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Luxembourg's Openly Gay Prime Minister Talks Plans To Wed Partner


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Xavier Bettel, the openly gay Prime Minister of Luxembourg, has announced that he plans to marry his partner Gauthier Destenay soon. Speaking to the LA Times, Bettel confirmed that he accepted Destenay’s proposal but said that no date has yet been set.

Bettel, who has always been open about his sexuality, took office in December 2013. Last June, Luxembourg approved a bill allowing for same-sex marriage and adoption by same-sex couples.

He has dismissed concerns that same-sex marriage legislation might be viewed as a personal agenda, noting that the proposal was first drafted by the previous government:

"People who are against it, they will just blame you and say, 'We have unemployment, we have poverty, we have problems with housing, but this is his biggest priority?’ The text was ready. Why should we wait six months or a year just to [mollify] people who will always complain? When it was done, it was done."

After he was first elected in 1999, Bettel says that he received invitations addressed to 'Monsieur and Madame’ but people now know "if I'm not invited with Gauthier, I won't go."

Same-sex marriage becomes legal in Luxembourg next January.

Towleroad Interview: 'Please Like Me' Writer-Creator-Star Josh Thomas

2014_05_05 Please Like Me_0944_

If you haven't already caught an episode of Please Like Me, you may be missing out one of the most charming comedies on television. This gem of a series follows the awkward ups and downs of a young, gay man in Australia as he navigates growing up, coming out and managing his relationships with friends and family. Its second season premieres tonight at 10:30 p.m. on Pivot, and it's already been renewed for a third.

A perfect blend of mundane and absurd, humor and heart, Please Like Me shines thanks to its writer, creator and star, Josh Thomas. We spoke to Josh about the show, his sex scenes and the one idea that was nixed by network executives.

Read what he had to say, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Nine-Year-Old Transgender Girl in Reno Declares Her Identity: VIDEO

Cee cee ott

Nevada Pride in Reno last Saturday gave nine-year-old transgender girl Cee Cee Ott a chance to express who she really is, reports KOLO TV.

Speaking to KOLO TV, Cee Cee said:

"I wanted to be a girl [when I was around three years old], but I couldn't because at the time I was a boy, so I had to be there and dress up like a boy. It was miserable."

After kindergarten, Cee Cee’s parents home-schooled her until they could decide what they needed to do to make her feel safe.

Nicole Ott, Cee Cee’s parent, says "we want our children to be happy and to be themselves and that's all we care about. We're not trying to make anyone be anything other than allowing them the space to figure out who they are and what they want from the world."

Cee Cee, who starts public school again in the fall, now aspires to be a transgender reassignment surgeon so that she can help other people like her.

Watch a KOLO TV interview with Cee Cee, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Jimmy Somerville No Longer Feels Contempt For Closeted Gay Artists - Video


In an interview with The Guardian, Jimmy Somerville says that although he used to hold closeted gay artists in contempt, he now understands “that it’s up to the individual to decide who they are or what they are.”

The singer also talks about his teenage obsession with Donny Osmond and reveals that his falsetto voice did in fact once shatter glass during a sound-check in Newcastle.

Watch Somerville’s haunting 30th anniversary reprise of Bronski Beat classic Smalltown Boy, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Rupert Everett: Sexuality Has Been A Huge Issue In My Career - VIDEO

Rupert everett

In a recent interview, actor Rupert Everett has said that his sexuality has been a major issue throughout his career.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Everett said:

“There’s only a certain amount of mileage you can make, as a young pretender, as a leading man, as a homosexual. There just isn’t very far you can go.”

Everett has courted controversy in the past by telling gay actors to stay in the closet and for coming out against same-sex families.

Currently in rehearsals for Peter Schaffer’s Amadeus at the Chichester Festival Theatre, London, Everett said of his role:

“I can see a lot of [Antonio Salieri ] in me. I have periods of intense bitterness and fury at the world and blame-throwing at everybody else. It’s a very easy thing to get into.”

On his problems with addiction, Everett says:

“I’m still probably not in the position to say 'no’. If you got out a gram of coke now and offered me a line, I’m sure I’d take one. But I wouldn’t seek one out and I know it’s not going to get me any place much. Weed, which I adore, I had to stop smoking, if only for learning Amadeus.”

The actor also talks candidly about how promiscuity in his early life had him terrified that he had contracted HIV.

In case you missed it, watch Everett's BBC interview in which he tells young gay actors to stay in the closet, AFTER THE JUMP...

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'Orange Is the New Black' Stars Laverne Cox and Selenis Leyva On Season Two, Becoming Advocates


Whether you gobbled up all the new episodes of Orange Is the New Black in one glorious binge session or you're rationing them out throughout your summer, you're in for a treat. The latest batch of episodes, streaming now on Netflix, have all of the heart, humor and depth of season one, but spread more widely among the show's stellar ensemble cast.

The second season shines a brighter spotlight on many faces that may have seemed background during the show's first 13 episodes. Season two dives deeper into characters like Poussey (Samira Wiley), Morello (Yael Stone) and Gloria (Selenis Leyva). Not only is Orange Is the New Black telling more of these complex stories, but it's showcasing even more diverse actresses in terms of sexuality, race and age.

Outside the show, these actresses are making a huge impact, as well. Laverne Cox, who portrays trangender inmate Sophia Burset, has become a vocal advocate for issues affecting the trans community. She's made apearances on Katie Couric's daytime talk show (twice), served as Grand Marshal of NYC Pride March and even stood proudly on the cover Time Magazine.

We sat down with Cox and Leyva to discuss their experience working on the show and their increasing profiles. See what they had to say, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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