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Watch: Code Pink Tries to Make Citizen's Arrest of Karl Rove


A Karl Rove book event in Beverly Hills last night was interrupted when activists from Code Pink tried to make a citizen's arrest of Rove for war crimes.

Shouted Code Pink founder Jodie Evans: "Look what you did. You outed a CIA officer. You lied to take us to war. You ruined a country. Totally ruined a country."

Another Code Pink member yelled: "The only comfort I take is that you're going to rot in Hell."

Rove was forced from the podium and the book-signing event was finished.


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News: Camellia, Jason Mraz, Illinois, Elephant Twins, Joe Novotny

 road Unidentified man's body found in Provincetown marsh.

Barrowman  roadWell, hello: John Barrowman to make Desperate Housewives debut.

 roadLindsay Lohan is beyond delusional.

 roadNew Yorkers: It's state-wide GENDA call in day.

 roadFacebook a safe harbor for hate groups? "Fast-forming, often created by people who post false profiles just to gain the ability to create their hate group, anti-gay hate groups on Facebook are filled with claims of religiosity, or just plain unadulterated ignorance, bigotry, and hate. Facebook management has been criticized for their slow response and poor monitoring of new groups and content..."

 roadBetty White confirms SNL "appearance".

 roadMinnesota Family Policy Council to push for constitutional ban ballot measure.

 roadNew Facebook group: "1,000,000 Gay Men and Allies Against Roy Ashburn Having Sex Ever Again."

 roadThe cocktail scene in SF's Castro is growing up.

 roadJason Mraz interested in recording "Ebony and Ivory"-style collaboration with Elton John, but this one would have to do with gay and straight.


 roadExtremely rare camellia blooms in London: "It is thought to be one of only two examples of the variety in the world. Admirers would need to travel to Waitangi, New Zealand to see its sister plant."

 roadAnti-gay Seattle pastor Ken Hutcherson: James Dobson was forced out at Focus on the Family.

 roadJoy Behar calls Karl Rove a "bad cock".

 roadThe Power: NYC condom wrapper contest winner revealed.

 roadCzech union leader causes furor over remarks about gays: "In an interview for Saturday’s Lidové Noviny, Mr. Dušek said Czech Railways was run by a clique of incompetent gays who had links to homosexuals in the cabinet and the Office of the Government. The controversial trade union leader has now been barred from speaking for the umbrella trade unions organization and is likely to face charges of slander."

 roadMainstream media suddenly discovers story of tased gay porn star Dustin Michaels, three months later?

 roadApolo Ohno brought his Olympic charm to the Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar party.

Micah  roadFootballer Micah Richards hits South Beach.

 roadDavid Archuleta's memoir has the cheesiest title ever.

 roadIllinois anti-gay bill killed in committee: "An anti-gay bill authored by Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady is dead, thanks to the efforts of Illinois gay activists. Equality Illinois just announced that Senate bill 3447, which aimed to allow certain tax-exempt organizations to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and religion, is dead. The bill never made it out of a Senate Judiciary committee."

 roadElephant gives birth to first known set of male twins.

 roadIndia's House passes bill reserving a third of all seats in the national parliament and state legislatures for women.

 roadMadonna spotted grinding Gerard Butler on Oscar night.

 roadD.C. Agenda talks to the first openly gay U.S. House Clerk Joe Novotny: “I’m tremendously proud. I feel like it’s an opportunity to represent the community. When you think about the diversity in this House now — and the fact that we have the first woman speaker and we have the first African-American clerk of the House — this is sort of a Congress of firsts, so to be a part of that is a tremendous honor.”

