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Occupy Wall Street Goes Global

2011-10-15_134411Today's maybe the biggest day yet for Occupy Wall Street, with events breaking out in 87 countries, including Andorra, Luxembourg, Iceland, and Senegal. Senegal!

According to CNN, the protestors' demands are typically, hearteningly anarchic. In South Korea, a protestor expressed solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street Movement, claimed to have no particular beef with the leadership in Seoul, and suggested his demonstration seeks redress for "economic problems worldwide." In Indonesia, an honest-to-goodness Communist named Rudi Daman declaimed a harsher message at a protest outside the American embassy in Jakarta:

We wanted to show that the American regime, its system of imperialism needs to be destroyed.

Yikes. Think that'll get quoted on Fox?

Happily, most protestors, even on the other side of the globe, seem to have tenderer feelings towards the United States. And despite the world's grim economic situation, seemingly inevitable slide towards geopolitical instability, and generally frowny outlook on just about everything ... doesn't there seem to be something kind of giddy about these protests? Something ... jubilant? Hopeful, even? Lookit all those smiles breaking out at Occupy Tokyo, AFTER THE JUMP... 

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Jake Gyllenhaal's Balls are in His Throat in 'Man vs. Wild' Preview: VIDEO


As I mentioned last week, Jake Gyllenhaal will share an Icelandic snow cave on the premiere episode of Man vs. Wild on July 11. A preview for the show has been released in which Gyllenhaal digs a snow cave, crosses a chasm on a rope, and notes his fear of heights.


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Jake Gyllenhaal and Bear Grylls Will Be Men vs. Wild


Jake Gyllenhaal will share an Icelandic snow cave with Bear Grylls on the premiere episode of this season's Man vs. Wild:

Grylls_gyllenhaal For two days, Bear and Jake embark on a survival experience neither will forget, to an Icelandic landscape dominated by mountains, huge glaciers and some of Europe's most active volcanoes. Jake will have to go where Bear goes, eat whatever Bear eats, and on occasion even take the lead, if he's going to cope with some of the worst conditions known to man. "For me, it's all about discovery," said Gyllenhaal.

Said Bear about the experience, "The wild is always very revealing - not only physically but mentally. You've got to smile when it's driving horizontal hail and be able to face your fears and just get on and do it -- and on both of those accounts, Jake came up strong."

The Belfast Telegraph adds:

Bear revealed: "A couple of weeks ago I took Jake Gyllenhaal, reportedly the fittest man in Hollywood, on a Born Survivor to Iceland. He said he wanted to to be pushed and afterwards said he'd never been pushed so hard.

He went on: "We had crazy conditions - sleeping in snow caves, huge river crossings and these torrential storms. I was a little bit nervous as I promised Jake's management team I would keep him alive, but he was brilliant.

"There's something magical about the raw emotion of fear and nerves. I think that's what people like about the show."

Given the methods available to stay warm in such situations, it should be a glorious episode.

The show premieres on July 11.

Watch: Stunning Video of the Grímsvötn Volcano in Iceland


Above, a shot of the Grímsvötn volcanic eruption as seen from the GOES-13 satellite.

Volcanic ash is affecting air travel more than officials thought it might:

Although airports remained open on Tuesday, airlines halted hundreds of flights amid safety concerns at the high density of ash caused by the eruption of the Grímsvötn volcano in Iceland. British Airways, easyJet, Ryanair, Aer Lingus, Loganair, Flybe and KLM were among carriers cancelling flights.

However, BMI was still operating out of Edinburgh and Glasgow, saying the ash remained further north than forecast earlier. The airline was constantly reviewing the situation, it said.

Also, below, the most stunning video yet of the eruption.


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Grímsvötn Volcano Erupts In Iceland

Just over a year after the eruption of Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano caused massive air traffic disruptions, another one in that country has started spewing ash, resulting in the closure of at least one aiport.

"In an announcement, Isavia, the Icelandic company that operates that nation’s airports, cited airborne ash as the reason for closing Keflavik International Airport (KEF), which serves Reykjavik, the capital. It said a 'danger area has been established for all instrument flying that includes the upper approach airspace' for Keflavik and also the smaller Reykjavik Airport (RKV), which serves domestic flights."

NASA has released impressive satellite images of the eruption:

The volcano, named Grímsvötn, last erupted in 2004 and is not expected to have the same effects as Eyjafjallajökul last year. Video of the new eruption, AFTER THE JUMP.

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Photo: Reykjavik Mayor In Drag At Gay Pride

The start of gay pride in Reykjavik saw that city's mayor show participants of the events just how comfortable he is in a wig, makeup and a floral print dress. Mayor Jon Gnarr, a comedian who was voted into office just two months ago, showed up in drag and joked to those in the crowd: "This is what we get for voting for a clown in elections."

Gnarr's performance continues to display the extreme progressiveness of Iceland. As you know, Parliament introduced marriage equality to the country earlier this summer and soon after Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir, the world's first openly gay head of government, married her long-time partner, Jonina Leosdottir.

One more photo of Gnarr in drag AFTER THE JUMP.

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