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Texas Wedding Venue Refuses Gay Men


An anti-gay banquet facility in Texas has refused two men who wished to have their wedding reception at the venue. Ben Allen and Justin Hudgins, who have been together for eight years, plan to marry in Mexico in April. They also intended to hold a local reception for friends and family at the All Occasion Party Place located just outside of Fort Worth - that is until the owner told them she doesn't conduct business with gays.

KVUE reports on the refusal of service:

“She immediately responded with, ‘Well, no, I don’t do that,’ and that was just the end of that,” Allen said. “It felt like somebody had just hit me in the face.” But Allen said he was told by phone and by e-mail the business won’t serve gays.

“It is because of God that I will not be a part in your reception, and I know he loves you, but not what you are doing,” an employee at the hall, Robin Hearne, wrote to Hudgins in an e-mail he provided to WFAA. “I simply said I can not rent to you which is also my right.”

While the All Occasion Party Place has a Fort Worth address, it is apparently located just outside of the city limits. This prevents the application of Fort Worth's anti-discrimination laws. Allen and Hudgins are looking for an alternate location for their wedding reception.

Watch the KVUE news clip, AFTER THE JUMP.

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Police Raid on Fort Worth's Rainbow Lounge the Subject of New Documentary: VIDEO


Many of you will recall the police raid of Fort Worth's Rainbow Lounge gay nightclub in June 2009 on the anniversary of the Stonewall riots. Filmmaker Robert Camina has produced a documentary about the events of that night and how they inspired the LGBT community of Fort Worth to take action.

It's premiering on March 15 in Fort Worth. Check out the trailer, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Police Officer Assaulted During Brawl at Ft. Worth Rainbow Lounge

Fort Worth's Rainbow Lounge, the site of a 2009 Stonewall-style police raid that made national headlines, was the scene of a brawl late last night during which a law enforcement officer was assaulted, the Star-Telegram reports:

RainbowloungeAn on-duty Fort Worth police officer was assaulted during a fight at the Rainbow Lounge early Sunday but was not injured, police said. The brawl was reported at about 2:30 a.m. Sunday at the lounge, 651 S. Jennings Ave. Four men were arrested and accused of offenses ranging from public intoxication to resisting arrest, according to the reports.

A 22-year-old man was taken into custody and accused of assaulting a public servant, the reports said.

Fort Worth officer assaulted at gay bar [star telegram]

Fort Worth Rainbow Lounge Patrons Settle Case Over 2009 Raid


Two bar patrons hurt during a 2009 raid on the Rainbow Lounge on the anniversary of New York's Stonewall riots, have settled with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, the Star-Telegram reports:

Gibson The state agreed to pay $210,000 to Chad Gibson (pictured), who suffered a head injury, and $15,000 to George Armstrong, who suffered a torn rotator cuff, during their arrests June 28, 2009, at the gay bar.

The arrests came as agents from the beverage commission and Fort Worth police officers conducted a joint inspection at the bar.

As part of the settlement, Gibson and Armstrong agreed not to sue the agency or anyone connected to it, or the two agents and supervisor involved in the incident. In a settlement with the city this year, Gibson was awarded $400,000 and Armstrong $40,000.

Said attorney for the men Don Tittle: "I think they feel that they received a level of justice, although it was slow. The monetary compensation was fair, but I think it was important to both of them that there be change within both organizations. As a result of the incident, both Fort Worth and TABC have taken affirmative steps to improve relations and to be more sensitive to diversity."

Fort Worth to Pay $400,000 to Gay Man Injured in 2009 Raid on Rainbow Lounge Nightclub


The City of Fort Worth will pay $400,000 to a gay man injured during a June 2009 police raid on the city's Rainbow Lounge, which coincidentally occurred on the 40th anniversary of the raid on NYC's Stonewall Inn.

Chadgibson Seven people were arrested for public intoxication, and one man, Chad Gibson, sustained brain injuries due to the unnecessary force used by Fort Worth police and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission agents during the raid.

The AP reports:

"The city has said the settlement of is not any admission of liability but avoids time-consuming and costly litigation. Two agents and a supervisor with the state's liquor board were later fired, and three Fort Worth police officers were suspended. Both agencies determined no excessive force was used. The state liquor board says it's also considering settling with Gibson the separate claims he filed against that agency."

Man Injured In Rainbow Lounge Raid Offered Settlement

A patron at the Raindbow Lounge in Fort Worth who suffered brain injuries during an outrageous raid of the bar in 2009 has agreed to settle his lawsuit against the city for $400,000. According to The Star-Telegram, the amount to offered to Chad Gibson must be be approved by the City Council on Tuesday.

Chad"'In light of the circumstances, city staff believes proceeding with this settlement is the right thing to do, not only to bring closure to those involved but also to prevent lengthy and even more costly litigation,' Jason Lamers, a city spokesman, said Friday."

"Lamers said the city has also agreed to pay $40,000 to another patron, George Armstrong, who said he suffered a torn rotator cuff during his arrest for public intoxication at the bar. Because the settlement is for under $50,000, council authorization is not needed, he said. Don Tittle, the civil attorney for Gibson and Armstrong, said all parties have worked together for months to reach a resolution without a lawsuit."

After the raid, Gibson and three other patrons had been charged with public intoxication. It took the city more than a year to drop charges for all four.

Wacth a news clip from WFAA, AFTER THE JUMP.

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