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Unnamed Gay Actor In Sero-Discordant Couple Reports Successful Surrogate Conception Thanks To Sperm Washing

WashingStatistical data about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender parents raising children tells a complex story about the modern American family. An analysis of census and survey data conducted by the Williams Institute estimated that about 37% of LGBT-identified individuals were the parents to children at some point in their lives.

Less than 10 percent of the surveyed male couples reported that they were raising biological children of their own, compared to 24 percent of female couples. Unsurprisingly, the study does not explicitly mention HIV positive men, an even smaller portion of gay population seeking to have biological children of their own.

For decades the path to biological parenthood for men living with HIV has been complicated given the few, costly medical innovations in the perinatal field available to them. According to an unnamed actor writing for The Hollywood Reporter, however, he and his sero-discordant partner have found success with a technique known as sperm washing.

“We had done our research and found a lab that was working with parents who shared our status,” he writes. “We were lucky: We were set up with a surrogate who was educated and compassionate.”

Sperm washing is a controversial technique the involves the separation, or “washing” of viable sperm cells of the seminal fluid that might carry the HIV virus. Currently the Centers for Disease Control still advise most doctors against assisting HIV positive men attempting to conceive through the use of washed sperm. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine, however, reversed its position in 2002, twelve years after an HIV positive man accidentally infected his wife via sperm washing. There are today a handful of clinics scattered throughout the country willing to attempt the method.

New Nikon Ad Campaign Features Gay Couple Social Media Made Famous, Kordale And Kaleb Lewis

  Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 3.57.59 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 2.31.03 PMNikon shot a new commercial for its "I Am Generation Image," campaign featuring Kordale and Kaleb Lewis and their three children, whose morning routine selfie they posted to their Instagram went viral overnight last year. The morning routine selfie, showing the two fathers styling their two daughters' hair, garnered thousands of favorites, likes and comments; both positive and negative. Many of the negative comments they received were homophobic and racist in nature. 

In Nikon's video the two fathers explain the background story behind the selfie, confidently address the negative comments they received and express what they hope for their children going into the future. Kordale Lewis is also a writer and wrote a memoir about his life and the selfie that made them famous called, Picture Perfect? In it, Kordale talks about dealing with abuse, coming into his sexual identity, becoming a father at a young age and how he and Kaleb dealt with their new-found fame that came after posting the now famous selfie to Instagram. Despite all the negative comments they've received about the photo, the family is all smiles in Nikon's new video. Watch the heartwarming video that'll bring a smile to your face, AFTER THE JUMP...

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New Honey Maid Ad Features Gay Dads: VIDEO


Honey Maid is no stranger to showing their support for equality. The graham cracker maker celebrated its pride this past year with a graham-tastic equality graphic and previously featured a "wholesome" gay couple in an ad that showcased a diverse group of families. Now, Honey Maid is back with another ad featuring a gay couple and their child, just one of many "wholesome modern day families" they draw attention to. Said Honey Maid on the YouTube posting, "no matter how things change, what makes us wholesome never will."

Watch the latest advertisement, AFTER THE JUMP...

Let's see if this ad draws the same ire from anti-gay right-wing-nuts as Honey Maid's previous campaign did. We can only hope if it does we will be treated to another pitch perfect response

(h/t Joe.My.God)

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Tylenol Ad Features Two Moms In Modern Spin On Famous Norman Rockwell Painting: VIDEO

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 2.51.38 PM

Tylenol posted a short series of videos to their YouTube page for their "For What Matters Most," campaign featuring three modern families coming together for the holidays resembling Norman Rockwell's classic holiday painting Freedom From Want. One of the ads featuring a lesbian couple and their family-the Beser Carr Schneider Musich's, with the other ads featuring the Garza family and the Yee Hoshida family and their holiday experiences.

Watch the Beser Carr Schneider Musich family share their story on how their family comes together for the holidays, in the vein of Norman Rockwell's famous painting, AFTER THE JUMP...

Freedom from want

[h/t Bilerico Project]

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Bills Aim To Overturn Anti-Gay Texas Law That Punishes Children For Having Same-Sex Parents


The founders of a popular support network for gay dads are taking on a Texas law that prohibits them from having both of their names on their son's birth certificate. 

Austinites Andy Miller and Brian Stephens (above and below), founders of The Handsome Father, say the law is "mean-spirited" because it punishes their son, 7-year-old Clark, for something over which he has no control. From The Texas Observer

“As he got older, it became less about us and it became more about him,” Miller said. “This is his document that he’ll carry with him the rest of his life, and it very clearly only lists half of his family on it, and that’s when we kind of became angry and said the state is treating our son differently because of who his parents are, not because of anything he has done or hasn’t done. This needs to change because of our kids. The state is basically targeting them for unequal treatment.”

Acting in the name of "conservative values," the Texas Legislature decided in 1997 to require supplemental birth certificates issued to adoptive parents to have the name of one man and one woman. Texas is one of a handful of states with similar laws, and marriage equality won't solve the problem. 

On Wednesday, lawmakers in the state House and Senate introduced bills to overturn the law. State Rep. Rafael Anchia, D-Dallas, told the Observer

“I think if you asked every member of the Legislature, they would say they care about orphaned children, and if we can get them to understand that this bill is about children and not about who their parents are, then that should carry the day. There’s no doubt that this policy has cruel effects.”

Daniel Williams, legislative specialist for Equality Texas, called the law "the lowest form of politics possible — if you don’t like someone, attack their children.”

A few years ago, Lambda Legal challenged a similar law in Louisiaina, but lost the case when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear it

Equality Texas is calling on people to contact their legislators in suport of the bills.  



Check Out The Beautiful Story of Max Lenox, the Army Basketball Captain Raised By Two Gay Dads: VIDEO


This week's Sports Illustrated has the moving and remarkable story of the captain of Army's basketball team and the two gay dads who raised him. Maxwell Lenox, 22, is a senior at West Point and though he's not the star player for the Black Knights, he's been voted captain two years running due to his exceptional leadership abilities and the way he inspires his teammates. “I’ll be lucky if I do half the stuff Max does, become half the leader he is,” says sophomore forward Tanner Omlid. “I want to be like him.”

Sports Illustrated, which made big news last year with Jason Collins' coming out cover, has posted this amazing story on their website, written by S.L. Price with candor, emotion, and a remarkable sense of how much the world has changed since Lenox's adoption. Lenox was born to a crack-addicted mother in Philadelphia in 1992, at the height of the urban drug epidemic. Just three days later, he was adopted by a couple from North Carolina who were eager to start a family: Dave Lenox and Nathan Merrell. Though they had reservations about the unknown challenges of raising a "crack-baby," the bigger problems turned out to be with Merrell's conservative family who was not too thrilled to find out all at once that he was gay, had a partner, and that they were grandparents to a black infant.

Lenox_merrellsIn the touching video which accompanies the story, Merrell struggles to relate how his father denied that Max was his grandchild while his mother, for the first time in her 36-year marriage, actually defied her husband. The whole story is filled with emotional moments like this as the couple faced many struggles raising Max, including Max's difficulties in school and a serious injury that derailed a potential pro career. Now, given how Max has become such a leader, the two dads are thrilled how things have turned out as there's talk their son might make general someday. A truly inspiring story.

Check out a video on Lenox and his dads, AFTER THE JUMP....

And for the full story on Max's incredible journey, head over to Sports Illustrated here

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