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Former UN Ambassador John Bolton: I Support Gay Marriage on a State and Federal Level

Former U.S Ambassador to the United Nations and Republican John Bolton is considering a run for President in 2016, and he's also discussing his support for marriage equality in an interview with the National Review:

BoltonMoving ahead, Bolton is expecting two things: Conservatives who have long cheered him may be turned off by some of his social views, and the national political press will likely be divided between hostility and indifference. “I have the advantage or disadvantage of having never run before, and I speak in longer sentences than you find on Twitter,” he says. “But that’s part of my hypothesis. People are ready for something with more depth.” On domestic issues, he says, he’s a self-proclaimed “libertarian,” which he knows will jar people who think he’s interested in running purely to irk Senator Rand Paul, another likely 2016 candidate and Bolton’s ideological opposite on foreign policy. “My argument is that you can’t protect your liberties at home unless we are protected internationally,” he says. “I think that argument can have currency across the Republican spectrum.”

“I can go to voters and tell them, without reservation, that I’m for limited government, as much as possible, on taxes, on regulations, but on foreign policy, I want to make sure we’re protected,” Bolton explains. “It’d be a mix of being against nanny-ism and libertarianism. On abortion, I’m about the same as Reagan; I’m against it except in the cases of rape, incest, or the life of the mother. On gay marriage, I support it, at both the state level and the federal level. Gay marriage is something I’ve thought about at length as I’ve looked at my future. I concluded, a couple years ago, that I think it should be permissible and treated the same at both levels.”

Bolton has hinted at his support for marriage equality in the past, predicting that it is "going to happen". He also supported the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

Meet Groundswell, The Secret Right Wing Group That Wants To Wage A '30 Front War' With Democrats And Other Republicans

Mother Jones broke the story yesterday, after obtaining documents about the covert group. Groundswell, which is comprised of high-profile hyper-Conservatives such as Ginni Thomas (wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas), former UN ambassador John Bolton, and former FL congressman Allen West, seeks to "fundamentally transform the nation." They have begun holding weekly secret meetings in the offices of Judicial Watch, where they "cook up battle plans for their ongoing fights against the Obama administration, congressional Democrats, progressive outfits, and the Republican establishment and 'clueless' GOP congressional leaders."

The group also includes certain congressional aides and journalists. While Groundswell is, by no means, the only group that meets to discuss strategies for legislation and PR, the clandestine nature of the group does raise questions about what exactly the group has to hide. In the exposé, Mother Jones noted that...

"Though members have been encouraged to zap out tweets with a #GSW hashtag, a message circulated to members of its Google group noted that the role of certain advocates should be kept 'off of the Google group for OPSEC [operational security] reasons.' This 'will avoid any potential for bad press for someone if a communication item is leaked,' the message explained."

Did we mention that one of the group's core members has a spouse that's a member of the Supreme Court? Just making sure...

An internal document describes the origins of this coalition:

"Groundswell evolved out of conversations among conservative leaders after the November elections. This is the eighth meeting. Now others are asking to be included. Growth needs to be strategic; it should be made up of senior level people willing to collaborate. It is important to keep a balance of social conservatives, national security conservatives, and constitutional conservatives. Outreach has occurred to incorporate groups with extensive reach: Heritage, Heritage Action, FreedomWorks, AFP [Americans for Prosperity], FRC [Family Research Council] and the NRA, among others…Our country is in peril. This is a critical moment needing critical leadership. We want to protect the strategic collaboration occurring at Groundswell and build on it. Please be careful about bringing guests and clear them ahead of time."

Ginni ThomasNote the inclusion of anti-gay groups such as Heritage and the FRC. Thus, it isn't all that surprising that many of the internal documents released concern the group's strategies for opposing marriage equality. One mocked Republican Party chairman Reince Priebus, saying that he “is sending messages to the party… If we were all gay illegal aliens, the party likes us."

Mother Jones' expose proves rather extensive. Those interested in reading it in its entirety can do so HERE. For those wishing for a more concise list of highlights, Queerty was kind enough to oblige:

"Other memorable quotes from the group’s memos:

  • 'We’re failing the propaganda battle with minorities.'
  • 'Conservatives are so busy dealing with issues like immigration, gay marriage and boy scouts there is little time left to focus on other issues. These are the very issues the Left wants to avoid but we need to magnify.'
  • 'We are in a real war; most conservatives are not prepared to fight.'
  • 'We need to be more clever than the Left on this… Something amusing and easy for LIVs [low-information voters] to understand.'
  • 'We must reclaim the language and put ‘a face’ on our messages; tell stories. Write articles on 4th grade level!'

If Americans ever needed an example of how the GOP really feels about them, these memos are it."

Perhaps, if these hyper-conservatives make a genuine effort to fix the nation's education system, then they wouldn't need to "write articles on [a] 4th grade level"...

John Bolton Hints At Run in 2012, Supports Gay Issues

Conservative lawyer and diplomat John Bolton (he resigned as UN Ambassador under George Bush in 2006) has dropped hints that he might put his hat in the presidential ring in 2012. In an interview with Tucker Carlson's right-leaning Website The Daily Caller, Bolton suggests that he might consider running if only to put a spotlight on national security issues.

AOL News points out that Bolton tends to be a bit trigger-happy in his beliefs about how to deal with other nations:

Bolton opposed this week's renewed Middle East peace talks, warning that failure would hurt Washington's influence in the region. He has assailed the administration's "policy chaos" in Afghanistan. And he has unabashedly called for a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities while accusing the White House of leaving the U.S. defenseless by canceling missile defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic (the administration later announced a scaled-back defensive shield).

A summary of Bolton form one political strategist:

"John Bolton would provide an interesting voice in a Republican presidential debate," said Democratic strategist Paul Begala in a preview of likely party talking points. "He, of course, wants to invade countries -- lots of countries -- seeing Afghanistan and Iraq as a warm-up for bombing Iran. And then, who knows? Continue through the alphabet to Iceland and Ireland?"

Bolton has been quite supportive of several gay rights issues, having this to say about DADT: “I don’t think there is any good answer to the question why shouldn’t gays and lesbians who want to serve their country be allowed to do it.”

He's also taken a very progressive approach toward marriage equality confessing that it is "going to happen."

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John Bolton Resigns as UN Ambassador

BoltonGeorge Bush's appointment for ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, will resign within weeks according to the White House. Bolton was never able to win Senate confirmation after his nomination was blocked by Democrats and a few Republicans. The unpopular Bolton was nominated by Bush while the Senate was in recess, and he was booed shortly thereafter on the sidewalk outside the U.S. Mission.

Check out this clip of Bolton's meltdown. What a diplomat.

Iowa moderate Jim Leach is reportedly being pushed as Bolton's replacement.

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