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Lance Bass Gets in Bed with Joan Rivers: VIDEO


Lance Bass hops in bed with Joan Rivers to talk about growing up gay in the South, getting married, his ultimate boy band, yard sales, and pooping in space.


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Lance Bass Describes How He Popped The Question to Michael Turchin in New Orleans: AUDIO


Yesterday Towleroad reported that Lance Bass became engaged to his boyfriend Michael 'Turkey' Turchin.

On a special Sunday edition of his SiriusXM show broadcast from The Bourbon Pub at New Orleans' Southern Decadence festival, Bass talked about how he popped the question, in front of the city's Jackson Square, his favorite spot in NoLa:

Well, [when we got there I find out that] they locked all the gates this weekend, and you can’t get into the park.  So we peeled off, and I told him we [had] to pick up [Dirty Pop/SiriusXM] producer Sam up…so as we were walking to ‘pick up Sam,’ I started talking about the last two and half years [and] I got down on one knee and I proposed, right in front of Jackson Square, my favorite place.  And it was great too because a couple just happened to see…I was down on one knee [for only about]…two seconds…right as I was about to propose, I was pretty nervous.”

It was great because this couple who had also proposed right at this same spot, they had just gotten married and said ‘We just saw you propose, can we please take your camera and take a picture [of you] on your knee?’ So I will have that for the rest of my life."

Listen to Bass tell his story, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Lance Bass is Engaged to Boyfriend Michael Turchin


Lance Bass is engaged to be married to boyfriend Michael Turchin.

Wrote the singer on Instagram: "He said YES!! Love this man"

Us Weekly adds:

Dating since December 2011, the couple got engaged in New Orleans after Bass proposed to the aspiring actor and model with a black diamond band. He even texted his future husband's parents to ask for their permission first.

"They're such a great couple, everyone is so happy for them," another source tells Us. "Their friends and family are thrilled."


Justin Timberlake and N'Sync to Reunite at MTV VMAs: REPORT


Justin Timberlake is set to reunite with his old bandmates on Sunday night, Page Six reports:

MTV announced that Timberlake, who topped the charts in the late ’90s with the band, will perform at the VMAs and receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. But we’re told former bandmates J.C. Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick are scheduled to join him onstage for a reunion performance. On Friday night, the *NSYNC crew were all spotted in the singer’s VIP section at his concert with Jay Z at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami...

Lance Bass Gave Coming Out Advice to Jason Collins: AUDIO

On his SiriusXM OutQ radio show Dirty Pop last night, Lance Bass revealed that he and Collins share a mutual friend — actress JoAnna Garcia Swisher — who urged Collins to call Bass for advice on coming out to the public.

BassSaid Bass:

I told him, look, this is what I wish would have happened when I came out…because when I came out I had 24 hours to decide what was going to happen, because basically the magazine [People] said ‘We’re doing it with or without you.’ So I had 24 hours to decide to do this interview and I did – with People magazine, and I thought it went great.  But what I wish I could have done back then was to have a couple of days to sit down with HRC, sit down with GLAAD…get downloaded [on how to handle this]…because back then…[it was just] like Jason told me today ‘I don’t know many gay people because all my life has been is sports, [and] I’ve had such a crazy schedule I never had to think about my private life.’

Listen below.

Bass shares the coming out advice he gave to Collins:

On their respective coming out experiences:

On how America's going to respond to Jason Collins:

Lance Bass, Susan Boyle, and the Village People 'Keep an Open Mouth' for Miracle Whip: VIDEO


Miracle Whip has enlisted Lance Bass, the Village People, Susan Boyle, Wynonna Judd, Tiffany, and a bunch of other random people for a parody of the "We Are the World" video in which they sing with mock sincerity about the processed spread.

Sings Bass, "Just because you were in a boyband, doesn't mean that you're not a man."

I'm a Hellman's man myself, but I don't judge.


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