Karl Rove: 'To This Day, I Have No Idea If My Father Was Gay

RoveIt's been reported for years that the man who Karl Rove grew up knowing as his father and later found out was actually his stepfather was gay. He has released a new book called "Courage and Consequences" (The Washington Post says about the work: "Rove has fashioned a portrait of the Bush presidency that aims to shape history in his boss's favor") he writes about his father's sexual orientation. An excerpt from the Post's review:

"He blasts journalists for raising the issue at all -- in his eyes it's purely a liberal gambit to criticize him for his views on homosexuality. Rove launches a well-honed rebuttal -- a skill learned long ago, no doubt, on the high school debate team -- that comes across as part analysis and part dismissal. 'Could Dad have been gay?' he asks, acknowledging that his stepfather had gay friends and volunteered at an AIDS project. 'To this day, I have no idea if my father was gay. And, frankly, I don't care. He was my father, with whom I had a wonderful relationship and whom I loved deeply.'"

Rove's father, Louis Rove, died of lung cancer in Palm Springs in 2004.

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #534: Right-Wing Health Care Reactions

FOX NEWS: The drunk teabagger reactions.

BARNEY FRANK: Talks to Rachel Maddow about the speech and right-wing attacks.

BILL O'REILLY: O'Reilly and Karl Rove attack the President.

SEAN HANNITY: He and Rep. Eric Cantor are very upset.

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News: Iceland, T.R. Knight, PETA, Penguins, Karl Rove, Octuplets

road.jpg Portland Mayor Sam Adams back to work: "'Good morning, everybody,' he said to the reporters who rushed to meet him at the doors. 'Happy to be back,' he said. 'Ready to get to work.' He didn't miss a beat, didn't stop to chat. When a reporter tried to ask him about the most recent news reports, he didn't bite. 'I'm happy to answer questions about city business,' he said. Then he slipped into the City Council chamber, where he spent the next two hours discussing a bridge project."

Trknightroad.jpg T.R. Knight and boyfriend Mark Cornelsen enjoy the gayest place on Earth.

road.jpg NBC bans PETA 'vegetable porn' commercial from Super Bowl - WATCH it.

road.jpg Married same-sex New York couples offered guidelines: "The five-page document, issued on January 26 by Lambda Legal, the Empire State Pride Agenda, the New York Civil Liberties Union, and the American Civil Liberties Union, outlines a dozen-and-a-half areas -- some broad-reaching, others more narrowly tailored -- in which the state's policy of recognizing marriages by same-sex couples who legally wed in other jurisdictions have implications for their day-to-day life here in New York." Get the doc HERE.

road.jpg Ryan Reynolds minds his muscles.

Sigurdardottirroad.jpg Jóhanna Sigurdardóttir to become Iceland's, world's first openly lesbian prime minister?

road.jpg House Judiciary Chair Conyers issues subpoena to Karl Rove: "I have said many times that I will carry this investigation forward to its conclusion, whether in Congress or in court, and today's action is an important step along the way. Change has come to Washington, and I hope Karl Rove is ready for it. After two years of stonewalling, it's time for him to talk."

road.jpg Know your ABCs: The gay alphabet!

road.jpg Students across U.S. don T-shirts for 'Equality on Campus Day'.

road.jpg High-ranking French official comes out: "Roger Karoutchi, France’s Secretary of State for Parliamentary Relations and a close friend of President Nicholas Sarkozy, has revealed he is gay. The former MEP and senator made the claim in an interview conducted in advance of the release of his autobiography."

road.jpg Openly gay attorney Michael Pollok running for Kirsten Gillibrand's seat.

Penguinsroad.jpg Necessary? Chinese zoo gives gay penguins a wedding. These are the same penguins who last month were segregated for stealing eggs and trying to raise a child.

road.jpg Octuplets born in California.

road.jpg Does it really matter if True Beauty contestant Joel Rush is pretty on the inside?

road.jpg Georgia man fights court order on visits with kids: "[Judge] Edwards ordered that neither of the parents could have 'overnight company with a member of the opposite sex, or with any person deemed to be a paramour, unrelated by blood or marriage, in the presence of a child.' One sentence later Edwards wrote: 'Additionally, defendant is prohibited from exposing the children to his homosexual partners and friends.' In his appeal, Mongerson’s attorneys write that such an order was an abuse of the court’s discretion. 'There was no evidence presented that and the court made no finding that exposing the parties’ children to any of Appellant’s homosexual friends would adversely affect the best interests of the children,' according to the appeal. 'Therefore, such a prohibition on appellant’s homosexual friends is an abuse of discretion.'"

