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Manchester United Player Anderson Asked if He's Gay at Italian Press Conference: VIDEO


Manchester United midfielder Anderson is on loan to Italian football club Fiorentina until the end of its season and got an unexpected question at a press conference announcing that he was joining the team.

The footballer was asked if he's gay by a member of the press.

Said Anderson: "Me, gay? I have much respect for them, but I like women. I have four kids and I don't even watch television. This is the first time I've heard this story. Still, I repeat, I have much respect for homosexuals, but I like women."

If you'd like you can watch the presser in Italian, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Astonishing Drone Footage Shows Aftermath of Rock Slide in Italy: VIDEO


A drone captured some stunning imagery of a 300-year-old barn and vineyard in Tramin, in Northern Italy owned by the Tyrolean Servite (monks and/or nuns) that got hammered by a rock slide on January 21.


According to the local newspaper, a rock tower above the property dissolved. The farm building was crushed as were a parked car and a tractor. The inhabitants of the residence were spared, as you can see the boulder above stopped just short of that building.

Watch the amazing footage, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Italian Democrats to Introduce Civil Partnership Bill

Matteo Renzi, the newly elected secretary of Italian Democratic Party, announced on Sunday that he will introduce a civil partnership bill in Italy, Agere per Formulas reports:

Renzi-milanoThe Civil partnership bill, which is not yet published, will allow straight and gay couples to register their partnership before the Registrar of Marriage and Births. The bill will amend the Italian Civil Code and provide the same rights and obligations of marriage.

Due to the most conservative wing of the Italian Government the bill will not provide adoption rights (even stepchild adoption). Further expansions of the bill will be considered in the future.

In the coming days the bill will be published and according to Renzi will be approved next year.

In these days the Justice Committee of the Italian Senate is considering different bills on the recognition of same-sex relationships - 2 will open marriage to same-sex couples and 3 will establish registered partnerships for straight and gay couples.

Only two Italian parties back Marriage Equality, Sel and the Five Star Movement of Beppe Grillo; Sel leader, Nichi Vendola is openly gay and the Governor of Apulia.

Anti-Homophobia Rainbow Christmas Light Decoration in Rome Causes Conservative Uproar: VIDEO


A string of rainbow Christmas lights decorated above Rome's main shopping street has left right-wing politicians in the city fuming. AFP reports:

Imma BattagliaCity assemblywoman Imma Battaglia (pictured right) says she and mayor Ignazio Marino had decided to send a message with the multi-coloured lights, which ripple for a kilometre and a half (0.9 miles) of the bustling Via del Corso.

Battaglia, who also leads a gay rights campaign group, said the lights were intended to be against homophobia following the suicide of a gay teenager in the city.

"That is how we came up with the rainbow flag idea," said Battaglia, who is from the leftist Sel party, but added that they could also be seen as a peace symbol.

The decoration, however, did not sit well with conservative politicians in the city, with some in the right-wing Fratelli d'Italia (Italian Brothers) party labeling the idea "provocative" and "ideological." As a result of the controversy, the company behind the installation announced that the rainbow-colored theme would now be dedicated to the late Nelson Mandela so that "the message of love, tolerance, unity and sharing will become stronger."

Video of the lights, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Vatican Shuts Down Photo Exhibit Featuring Gay Couples Kissing In Churches


The Vatican this week blocked an exhibition of photos by artist Gonzalo Orquin that featured gay couples kissing in Churches in Rome. The exhibition entitled, "Trialogo" was scheduled to open at the Galleria L'Opera. However, once the Vatican sent a letter threatening legal action, declaring, "the church is against the exhibition," and invoking the Italian constitution to make its case, Orquin consulted with his lawyers and decided to pull the exhibit for "security reasons." The Huffington Post reports:

BlackVicariate spokesman Claudio Tanturri told The Local that the photos violate the Italian constitution. “Italian constitutional law safeguards an individual’s religious feeling and the function of places of worship," he said. “Therefore photos that are not suitable and do not conform to the spirituality of the place offend and infringe upon the advancement of man in the particular place for the expression of faith" [...]

Orquin posted a Facebook photo with the covered up images and a caption protesting the censorship.

Orquin, who is Spanish and Catholic, said that he found Italy to be "a very homophobic country" in the eight years that he has lived in Rome. "There aren't other countries in Europe or West that are backward like this," he said.

Flavio Romani, the president of gay rights group Arcigay had stronger words, calling the Vatican's reaction "grotesque."

“In the images in which the church have seen provocation, I see an exchange of love, a type of public worship that creates harmony not contrast," he said. "The indignation of the Catholic Church, therefore, is extremely grotesque."

The Vatican's decision to publicly lambaste the exhibit comes on the heels of Pope Francis's most extensive remarks to date on homosexuality, in which he proclaimed that the Church needed to get away from focusing solely on issues like abortion, contraception and gay marriage. Specifically referring to gay people, the Pope commented that "it is not possible to interfere spiritually in the life of a person." 

You can see the rest of the photos that would have been part of Orquin's exhibit HERE.

(Photos via Facebook)

Barilla Pasta Chief: We Don't Like Gays, They Can Eat Another Brand


We won't be buying any more Barilla pasta.

The independent reports: 2_barilla

Guido Barilla, whose firm has almost half the Italian pasta market and a quarter of that in the US, told Italy’s La Zanzara radio show last night: “I would never do an advert with a homosexual family…if the gays don’t like it they can go an eat another brand.

“For us the concept of the sacred family remains one of the fundamental values of the company.”

He added: “Everyone has the right to do what they want without disturbing those around them”. But then the pasta magnate upped the ante by attacking gay adoption. “I have no respect for adoption by gay families because this concerns a person who is not able to choose," he said.

Here's a report in Italian.

Italian activists are calling for a boycott of 20 brands owned by the company including Voiello pasta and Filiz and Misko products.

UPDATE: Guido Barilla is now apologizing on Facebook.

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