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Dramatic Footage Shows Arizona Man Dragged by Car in Hit and Run After Altercation Involving Alleged Gay Slur: VIDEO


A dramatic altercation outside a Phoenix record store was caught on video Wednesday, with the victim claiming the situation escalated into a hit and run after he was called a gay slur.

24-year-old Justin Finch can be seen in the video getting slammed by a car in reverse. Finch is then pinned between the car and another vehicle before the car speeds off with Finch clinging onto the trunk.

Phoenix's Fox 10 reports:

FinchFinch says it all started as he was walking out of the record store.  He says the group called him a gay slur which led to a physical fight and he admits he slammed one of the guys to the ground.  Eventually, Finch says police stopped the car a half mile away.

Police ended up letting everyone go as no one wanted to press charges.

"They said it was a mutual thing, but I don't think it was a mutual thing because I didn't come at them, they came at me," explained Finch.

But those in the other group say Finch isn't the victim.

"I turned around to walk outside and he assaulted me, he picked me up and I started defending myself," said 16-year-old Orlando Munoz, who was one of the people inside the white car.  He was with his uncle and his uncle's girlfriend, who he says was driving.

Munoz's mother, Yvette, who is gay, says her son never used a gay slur and this was no hate crime.

"I think it's foolishness.. both parties should have walked away," she said.

The case is now being forwarded to the Phoenix unit that investigates hate crimes. Finch said he wants the people in the car to face charges.

Watch the video and a Fox 10 report on the story, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Horrible Tennessee Mother Punches Son in the Face for Acting 'Too Gay' - VIDEO

Jacqueline Alexander

It's a story that conjures up ghosts of last August's case of Jessica Dutro murdering her 4-year-old. Last Tuesday Jacqueline Alexander of Memphis punched her son in the face while he was lying in bed because she felt he was “too feminine and too gay,” according to police. Her son, whose age and name haven't yet been disclosed, had bruises on his face when the police arrived, and Alexander was taken in on charges of domestic assault. Yesterday was her first court date.

According to Will Batts of the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Center, this kind of thing is commonplace:

It's shocking every time it happens, but it's not new to us at the center. We hear a lot of stories about people who are assaulted by family members. Young people who are kicked out of their houses when they come out to a parent.

You can watch a CBS News video of the story to find out how her neighbors reacted to the horrific news, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Police Arrest Suspect In Murder Of Texas Transgender Woman Ty Underwood


Police in Texas have arrested a suspect in the murder of Ty Underwood, a transgender woman who was found shot to death on Jan. 26. 

6669727_GCarlton Ray Champion Jr. (right), 21, is charged with first-degree murder. He reportedly was in a "brief relationship" with Underwood prior to the shooting. 

Underwood is one of at least three trans women of color who've been murdered in 2015. Underwood's friends suspected the shooting was a hate crime, but investigators have said they don't believe that's the case. 

The Tyler Police Department announced Monday in a press release:  

On Monday, February 09, 2015 Tyler Police Investigators served an arrest warrant for Murder on Carlton Ray Champion Jr., B/M, born 01/12/1994, of Longview, Texas who was attending Texas College.

Investigators learned that Champion and Underwood were in a brief relationship prior to the murder. Electronic and video evidence was located that supported that Champion was meeting Underwood on the date and time of when the murder took place. 

During the investigation investigators discovered that Champion was wanted out of Gregg County for a probation violation. On January 29, 2015 Tyler investigators arrested Champion for the outstanding warrant while the investigation continued.  Champion was transported to Gregg County Jail on the probation violation and held without bond.

Tyler Investigators informed Gregg County Sheriff’s Department that Champion is now wanted for Murder 1st degree. Judge Kennedy signed the warrant and placed a $1,000,000 bond on him.   

Last week, Underwood's family and friends, along with LGBT advocates, gathered for a vigil to remember her. Watch news report on the vigil, AFTER THE JUMP... 

