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Frank Robinson, Writer Who Helped Craft Harvey Milk's Famous Speeches, Dies at 87

Frank Robinson, an author who also crafted some of Harvey Milk's greatest speeches, died on June 30, the Los Angeles Times reports:

RobinsonRobinson's June 30 death while under hospice care at his San Francisco home was confirmed by Daniel Nicoletta, a longtime friend who, like Robinson, was part of Milk's inner circle. Robinson had a history of heart problems, Nicoletta said.

Robinson met Milk on a random stroll past Milk's camera shop in the Castro, befriended him, and went on to write some of his speeches, the paper adds:

Robinson worked on Milk's stirring "You've Got to Have Hope" speech — a call for gay pride that included Milk's recounting of an anguished call from a confused young boy in Altoona, Pa.

"Harvey polished the speech and used it often," Robinson wrote in his foreword to a collection of Milk's writings, "though the rest of us kidded him because some days the boy lived in Altoona, other times in San Antonio or Buffalo. The boy really got around, we thought."

Eventually, Robinson became such a trusted advisor that Milk, preoccupied with the possibility of his own assassination, left a "political will" designating him as his preferred successor.

"If there were any problems, he would be able to carry on the philosophy and idea of what I stood for," Milk said in a 1977 tape recording he left with his attorney.

Robinson never sought office but wrote more than a dozen books, mainly thrillers and science fiction. He was 87.

Here is the NY Times obituary from July 4.

Nicoletta wrote a touching remembrance of Robinson on Facebook on July 1. Wrote Nicoletta, in part:

Frank’s fondest days were on the set of writer Dustin Lance Black’s film MILK directed by Gus Van Sant and starring Sean Penn, et al. Frank became a kind of Spiritual mascot on set, partly playing himself as he historically was – a more than regular visitor to Harvey’s camera store, but hybridized for Gus’s film to also be this kind of “everyman older gay guy” who was a campaign volunteer… All of the giants on that movie and there were many, too numerous to list here “got” who Frank was to Harvey and they honored him with the respect and adoration afforded to few during the fast track of a feature film being made… that made me profoundly happy to witness and Frank’s enduring kinship with Lance Black became like no other, an eternal source of pride and fulfillment for both men and for those of us who got to share in that friendship.

Back in the day (1976), I snapped Frank and Harvey swapping drafts of a speech across the camera store front desk… later Frank hired me as a budding freelance photographer… I took shots of his epic Sci-Fi pulp magazine collection and also did a couple of author portraits over the years. Frank was always available to proof my own tortured writing and he had boundless enthusiasm for supporting the creativity of those of us who surrounded him, quite a wide swatch of fine human beings from across many oceans and miles.

Black also wrote a remembrance on his Facebook page last week:

This morning FRANK M. ROBINSON left this world. He was Milk's speech writer, an acclaimed sci-fi author and was like a father to me. To say the earth feels made of quicksand lately makes it sound too solid. Frank, I'll miss your thunderous laughter, your protective love and your razor sharp writer's mind.

(photo by Dan Nicoletta)

American Family Association Tells Members to Send Back All Mail Bearing a Harvey Milk Stamp

The American Family Association is instructing its members to send back all the mail they receive that comes bearing a Harvey Milk stamp, in a comical pearl-clutching alert:

MilkThe Harvey Milk stamp was a result of seven years of lobbying by a self-described drag queen (a biological man with implanted breasts) and former transsexual prostitute Nicole Murray Ramirez of San Diego.

Honoring predator Harvey Milk on a U.S. postage stamp is disturbing to say the least. Harvey Milk was a very disreputable man and used his charm and power to prey on young boys with emotional problems and drug addiction. He is the last person we should be featuring on a stamp.

Unfortunately, the deed is done. The United States Postal Service honored a child predator at the whim of a drag queen.

Furthermore, the radical homosexual lobby will undoubtedly encourage businesses to use these stamps - all in the name of inclusiveness, political correctness and diversity. This is not diversity; this is perversity.

What you can do…

1. Refuse to accept the Harvey Milk stamp if offered by your local post office. Instead, ask for a stamp of the United States flag.

2. Refuse to accept mail at your home or business if it is postmarked with the Harvey Milk stamp. Simply write 'Return to Sender" on the envelope and tell your postman you won't accept it.

WATCH LIVE: Harvey Milk Postage Stamp Unveiled at White House


Today is Harvey Milk Day in California and would have been the gay rights activist's 84th birthday.

