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News: Prince Harry, Ricky Martin, Presbyterian Church, Madonna

 road The Simpsons beat Qatar University to the punch in its plans for the 2022 World Cup.

Harry  road Prince Harry graces the cover of GQ UK.

 road Puerto Rican pastor condemns Ricky Martin's homosexuality: “I want to say to Ricky Martin that there is no need to go to the extreme by making our children and youths confused."

 road Rumors float around the Internet about a Britney Spears/Enrique Iglesias tour.

 road  Elton John has inspired gay Westlife singer Mark Feehily to become a father.

 road The Presbytery of Coastal Carolina votes for no gay clergy: "The Presbyterian Church (USA) Book of Order requires clergy candidates to 'live either in fidelity with the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman, or chastity in singleness.' The proposed changes would have removed all reference to sexual orientation or behavior, in effect leaving the decision of fitness to serve to the local presbyteries."

 road Reese Witherspoon got hitched in Ojai, California yesterday.

 road Mariah Carey could give birth any day now.

Mad  road The employees that Madonna recently fired from her Raising Malawi charity are suing her for wrongful dismissal.

 road Take a look at the houses that Jeremy Renner has successfully flipped over the years.

 road If you come across a deadly cobra in the Bronx it's probably the same one that went missing from the Bronx Zoo yesterday.

 road Controversy surrounds "Social Transformation By the Power of God," to be held at Harvard next month: "More than 1,400 people have already signed a petition here on, calling on Harvard to address this conference and not give a pedestal to people who believe gays should be executed and that Muslims and women are bringing down the reputation of the United States."

 road Gareth Thomas has an invite to the nuptials of the year - Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding: "I'm a friend of William through rugby. I'm just going to the service. I'm not nervous about it. It will be really good."

News: Morrissey, China, Rachel Maddow, HIV, Fish

 road Morrissey isn't backing down from his statement that the "Chinese are a subspecies" because of their lack of laws protecting animals. 

Ra road Rachel Maddow is pissed at Curbed for publishing her home address: They may get a lot of page views for that, but I think they would have gotten just as many page views if they had redacted my address and considered my safety and privacy. Whoever at Curbed decided the actual address and floor plan was necessary to get those page views, I hope they die in a fire." 

 road Bristol Palin didn't go to her high school prom because she was knocked up.

 road NYC promoter Dougie Meyer was the victim of a hate crime Friday night: “…got the living shit beat out of me tonite [sic] when 3 black men jumped me for being gay. Their exact words were “fuck you, you fucking faggot!”

 road Did rocker Ian Watkins make a gay sex tape?

 road A history as to why you get the day off from work tomorrow.

 road The New World Trade Center will be up in no time.

 road China will hear a legal case based on job discrimination against those infected with HIV.


 road This may be one ugly fish but it doesn't look that much like Shrek. 

 road Architect Markus Dochantsch on designing Madonna's school for girls in Malawi: "The design is not just about aesthetics and materials but about helping to understand the society you're building for. For example, in Africa, you realize the importance of open space, of being outside and understanding nature. So we designed a very open pedestrian campus."

 road Zac Efron gets scruffy.

 road Queen Latifah's trainer Jillian Michaels on the gay rumors: "I have gay friends, but I'm not gay."

 road RIP political cartoonist Paul Conrad.

 road Sarah Palin's neighbor moves out of Alaska to start writing a book on the former governor.

Update On Steven Monjeza And Tiwonge Chimbalanga

The last we heard of Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, the gay couple had broken up and  Monjeza had suddenly become engaged to a woman named Dorothy Gulo just a week after their release from prison was ordered by Malawai President Bingu wa Mutharika. 

6a00d8341c730253ef013483830707970c The Nyasa Times sheds new light on Ms. Gulo:

When Nyasa Times tried to find out about Monjeza’s new sweet heart, it was discovered that she is a prostitute (hooker) who stays in a one roomed apartment behind one of the bars in Chirimba. “Actually the two met at a drinking joint because Steve is an alcoholic,” said (a neighbor). Monjeza’s sister refused to speak to the media but said apart from what the papers said about the new love, there is nothing that the family know about Dorothy. The sister said she feels sorry for Monjeza who she described as a shame to her family.

Meanwhile a gay activist who worked hard to get the couple released while they were incarcerated has spoken out and claims that a re-arrest of the couple is not entirely out of the question.

According to Modern Ghana:

“The couple had been subjected to many death threats and the government had also threatened to re-arrest them if they got back together,” said the London-based human rights campaigner Mr Peter Tatchell, who also doubles as a spokesman for the LGBT rights group OutRage! During the couple's five (5) months incarceration in Chichiri Prison, Mr Tatchell supported and campaigned for their release.

“The pressure has got to Steven. Very understandably, he wants a quit, safe life. This would not be possible if he remained with Tiwonge,” said Mr Tatchell, adding that: “Both would be at risk of violent attack. Some people have threatened to kill them.” He added: “I respect their decision to split. It is up to them.”