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Transgender Woman Found Shot To Death In East Texas; Roommate Suspects Hate Crime


A 24-year-old transgender woman was found shot to death inside her car early Monday in East Texas, and her roommate believes her murder was a hate crime. 

Ty Lee Underwood, 24, suffered multiple gunshot wounds and reportedly tried to flee her attacker before crashing on a residential street in Tyler, Texas, shortly before 3 a.m. 

From KYTX 19:

“She was lovely, just a lovely person. Very real, down to earth person who didn't deserve this, did not deserve this at all,” Underwood's roommate Coy Simmons said.

A woman called 911 saying a car had hit a telephone pole and that her children heard gunshots. Underwood's roommate believes Underwood was targeted because she is a transgender person.

“This has to be a hate crime, this has to be a hate crime, nothing else because that was an upstanding person with a good heart,” Simmons said.

Other local news reports and police misgendered Underwood, who had recently been accepted to nursing school in nearby Longview. From KLTV 7

Authorities say Underwood was in or near his car when he was shot early Monday morning.

“They said that she had been shot three times and that she was trying to get away,” says Kenya Darks, another one of Underwood's friends.

“Apparently after he was shot, he drove off, didn't go far, hit several curbs, and knocked a mirror off,” says Andy Erbaugh of the Tyler Police Department.

“The rim was busted and stuff like that. They were asking me if I knew who could have done it. I said no,” says Darks.

Friends say they can't image who would want to hurt him.

“She's a fan favorite. Everybody likes Ty,” says Darks.

Police are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. 

Watch reports from KTXY and KLTV, AFTER THE JUMP ... 

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French Courts Convict Three For 'Burn the Gays' Hate Tweets

Brûlonslesgayssurdu trendThree were convicted in a Paris court this week on anti-gay hate speech charges for tweeting "#brûlonslesgayssurdu", which approximately translates as, "let's burn the gays" in August 2013. Comité Idaho brought the case to court on grounds of inciting hatred and violence on basis of sexual orientation, and the three offenders have been punished with fines, one for €300 ($336.09) and the other two for €500 ($560.15) each.

There is mixed reaction to the verdict. On the one hand, French LGBT groups are calling it a "significant victory", while other LGBT rights groups consider the punishments to be light given that the maximum penalties for the crimes they committed are up to a year in prison and a €45,000 ($50,413.50) fine.

Regardless, president of Comité Idaho Alexandre Marcel remarked:

It's a small amount to pay for calling for the death of homosexuals.

Police on the Hunt for 3 Men Involved in Possible Anti-gay Hate Crime on West Hollywood Man: VIDEO


Police in West Hollywood are searching for three men accused of committing a potential hate crime that left a 31-year-old gay man with a large gash to his head, ABC 7 reports:

Don Brooks told Eyewitness News he was crossing the street at 2:45 a.m. Tuesday with friends when a group of men in a car drove by and began shouting racial and homophobic slurs at him.

He said three men got out of a white Audi Q4. The two parties exchanged words and the men then jumped him. The assault took place near Fairfax Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard. 

"[The suspects were] just shouting things at me, racial slurs, homophobic slurs," Brooks said. "They charged me. It gets a little blurry from there, but I was definitely rushed and pushed." 

Brooks claims the suspects ran from the scene and left him injured on the sidewalk.

Brooks"I fell to the ground, hit the back of my head and then they left me laying there bleeding. Luckily, I wasn't robbed. They just did what they did and I think they saw that maybe I was bleeding and then they freaked out and left," Brooks said. 

Brooks says he blacked out after the hard fall. When he came to, he managed to dial 911 on his cell phone and help arrived. He says he was targeted because he is gay. 

"They saw me crossing, they saw that I was gay, and they wanted to just feel manly, or whatever," Brooks said.

Brooks was admitted to a hospital, where he receied four staples to his scalp. Police are asking anyone with information to call the LA Regional Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Watch an ABC 7 report on the story, AFTER THE JUMP...

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