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Seth Meyers Has a Few Things to Say About the Fundraiser for Memories Pizza: VIDEO


Last week, Seth Meyers offered a few choice words about Indiana Governor Mike Pence and the anti-gay "religious liberty" bill.

Last night, he took a look at the "dicks on both sides" of the Memories Pizza debate and questioned the $842,000 fundraiser for the anti-gay business.

“Seriously, this is the kind of cause people will donate to? You can save rescue dogs, save the rainforest, save the whales, you decide to save the pizza? Or you anti-gay or just stoned?”


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Jon Stewart Comes for Indiana, Memories Pizza, and 'Religious Liberty' Bills: VIDEO


Jon Stewart finally took a look at the bigoted goings-on in Indiana last week and the news bytes featuring various wingnuts surrounding it, particularly those who compared gay loving couples to a hate group.

It's been a while since I've taken the SATs but I believe the formulation as you defend yourselves sas this. This couple (photo of lesbian couple Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon) is to Christian business as these folks (shows photo of KKK members) are to everyone else. 'I'm not discriminating. I have nothing against gay people. I'm just saying that to Christians, catering an elderly lesbian wedding is like making a Jew slow-dance with Hitler. That's all I'm saying.' Do you see how f--ked up that is???"

Finally, Stewart took a look at the motherlode of cash ($842,000+) Memories Pizza received in a GoFundMe campaign after they announced they would refuse to cater a gay wedding.

Daily Show senior correspondent Jordan Klepper went to Indiana and he's going to open a few businesses there - Recollections Pizza, and Deja Vu Meatballs. He's looking to cash in on the bigotry!



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These LGBT Youth Fundraisers Are the Perfect Response to the Donations Pouring In Supporting Homophobia


In the wake of supporters raising nearly $1 million for the homophobic Indiana pizzeria and Washington Florist Barronelle Stutzman, two counter GoFundMe campaigns are hoping to raise money for those who could actually use the financial aid: LGBT youth. 

The #Pizza4Equality campaign, created by activist Scott Wooledge, is currently raising funds to benefit Cyndi Lauper's True Colors Fund, which works to end homlessness among LGBT youth. 

From the GoFundMe page:

Pizza4equalitySo I looked and saw that Cyndi Lauper's True Colors Fund has set April 29 as the first national #40toNoneDay to end #LGBT youth homelessness! And I thought, would it not be totally awesome if we equality supporters (and pizza lovers) could match that #MemoriesPizza  "charity" by April 29?  Can we match their amount and help homeless youth get off the street, learn life skills and get an education and jobs?

I'm an dreamer, but I say yes, we can!

The campaign has raised over $45,000 in the two days since it was created. Click HERE to donate. 

A separate GoFundMe is raising funds for Indiana Youth Group, which provides support services and social and leadership opportunities for LGBT youth.

From the "Support LGBT Youth in Indiana" GoFundMe page:

When Memories Pizza said they wouldn't serve pizza at a same-sex wedding, they were completely within their legal rights and still are. These expressions of intolerance and the ensuing fundraiser for hundreds of thousands of dollars send a terrible message to LGBT youth who already face more bullying, social pressure and higher rates of suicide.

Take a minute and, instead of trolling Memories on Yelp and being angry about it on Facebook and Twitter, donate $10; do something positive that will have a direct impact on LGBT youth in the state of Indiana.

I believe that we can and should out raise them 2x.

Over $24,000 has been raised so far. Click HERE to donate. 

Zach Braff and Donald Faison Offer to Cater Your Gay Indiana Pizza Wedding


Zach Braff and Donald Faison, Scrubs’ Dr. John Dorian and Dr. Turk Turkleton and hot tub snugglers, made an offer on Twitter to those feeling discriminated against in Indiana.

Wrote Braff:

"If you really and truly want pizza for your gay wedding in Indiana... We will make it for you. @donald_faison"

No word on whether anyone's taken him up on the offer.

Supporters Raise Nearly $1 Million for Homophobic Indiana Pizzeria, Washington Florist


Richland, Washington florist Barronelle Stutzman, who was fined $1000 plus $1 for court costs and fees for her refusal back in 2013 to provide flowers for a longtime customer's wedding to his same-sex partner because of her "relationship with Jesus Christ," is set to receive nearly $100,000 in donations from supporters who launched a GoFundMe campaign.

Stutzman was found to have violated Washington's anti-discrimination and consumer protection laws by refusing to provide flowers because of the customer's sexual orientation. Stutzman had rejected a plea deal in the case, and said taking the offer would have been like Judas betraying Jesus.

In related news, supporters of Indiana's homophobic Memories Pizza, which declared last week that they wouldn't cater a gay wedding, have raised $842,500 for the pizzeria in a similar campaign.

What will they do with all their hate money?


Rihanna, Jack Antonoff Blast Indiana's Anti-Gay 'RFRA' at Final Four Concert: VIDEO


Rihanna blasted Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act during her set at the March Madness Music Fest over the weekend at Indianapolis' White River State Park before a performance of "Live Your Life".

Said the singer:

"Who’s feeling these new bulls--t laws that they’re trying to pass over here? I say f--k that s--t!" I wanna hear you say "F--- that s---!" "Cause we’re just living our motherf---ing lives. Indiana!"


Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff also showed solidarity against the anti-gay 'religious liberty' law, wearing a cut-off t-shirt that read "Protect LGBTQ Hoosiers".

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