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News: Mexico, Glenn Beck, Modern Family, iPhone Users

 road The governor of Mexico's Jalisco state, Emilio Gonzalez, on marriage equality: It "grosses me out."

Jared  road Jared Padalecki's character on Supernatural has been to hell and back and  returned with this body.

 road Mariah Carey's track list for her upcoming album "Merry Christmas II You" is her early Xmas gift to her fans.

 road The first thing that one should ask themselves when looking at this new picture of Aaron Carter is:"That's what 22 looks like?"

 road This is why Mark Zuckerberg should like The Social Network.

 road Astronaut Scott Kelly, who is currently the next commander at the International Space Station, will be joined by his identical brother Mark next year making them the first blood relatives in space.

 road The poor showing for Eliot Spitzer's new show on CNN might be good news for Katie Couric who is rumored to consider moving from CBS to the cable news station.

 road Glenn Beck will take time off from his televison and radio gigs for some medical tests in a hospital "out west."

Modern  road GLSEN honored Modern Family at the Respect Awards last night. Jesse Tyler Ferguson took the time to talk about the recent spate pf suicides: "I think an event like this echoes the sentiment that we need to change. This cannot continue happening."

 road Wal-Mart is selling a children's book wriiten by an ex-gay that teach kids how to fight off their homosexuality. Doesn't sound very effective.

 road Josh Duhamel is "pissed" about the poster for his new movie in which he's pictured in his skivvies.

 road Apparently if you own an iPhone you're more likely to support Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. Sounds pretty bogus to me.

 road Hungary's sludge spill may not be over just yet.

The University of Southern California gets the world's largest collection of gay and lesbian historical documents form ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives.

Josh Duhamel's Undies Help Promote New Movie

Once you get through the trailer for the new movie "Life As We Know It," it'll be clear why the film's one-sheet uses an underwear-clad Josh Duhamel as its main selling point. The half-naked star might be the only thing that gets people into the theater.

Watch the trailer AFTER THE JUMP.

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Making Friends With Josh Duhamel


Josh Duhamel says he went through rigorous training for his new blockbuster movie, "Transformers." (From the looks of things the training paid off nicely.) Since some real Rangers and SEALs appear in the film as part of Duhamel's unit, Josh says they became fast friends. "I still hang out with those guys quite a bit. They all actually went with me to the MTV Movie Awards. I still talk with all of them. Two of them are on my list for the premiere. They’re just fun dudes. First of all, they don’t take anything too serious because they’ve seen so much."

Lots more of Josh over here.

Josh Duhamel Makes a Splash in Las Vegas


Josh Duhamel's square-cut swim trunk gamble on Friday night's episode of Las Vegas definitely paid off...

Duhamel2 Duhamel3

Donald Trump may not approve of the style, but it certainly seems to work for Josh.


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