News: Malcolm Smith, Star Trek, Lieberman, Asbury Park, Beatles

road.jpg Stop a marriage referendum in New York: "On November 4th, New Yorkers gave the Democrats a two-seat majority in the New York State Senate. Finally, it seemed, Democrats would be able to put marriage equality to a vote and Governor Paterson would be able to sign it into law. However, three Democrats refuse to endorse Malcolm Smith as the new Majority Leader because Malcolm Smith has promised to pass marriage equality in New York. Senator Rubén Díaz, Sr. and Senator Pedro Espada, Jr., both from the Bronx, and Senators Carl Kruger of Brooklyn, are all threatening to caucus with the Republicans to stop gay marriage in New York."

Jackmanroad.jpg Hugh Jackman busts a few faces, but thankfully no one's looking there.

road.jpg Trailer for new Star Trek film beams in.

road.jpg A secret ballot vote by Democrats on Tuesday will determine Joe Lieberman's fate in the Senate: "Senate Democrats will decide by secret ballot Tuesday whether to take away Sen. Joe Lieberman's chairmanship of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee — a post from which he oversees U.S. security issues, as well as the operations of a wide segment of the federal government. The anger over Lieberman's campaigning for the Republican presidential candidate is still boiling — fueled by memories of his undercutting Barack Obama, including in a nationally televised speech at the Republican National Convention."

road.jpg More on Rosie O'Donnell's upcoming variety show.

road.jpg Gregory Craig to be White House counsel: "Craig is intimately familiar with the president-elect’s record because he played the role of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in debate preparations. The officials said Obama has settled on Craig but were not sure when the appointment would be announced. The choice gives the president-elect both experience and loyalty. During the primaries, Craig was an early Clinton alumni defector to Obama."

Madhatterroad.jpg It's the Mad Hatter!

road.jpg Bill Ayers talks back.

road.jpg It's not easy for gay youth in rural British Columbia: "Gay or bisexual teenage boys living in rural B.C. are nearly twice as likely to have attempted suicide and been physically sexually harassed in the past year than their peers in urban centres."

road.jpg Paul McCartney talks of 14-minute unreleased 1967 Beatle epic "Carnival of Light".

road.jpg South Korea reviewing ban on gays in the military: "The ban has been under review since a local military court asked the upper tribunal in August to determine whether the existing military criminal code banning homosexuality among soldiers is constitutional. The code stipulates that soldiers be jailed for up to one year for engaging in homosexual acts or sexual harassment while in service."

Lohanroad.jpg PETA protestor targets Lindsay Lohan with flour bomb outside Paris hotel.

road.jpg Queens couple first gays to wed in Greenwich, Connecticut.

road.jpg Researchers identify possible fossilized velociraptor egg nest.

road.jpg Recession stops neo-gay enclave of Asbury Park, New Jersey in its tracks: "Various big residential plans came and went, but, partly because of an influx of gay men and lesbians looking for cheaper alternatives to places like Fire Island, it began coming back around 2000. The residential revival helped bring back downtown, now quite alive with shops and restaurants. Then came the beachfront development, beginning around 2005. From 2007 to 2008, the number of daily beach-access badges sold during the summer increased to 52,000 from 38,000. Live Nation, the concert promoter, signed an agreement to promote music at various locations. After all those years of going nowhere, Asbury Park was clearly going somewhere. And then, boom — the bottom fell out of the economy."

road.jpg Karl Rove will never repudiate George W. Bush.


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