The US Postal Service is also issuing its Harvey Milk postage stamp at a special White House ceremony scheduled to begin at 3 pm ET.


The event will feature remarks by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senator Tammy Baldwin, Representative John Lewis, Deputy Postmaster General Ronald A. Stroman, and other distinguished guests including the Co-Founders of the Harvey Milk Foundation, Stuart Milk and Anne Kronenberg.

And order the stamps online HERE.

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Watch the Harvey Milk Stamp Unveiling Ceremony Live Today at 3 PM ET

MilkThe US Postal Service's stamp honoring Harvey Milk will be unveiled today at a special ceremony at the White House at 3 pm ET this afternoon and we'll bring it to you live.

Per the White House, the event will feature remarks by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senator Tammy Baldwin, Representative John Lewis, Deputy Postmaster General Ronald A. Stroman, and other distinguished guests including the Co-Founders of the Harvey Milk Foundation, Stuart Milk and Anne Kronenberg.

Join us at 3 ET for this historic event.

Stephen Colbert is Angry About the Harvey Milk Postage Stamp: VIDEO


Stephen Colbert is extremely angry about the new Harvey Milk postage stamp being issued in May.

"The gays are hellbent on rubbing our noses in their lifestyle...and suddenly, if I want to mail something I have to lick this guy's backside? No! No!"


BTW, you can preorder the stamps now.

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Tuesday Speed Read: Houston, Log Cabin Republicans, Harvey Milk, Pennsylvania, David Cicilline, Kyrsten Sinema

BY LISA KEEN / Keen News Service


ParkerHouston’s openly lesbian Mayor Annise Parker announced Monday that she is introducing a bill to city council that will prohibit discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity. The bill covers housing, city employment and contracts, and private employment for non-religious employers and companies with fewer than 50 employees. Parker had taken some heat recently when LGBT leaders believed she would propose a human rights ordinance that would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation in housing and public accommodations but not in private employment.


LogcabinA trade group that represents such consumer technology giants as Google, Apple, and Microsoft announced Monday it will provide “financial support” to the national Log Cabin Republicans. Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) President Gary Shapiro said he was “very proud of CEA’s groundbreaking financial support” for Log Cabin. “Our visible announcement,” said Shapiro, “proves that trade associations want lawmakers and policies that recognize the economic value of hiring the best and brightest minds, regardless of sexual orientation.” Shapiro did not disclose how much financial support CEA is giving Log Cabin or for how long. Log Cabin Executive Director Gregory Angelo said it was “great news” for his group, but he declined to discuss the numbers.


MilkThe U.S. Postal Service revealed its design for the “forever” stamp honoring openly gay San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk Monday. The stamp includes a familiar close-up photo of Milk with a strip of rainbow colors in the top left-hand corner, along with his name across the top. The stamp will be officially recognized in a first-day-of-issue ceremony at the White House May 22.


Lawyers pressing one of five lawsuits against Pennsylvania’s ban on same-sex couples marrying has asked a federal judge in Harrisburg to forego a trial and, instead, make a decision based on briefs. TheACLU organized the lawsuit Whitewood v. Wolf on behalf of 11 couples who want to marry in Pennsylvania or have their marriage licenses from another state accepted by Pennsylvania. The ACLU said a trial became unnecessary after the state indicated it would call no witnesses to defend the ban. The state is not contesting the request for a decision based on the briefs and final briefs are due May 12, says the ACLU.


RuemmlerThe White House Monday announced President Obama has hired a new White House counsel: a former Clinton White House attorney, W. Neil Eggleston. Eggleston, whose focus has been primarily on Congressional investigations and corporate issues, will likely be a step down on LGBT issues. A New York Times profile April 6, credited Kathryn Ruemmler, the outgoing White House counsel, with having “helped develop an administration legal analysis about discrimination against gay people that was highly sympathetic to their rights.” The Times said Ruemmler’s analysis “formed the basis for Mr. Obama’s increasingly assertive backing or same-sex marriage rights.”


Openly gay U.S. Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.Is.) is one of eight members of the House Foreign Relations Committee in Ukraine to show U.S. support for Ukraine’s effort to remain independent of Russia. Cicilline and the others met with Vice President Joe Biden last night to discuss unrest in the region.

SINEMA FINISHES BOSTON IN 4:32: Openly bisexual U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) finished the Boston Marathon yesterday with a time of 4:32:32.

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