2001 Gay Pride parade, reports StarTribune.

A lawyer for the two firefighters yesterday told the Rhode Island Supreme Court that her clients' constitutional religion and free speech rights were violated when they were ordered to take part in the parade.

Representing Cianci, Kevin McHugh, who said the case is “ridiculous,” argued that the city sent trucks to various parades as a matter of course and driving in the 2001 Gay Pride parade was part of the firefighters' regular duties.

Although the firefighters' lawyer argued that the act of participating in the parade suggested that they supported gay rights, justice Maureen McKenna Goldberg said they are “anonymous public servants” and compared Cianci’s order to being called to fight a fire in a temple or in a mosque.

Cianci, who was forced from office in 2002 following a conviction for corruption and is currently in the midst of a campaign to win back City Hall, said if elected he would likely make the same decision again.

Back in June, Brett Smiley, another candidate for the mayoral race in Providence, claimed in a campaign video that he proposed to his husband Jim DeRentis with a PowerPoint presentation.

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Gripping Video Shows Construction Worker Rescued from Massive Houston Fire: WATCH


A devastating fire tore through a 396-apartment complex under construction yesterday in Houston's Montrose District. Thankfully, no injuries were reported and all personnel were accounted for - but things got particularly scary for one construction worker captured in a harrowing video shot from a nearby building.

As rescue workers tried to reach him, the worker was forced to leap from one balcony to another.

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French Firefighters Reprimanded for Shirtless 'Call Me Maybe' Video: WATCH


A group of French firefighters is being reprimanded by their bosses for soiling the dignity of their professions after posting a shirtless lip-synch video to YouTube as a birthday present to a colleague, The Local reports:

The publicly posted video shows the bare-chested guys in their firefighting gear, but also working out and as well as in the shower,  while they lip synch to Carly Rae Jepsen's ubiquitous 2012 hit 'Call Me Maybe.'

The short clip, which carries the written message "Happy birthday Naninanounax!, This was made on the occasion of a birthday, and was an attempt to make fun of ourselves. It is not meant to be taken seriously."

"We don't necessarily want to put off a funny image of ourselves. It's not in our best interest," an unnamed source from management told France TV. "On top of it, they are at the fire station, using department equipment. It's not appropriate."

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WATCH: A Stunning Timelapse Video of the Disastrous California Wildfire

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 3.49.33 PM

A strangely beautiful timelapse video of the devastating, NYC-sized wildfire burning its way through Yosemite National Park in California.

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More, via Gawker:

The fire is already the seventh largest in California's history, and so far 111 structures have been destroyed with another 4,000 in harm's way. Over 4,200 firefighters are battling the fire, which is only 23 percent contained after nearly two weeks. Officials, however, are optimistic. 

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Gay Adult Film Actor Donny Wright Arrested for Drunken 'Mischief' at Louisville Firehouse


Louisville Police arrested a man who broke into Metro Fire House and was found getting busy on the firefighters' gear, WHAS reports:

Metro Firefighters say they heard glass shattering on one of their bay doors and when they went to investigate, they found 27-year-old Nicholas Gonzales masturbting on gear he removed from lockers.

Firefighters were able to detain the intoxicated Gonzales until police arrived. When asked why he broke in the firehouse, Gonzales said “because he wanted to.”

Gonzales is aka gay adult film actor Donny Wright. He was charged with burglary, public intoxication and criminal mischief.

(via gawker)

Shirtless Firefighter Taylor Kinney Needs to Cool Off: VIDEO


Former Lady Gaga video co-star and boyfriend Taylor Kinney shows off his fiery, uh, temper in a new clip from the forthcoming show about Chicago firefighters, Chicago Fire.


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