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Man Sues Kansas School District For Failing To Stop Homophobic Bullying: VIDEO


A Kansas man filed a lawsuit against the Blue Valley School District that alleges school officials turned a blind eye to bullying he endured because of his perceived sexual orientation.

In addition to having his nose broken on a number of occasions and being called homophobic slurs, the unidentified man, who graduated in 2010, was allegedly doused in urine by abusive classmates and had his hand forced on a burner during cooking class. And administrators, he claims, did nothing.

KCTV has more:

"His reports were met with indifference, inaction, or where some action was taken, the action was wholly inadequate and ineffective," according to the lawsuit.

"A few sympathetic teachers" passed on the reports to administrators, but either nothing was done or administrators "made inadequate and feeble attempts to discipline students, only to knowingly permit the physical and emotional assaults and harassment to continue," according to the lawsuit.

The plaintiff suffered emotional and physical trauma, and as a result his grades suffered. He attended classes at another facility to escape the abuse, the lawsuit claims. He still experiences physical pain and post-traumatic stress disorder issues, and is receiving counseling.

"The harassment was so severe, pervasive and objectively offensive that it effectively deprived (the plaintiff) of access to educational benefits or opportunities provided by the school district," according to the lawsuit.

Watch video of the report AFTER THE JUMP.

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Today: Chely Wright Opens Kansas City LGBT Community Center

Chely-WrightWell -- technically it's a center for youth who are questioning their sexuality, but these kids will probably figure themselves out quickly enough. Maybe they'll stick around.

Chely Wright is the nu-country singer of hits "Shut Up And Drive" and "Single White Female" who came out of the closet in 2010 and shortly thereafter married her partner, the activist Lauren Blitzer. She decided to open the LIKEME Lighthouse, as it's called, because she grew up not far from Kansas City and remembers well the difficulties of coming of age in an area without resources for LGBT teens. From the Washington Post:

“This just gives so much hope to these outlying areas, that your major metropolitan area has a gay and lesbian center,” said Wright, who married LGBT activist Lauren Blitzer last summer. “That would have meant everything to me had I been a kid growing up in Wellsville, knowing that there is a beautiful facility in our major city, that that was OK.

LIKEME Lighthouse's ribbon-cutting ceremony is today at noon, and opening festivities continue into the evening with performances by Wright, Alan Cumming, and others. Lighthouse's website is up and fully operational, but it doesn't seem like the center's yet fleshed out its programming. The facility will be open, presumably for drop-ins, from 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. on most days, but what teens will be able to do once they arrive hasn't yet been decided. Maybe Lighthouse is waiting on volunteers?

Watch: Kansas City 'House of Prayer' Exploits 'Ex-Gay' Teen


"Do you hear that? He was set free from addictions to homosexuality, heroine, crack cocaine. Anything else?"

Unfortunately, Jacob was not delivered from ugly exploitation on YouTube and elsewhere by the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City.



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KC Chiefs Cut Punishment for Larry Johnson's 'Fag' Slur in Half

The Kansas City Chiefs saved Larry Johnson about $315,000 after cutting his punishment for directing anti-gay slurs at reporters and a fan in half. According to the AP, the Chiefs were afraid of losing in arbitration:

Larryjohnson "The Chiefs issued a terse announcement saying they had made the settlement in conjunction with the NFL Management Council and the NFL Players Association. Originally, they suspended the former two-time Pro Bowler two weeks, which would have cost him about $630,000. He will still miss the game at Jacksonville this week and not participate in team activities until Nov. 9. The Chiefs had said the suspension was for conduct detrimental to the team. Johnson's agent, Peter Schaffer, told The Associated Press on Saturday the agreement had been tentatively agreed to. Schaffer said Monday that as far as he knew, Johnson would remain with the Chiefs. He needs just 75 yards rushing to become the team leader."

The punishment stems from an October 26 incident in which Johnson told two members of the media in the Chiefs locker room, "Get your faggot asses out of here." He later directed the same language at a fan on Twitter.

Johnson's agent Peter Schaffer later made the ridiculous claim to TMZ that neither he nor Johnson knew that "faggot" was offensive. Said Schaffer: "We know the N-word is unacceptable, that's not disputable -- but f*g? I'm learning that there's a segment of our society that finds it offensive and that it should not be used. I didn't realize that, but I do know now..."

The Chiefs have refused comment throughout the incident.

Who Doesn't Know the Word 'Faggot' is Offensive?

Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson and his agent Peter Schafer, or so Schafer claims:

Johnson"We know the N-word is unacceptable, that's not disputable -- but f*g? I'm learning that there's a segment of our society that finds it offensive and that it should not be used. I didn't realize that, but I do know now..."

Johnson received a one game suspension for directing the slur at members of the media and a fan on Twitter earlier this week. He is appealing the punishment.

Larry Johnson to Appeal One-Game Suspension for 'Faggot' Slur

Kansas City chiefs running back Larry Johnson received a two-week suspension (which actually only amounts to a one-game suspension) for telling two members of the media to "get your faggot asses out of here" in the locker room on Monday. Johnson directed similar language at a fan on Twitter.

The AP reports: Johnsonlarry "Agent Peter Schaffer said the game check and other lost revenue would amount to about a penalty of about $600,000 for the former two-time Pro Bowl player. In a three-sentence release, the Chiefs said Johnson would be suspended until Monday, Nov. 9 for conduct detrimental to the team. The Chiefs are on their bye week and will not play again until traveling to Jacksonville on Nov. 8."

Schaffer says they will appeal the punishment: "We will be filing an appeal on behalf of Larry tomorrow. While we respect the Chiefs' ability to try to discipline a player, we disagree and respectfully disagree that the punishment they propose is warranted by the facts or allowable by the collective bargaining agreement. Hopefully, we will be able to work out a mutual and positive resolution with the Chiefs short of a hearing. If we don't, then this will go to an arbitrator."

Johnson's father told the Kansas City Star that he was hurt by his son's behavior, saying "he remembers his childhood in the Jim Crow South and understands the daggers of inequality and the tarnish of discrimination." Said the elder Johnson: “That’s just not who we are and not what we believe. It’s not how he was raised. It’s tough for me as a father.”


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