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Iranian Government Report Finds 17% of Students Surveyed Say They're Gay

A new Iranian public survey on sex and sexuality revealed some surprising stats about the deeply religious and culturally conservative Islamic Republic, The Economist reports:

IranAn 82-page document recently issued by Iran’s parliamentary research department is stark in its findings. Not only are young adults sexually active, with 80% of unmarried females having boyfriends, but secondary-school pupils are, too. Illicit unions are not just between girls and boys; 17% of the 142,000 students who were surveyed said that they were homosexual. [...]

The report is also a rare official admission of the unspoken accord in Iran: people can do what they want so long as it takes place behind closed doors. Parliament’s researchers, on this occasion, were allowed to say the unsayable.

Addressing the premarital sex taking place between heterosexuals, Parliament's researchers suggest they should be allowed to publicly register their union using sigheh, an ancient practice in Shia Islam that allows people to temporarily marry. 

Homosexuality in Iran, meanwhile, continues to be legally punishable with imprisonment, torture and execution.

Back in 2007, Iran's then-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad asserted that: "In Iran, we don’t have homosexuals"

Documentary 'Golf Alpha Yankee' Exposes Extreme Anti-Gay Laws In Iran: WATCH

Golf alpha yankee

The documentary Golf Alpha Yankee exposes extremely harsh anti-gay laws in Iran.

Homosexuality in Iran is legally punishable with imprisonment, torture and execution.

Golf Alpha Yankee "provides an intimate immersion into the world of LGBT people from Iran, who were forced to flee their home country, and are now waiting in limbo in conservative Turkey as asylum seekers with the United Nations. They hope to receive resettlement in the west, where they may one day be free to love without penalty."

A Kickstarter campaign has been set up to fund the post-production costs of the documentary

Watch the trailer for Golf Alpha Yankee, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Iran's Remake Of 'Modern Family' Excludes Gay Characters - VIDEO


Iranian television comedy Haft Sang, an almost scene-by-scene remake of Modern Family, has written out all gay characters or made them straight, according to Gay Star News.

The gender of other characters have also been changed to avoid mixing of the sexes before marriage.

The unauthorized remake tries to recreate the appeal of Modern Family within the religious guidelines of Iran’s theocratic state.

A comparison video made by an Iranian fan of Modern Family shows how blatantly Haft Sang has ripped off the ABC comedy.

Earlier this year, head of the American Family Association Bryan Fischer said that Modern Family is "poison", "harmful," and "lethal."

Watch Sina Haghighi’s comparison video, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Six Iranians Arrested For Recreating Pharrell's 'Happy': VIDEO

Happy in Tehran

From MTV:

“Happy in Tehran” was uploaded to YouTube last month and garnered more than 165,000 views before being made private. It shows three men and three women — all unveiled — looking, well, happy as they dance and lip-synch to Pharrell’s hit.

But authorities in Tehran are calling the video “vulgar,” and all six were arrested and forced to formally apologize on state television. (Under Islamic law, women are required to cover themselves from head to toe in public, a rule monitored by “morality police.”)

Last month one of the dancers said in an interview, "We wanted to tell the world that the Iranian capital is full of lively young people and change the harsh and rough image that the world sees on the news." The irony - which seems to be making the rounds this week - is thick enough to spread on toast. There's also something cringe-worthy when Tehran police chief Hossein Sajedinia says that the video "hurt public chastity."

Fortunately most of the people involved in the video have been released, though the video's director remains in custody.

You can watch the "vulgar" display of happiness AFTER THE JUMP...

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Iranian Diva Supports Gay Rights In New Music Video: WATCH


Last Friday Iranian singer GooGoosh released a special Valentine’s Day video for her song, “Behesht” (“Eden”) that shows the singer's support for the "freedom to love. For all." The video follows a fictional lesbian couple and seminal moments moments in their life together: the day they got engaged, a hate-filled encounter on the subway, meeting the parents and failing to receive the acceptance they might have hoped for, and finally, more powerful than all the rest, the everyday moments in their lives in which their love for each other shines through.

No doubt this video will offer inspiration to many of GooGoosh’s fans in Iran and abroad along with others may never heard her music before.

Watch the video and read the lyrics, AFTER THE JUMP…


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"I" a Visual Poem by LGBT Iranians: WATCH

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 8.55.41 AM

A short, moving visual poem by JD Kamran about LGBT Iranians and their struggle for visibility.

The video is a production of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission.

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