Report: Malawi Couple Break Up — Monjeza to Marry a Woman

A sad state of affairs in Malawi. This is what must apparently happen for these men to survive.

Nyasa Times reports: Malawi  

"Steven Monjeza has dumped Tiwonge Chimbalanga –Aunt Tiwo- who he engaged in the first Malawi gay ceremony that earned them a 14 years imprisonment for homosexuality. They were pardoned by President Bingu wa Mutharika after conceding international pressure. But according to The Nation newspaper, Malawi’s authoritative daily; Monjeza has found a woman, Dorothy Gulo, 24, to marry and claims he was forced into the ‘gay drama’. The man has said he will expose the people that allegedly forced him into the gay act if they continue to pester him. The paper reports that Monjeza alleges that he never had sex with his fellow man, Tiwonge."

Monjeza claims he was forced to hold a news conference: "We were pardoned but I know the law can bounce back on us if we are not careful. Although I claimed that I still love Tiwo, I did not mean it. I have never had sex with him as was revealed in court. That is why the medical examination failed to establish any anal penetration. I was coerced into the whole thing,@ The Nation quoted him.  They forcefully picked me from my house in Kameza when I was drunk. They bundled me into their car and said they were taking me for a drink. Indeed, I was treated to a drinking orgy throughout the journey but no one revealed where we were going until I reached a house in Lilongwe to find Tiwo.  He told me that there are many countries willing to take us but I told him I was not interested and would not go."

The Africa Review: "In dramatic turn of events, one of Malawi's pardoned gays Steven Monjeza has renounced his love for Tiwonge Chimbalanga and has since opted to marry a woman, Ms Dorothy Gulo, barely 10 days after being pardoned."

(via box turtle bulletin)

Pardoned Malawi Couple Appear in Public, Praise President


Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga appeared at a press conference in the city of Lilongwe on Wednesday, their first public appearance since UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon's meeting with Malawi President Bingu wa Mutharika, which led to their pardon.

AFP reports:

"A Malawian gay couple who received a presidential pardon on a 14-year sentence for sodomy on Thursday called President Bingu wa Mutharika a 'caring father' and a 'tolerant president.' 'The president has demonstrated that he is a caring father, a considerate and tolerant president. We wish him good health in his everyday endeavours as he continues leading the country to respecting human rights and to economic prosperity,' the couple said in a statement. Tiwonge Chimbalanga, 20, and Steven Monjeza, 26, gave a brief news conference in the administrative capital Lilongwe late Wednesday, their first public appearance together since Saturday's pardon from the sentence of 14 years' hard labour imposed after they held a symbolic wedding."


"The couple asked the media and the general public to respect their privacy. 'So much has been said and written about us, both positive and negative. We think this is the time for us to be given an opportunity to enjoy our freedom,' they said. They called their ordeal 'the most stressful period in our lives.' Chimbalanga told AFP in a phone interview that he was in Lilongwe to 'have a breather', while his partner had returned to his village."

Mutharika told the public that his decision was final and not to be discussed: "The story ends there. I don't want to hear anyone commenting on them. Nobody is authorised to comment on the gays. You will spoil things."

Watch a TV interview with the couple (it needs translation, but it offers a look at the couple, post-prison), AFTER THE JUMP...

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Where Are Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga?


Well, after yesterday's pardon (which I'm still ecstatic about), in hiding and most likely looking for a way out of Malawi.

The AP reports:

Activists said late Saturday that they were searching for a safe house for the couple, fearing they could be attacked upon release. The couple's lawyer, Mauya Msuku, said he had not seen either of the men since their release.

Maxwell Manda also said he had not seen Chimbalanga, his brother-in-law, on Sunday. He told The Associated Press days earlier that Chimbalanga wanted to leave Malawi upon his release. "We heard that they were released but we don't know where they are," he told The AP on Sunday. "They are neither at their home in (a Blantyre suburb) or their villages. But I know they are keeping a low profile deliberately because of the sensitivity of their case."

The two were not at their Blantyre home when an Associated Press reporter visited Sunday morning.

Update: It appears as if The Guardian has more information about the location of Monjeza and Chimbalanga. They had been imprisoned in different facilities over the last few months and are still apart, having returned to their respective villages in Malawi. Sadly, their homecoming has been filled with anger and hate.

The Guardian reports:

Monjeza's family members said his partner would not be welcome in their village. Kelvin Kaumira, in his 60s, said the community was "fuming" over the incident. "People here are furious," he said. "There are so many beautiful women in this village looking for a hand in marriage."

Zione Monjeza, an aunt of Monjeza, said: "Nobody wants to see Tiwonge again in this village. If he dares to come here, he must do so with police for his protection." Such is the widespread public hostility to homosexuality that there are fears of reprisals against both men.

The Guardian also notes that Monjeza is trying to sell his story in order get money to survive.

Madonna issued a statement today about the couple's release. Read it AFTER THE JUMP.

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