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Meet Ireland's Heterophobic Cab Driver: VIDEO


Ahead of Ireland's same-sex marriage referendum tomorrow, taxi service Hailo has released a hilarious video that aims to show what gay cab passengers often have to put up with.

In the clip, the Dublin driver takes a phone call from a colleague who complains about a straight couple "holding hands" in the cab. "Jaysus, if I'd knew they were straight before they got in I would have just sailed past them, Deco", he says.

To show just how ridiculous discrimination is, we created a little hidden camera prank… #DriveForEquality

— Hailo Ireland (@HailoIreland) May 19, 2015

The driver explains to a passenger "we don't normally take heteros in the car" although he has nothing against them and even has a straight uncle.

HAILO's #DriveForEquality is offering people free rides to polling centers tomorrow.


It's Cane and Abel, not Jane and Abel.


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Ireland Marriage Equality Referendum Round-Up: VIDEO

Stephen Fry

John watersWith two days to go - and a moratorium kicking in tomorrow - the anti-gay rhetoric from the "No" side is ramping up another gear and with that the friendly face of ‘concern for children’ is slipping to reveal the truth - while many people choosing to vote No are possibly not homophobic, those actively campaigning against equality clearly are.

Earlier this week, journalist, former Irish Times columnist, anti-gay activist and one of the biggest mistakes in Sinead O’Connor’s life, John Waters got close to how he really feels at a Mothers and Fathers Matter speech in County Kerry.

Waters was one of those who took offense to being labeled a homophobe by Rory O’Neill and subsequently sued state broadcaster RTE, winning an out-of-court settlement. Therefore, please note that whatever comes next, John Waters is without any doubt not homophobic. In a non-judgmental, loving, Christian way he just thinks that if the referendum is passed it could mean that sex between two men or two women will be seen as “just as natural as the sexuality of a heterosexual couple.”

As ever with Iona Institute / Iona front videos, comments are disabled because they don’t like to be either bullied or silenced. 


Stephen Fry meanwhile is not so surprisingly calling for a Yes vote.


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Ireland Marriage Equality Referendum Round-Up: VIDEO


If Ireland passes the same-sex marriage referendum on Friday, it will be an emotional day for the country’s LGBT community and friends, perhaps especially for those who remember the fight for gay rights and the legalization of homosexuality in 1993. If the result on Saturday is a resounding Yes, it could become the gayest day in history if Ireland wins the Eurovision (but it's a big 'if').

In an interview with GayStarNews, 2013 hopeful Ryan Dolan - who came out last year - talks about Eurovision and marriage equality.



YesEquality’s latest video features 90 year old great grandmother Madeline Connolly, who believes that God made us all equal and that everyone should have the opportunity to get married.

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Stunning New Marriage Equality Mural Appears on Castle in Galway, Ireland


Muralist Joe Caslin has struck again, this time on the side of a 15th century castle outside Galway, Ireland.

You may recall Caslin's jaw-dropping mural featuring two men in an embrace on the side of a building in Dublin, which later came down because of city code.

Photographer Davey Sexton captured the countryside mural, which this time features two women.

The Irish Times reports:

The biodegradable image was installed on to the side of a 15th century tower house castle, with permission from the owner, using a potato-based adhesive so as to not mark the listed building. The drawing took a week to make, and was then blown up using an architectural printer, “We pushed this one right to the edge,” Caslin said, “this is 14 metres tall and we’re a bit over capacity on the length of it.” He worked with photographer Seán Jackson on the project.

Caslin said he wanted to compliment the “very urban” male piece in Dublin with an “insanely rural” female piece.

“I didn’t want to have the piece of the two lads up and not follow it up with a female version,” he said, “I wanted to show the broader aspects of relationships.”

Irish voters go to the polls to vote on the nation's marriage referendum this Friday.

Ireland Marriage Equality Referendum Round-Up: VIDEO


6a00d8341c730253ef01bb082da598970d-800wiIona Institute mouthpiece Breda O'Brien has been quiet for a few weeks.  A consistent whinger that the No campaign is being "silenced", Breda once again missed out on the irony of it all by taking to her column in the Irish Times on Saturday to argue that the "thought police" are forcing the poor old bigots to vote Yes at gunpoint.

Breda is also appalled at the notion that the Irish National Teachers Organisation's LGBT group intends "to normalise same-sex marriage in the teaching of children as young as four."

Despite what you read in her spiteful column, please do not call Brena a homophobe.  She will cry and is likely to sue you.

Here's what that nasty, vile, homosexualist propaganda - in reality teaching about all sorts of diversity issues - looks like.




The Sunday Independent reports that the Yes vote is in "freefall" having dropped 13 percent over the last month to 53 percent. 

An Irish Times survey finds that the yes vote is 73 percent.



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Irish Gay Men Explain Why They're Voting Against Marriage Equality in Upcoming Referendum: VIDEO


Ahead of Ireland's upcoming referendum vote on marriage equality, the organization Mothers and Fathers Matter has released a new campaign video featuring two gay men explaining why they'll be voting "No" this Friday.

Said Paddy Manning, who claims to be the last person criminalized under the country's anti-gay Offences against the Person Act 1861:

"A same-sex relationship is different to a marriage because marriage is at its heart about children and providing those children with their biological parents. Recognizing difference is not discrimination."


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