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Dick's Just One of Kellan Lutz's Boys


Kellan Lutz shows off in the pages of GQ Style Australia, and lets their writer in on how he keeps himself company:

...any mortal man in the presence of a towering powerhouse like Lutz can’t help but feel like a yellow-billed oxpecker on the back of a great hippo. Which is why I’m relieved when Kevin the chihuahua suddenly scampers off to bark at something inside. “That must be Dick,” Lutz says, following Kevin into the house. “Dick’s one of my room-mates.” Lutz isn’t dating anyone at the moment, but still. Room-mates? “I like being around people,” he explains, “so I posted an ad on Craigslist saying I was looking for new blood.” He looks to see if I get the joke. “Dick came by and we liked him, so, yeah, now he’s one of my boys.”

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Watch: Darren Criss Takes on Pop Music


He can model, he can sing, he can act, he can prove that every pop song has the same four chords.

Watch (because today's serious news needed a little Criss-ening), AFTER THE JUMP...

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Photo: Ted Haggard's Family Hot Tub Party


Includes plenty of hetero PDA, and uncomfortable children.

From the GQ profile containing his bisexual confession.

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Ryan Gosling's Piercing Gaze


That's all. The January 2011 issue of GQ promises a haunting gay story from the world of hockey (Brendan Burke?) and lots of Ryan Gosling — you can already check out his photo spread here.

Joint Chiefs Chair Mullen: U.S. 'Clearly Not Leading' on Civil Rights

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Michael Mullen is lauded in GQ's  Men of the Year issue.

Ana Marie Cox asks him about many of the issues facing the military today, including the impending repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" which he spoke out for earlier this year before the Senate.

Mullen In your "Don't ask, don't tell" testimony earlier this year, you argued that the policy is a threat to morale, because it undermines the honor and integrity of soldiers. What led you to that line of thinking?

I have a very difficult time leading an organization—one of whose pillars is integrity—and asking people to lie every single day they come to work.

It is widely accepted that the army's decision to integrate pushed the culture at large closer to acceptance of civil rights. Do you think a repeal of DADT could have a similar effect?

On the issue of integration, the military led society. With respect to this issue, we're clearly not leading. There are many institutions throughout the country that have made this decision some time ago. So in terms of the direct comparison? I'd say that back then the military was in the lead, and right now I think society is in the lead.

What do you think is the biggest practical obstacle to repeal?

Actually, I don't know that at this point. There are a bunch of areas that have to be resolved: housing benefits, those kinds of things. What I'm most concerned about is whether or not a change like this would impact readiness or unit cohesion, retention, or recruiting. Those are the areas that we're focused on. I just don't know the answers yet. But if the law changes, there's no question we'll follow it. Absolutely.

Here is Mullen's statement at DADT hearings earlier this year, if you missed it.

Sportrait: Eric Decker


Via Boy Culture come these shots of Denver Broncos rookie wide receiver Eric Decker, from November GQ. Suddenly, I'm in the mood for some football.

Two more, AFTER THE JUMP...

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