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TILL THE END: A new inclusive love song from Tom Goss, just in time for Valentine's Day.

ARI FLEISCHER: Bill O'Reilly and Fleischer get their panties in a bunch that Obama called on The Huffington Post (a dot com) writer Sam Stein at his recent press conference, but they seem to have forgotten about Jeff Gannon.

MICHAEL PHELPS: Has a message for his Chinese fans.

CONTINENTAL FLIGHT 3407: Control tower audio between the Continental commuter flight and control tower before the tragic crash that took the lives of 50 people.

News: Rihanna, Dalai Lama, Phoenix, Asteroid, Shepard Fairey

road.jpg Anti-gay, anti-liberal Tennessee church shooter Adkisson pleads guilty, gets life.

Dolce_gabbanaroad.jpg Dolce and Gabbana cameo as priests in new film.

road.jpg Rihanna assault injuries horrific.

road.jpg Twitter suspends fake Dalai Lama account: "Micro-blogging service Twitter on Monday suspended an account said to have been set up the Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, saying it had been created by an impersonator. Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, in an email to AFP, said 'the account was suspended because it violated our Terms of Use regarding impersonation.' The account -- twitter.com/ohhdl -- was created on Saturday and attracted nearly 20,000 followers in just two days, a phenomenal rate of growth."

road.jpg Demetri Martin talks Taking Woodstock.

road.jpg Eight arrested in Phelps bong case: "We've now learned that since investigators began trying to build a case, they've made eight arrests: seven for drug possession and one for distribution. These are arrests that resulted as the sheriff's department served search warrants. We've also learned that the department has located and confiscated that bong. Sources say the owner of the bong was trying to sell it on eBay for as much as $100,000. The owner, who wasn't even at the party, is one of the eight now charged."

road.jpg Senator Roland Burris addresses Equality Illinois gala.

Hudsonroad.jpg SPOTLIGHT: Jennifer Hudson to tour.

road.jpg Was Shepard Fairey arrested to embarrass the mayor of Boston? "The obvious question is: Why did the police take so long after the warrant was issued to apprehend their man? Was it a matter of pure incompetence? As admiring fans of his work, were the police giving him opportunity to make appearances and put more art out on the streets of Boston? I don't think so." Also, Fairey sues AP.

road.jpg Three year battle results in success for students wanting to form gay-straight alliance in Yuma, California.

road.jpg MAN VS WILD: Foxes jump on trampoline while bears frolic in hammocks.

Phoenixroad.jpg Domestic partner registrations begin in Phoenix, Arizona: "Despite the dreary weather, about 10 gay couples made the trip to Phoenix City Hall Monday morning to be among the first to register with the city as domestic partners."

road.jpg Gay activists hold kiss-in outside Dallas Museum of Art: " The kiss-in is part of a larger effort by activist groups to raise awareness of gay-rights issues. Queer LiberAction and another group, Join the Impact Dallas, plan to hold mini-wedding ceremonies outside the Records Building downtown on Thursday. Participants plan to request marriage licenses as part of National Freedom to Marry Day. One mother instructed her child to avert his eyes from the kiss-in participants. 'Don't look at them,' she said, grabbing and turning her son's head away. Others simply walked by, avoiding eye contact. One woman murmured, 'It's twisted, very twisted.' But another cited biblical principles, then exchanged hugs with a transgender activist, saying, 'Hate the sin, not the sinner.'"

road.jpg Dad cuts trust fund of lesbian heiress and reality TV personality Courtenay Semel: "I don’t want to be known for all this craziness in my life. It’s ruined a lot of friendships and relationships with my friends and my family, most important. I haven’t been in contact with my family, and the only way they know what’s going on with me is Page Six."

Thomasroad.jpg Lance Bass parties with fitness model Bryan Thomas.

road.jpg Potentially Hazardous Asteroid discovered: no danger till after 2042.

road.jpg Photo reveals there is no gold at the end of the rainbow, just a freeway.

road.jpg Police target UK cruising area: "Quiet country track Follingsby Lane has been flagged up on a number of sites as the perfect place for men to meet other men for sex. In a bid to stop this, officers from Washington Neighbourhood Policing Team will carry out regular patrols along the stretch of road. They have issued a stark warning that tough action will be taken against anyone who is caught having sex in public."

road.jpg University of Texas Catholic Center launches LGBT prayer group: “We want to provide a safe place for young people to talk about this issue — how does it fit in with the Catholic Church teachings? Whether one is gay or straight, it’s morally neutral.”

road.jpg Woman files for divorce after husband's gay affair in virtual online game Second Life.

Kelloggs, USA Swimming Punish Michael Phelps Over Bong Photo


Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps was suspended for three months by USA Swimming as punishment for a photo of the gold medal-winner smoking from a bong published in Brit tabloid News of the World over the weekend:

Flakes"The organization's board of directors voted on the decision, saying the intent was to send Phelps a 'strong message' that it did not approve of his behavior. USA Swimming also said it is withdrawing financial support from Phelps during the suspension, a mostly symbolic punishment. The sport provides stipends for Olympic-caliber athletes in case they cannot afford to train and work at the same time. 'This is not a situation where any anti-doping rule was violated,' the organization said in a statement, 'but we decided to send a strong message to Michael because he disappointed so many people, particularly the hundreds of thousands of USA Swimming member kids who look up to him as a role model and a hero. Michael has voluntarily accepted this reprimand and has committed to earn back our trust.'"

Kelloggs also announced they would let their contract with the athlete expire at the end of the month, saying: "We originally built the relationship with Michael, as well as the other Olympic athletes, to support our association with the U.S. Olympic team. Michael's most recent behavior is not consistent with the image of Kellogg. His contract expires at the end of February and we have made a decision not to extend his contract."

Meanwhile, cooler heads prevailed at watchmaker Omega and Speedo: "Luxury Swiss watchmaker Omega termed Phelps' actions a private matter and 'nonissue.' Swim wear manufacturer Speedo called the 23-year-old American a 'valued member of the Speedo team.'"

Phelps publicly commented about the photo's publication. Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

(photo by Ryan McGinley)

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News: Michael Phelps, Hubble, Beyoncé, DOMA, Iraq, Shepard Fairey

road.jpg Hillary Clinton: State Department gay and lesbian inequities on a "fast timeline"...

Posterboyroad.jpg New York's street artist "Poster Boy" (or at least one of them) arrested at art exhibition in SoHo: "While most other street or graffiti artists concentrate on adding their own imagery, illegally, to parts of the subway system, Poster Boy, a kind of anti-consumerist Zorro with a razor blade, a sense of humor and a talent for collage, has made his outlaw presence known all over the city by cutting and pasting the images that are already there in the form of ads."

road.jpg Etta James wants to kick Beyoncé's ass.

road.jpg DOMA hit: 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals orders health insurance benefits paid to same-sex spouses of government-employed lawyers.

road.jpg No 2012: Is Michael Phelps going to prove his critics right by letting a bong hit end his career?

road.jpg Manhattan's maple syrup smell mystery solved.

road.jpg Hudson, Minnesota man pleads not guilty to attack on lesbian: "During the hearing, a signature bond was set for Dustan Warren, 27, in the amount of $50,000. As a condition of the bond, he was also ordered to not have any contact with the alleged victim or Wesley Stayberg, who the woman said came to her aid during the alleged attack.A $100,000 cash bond had been previously set. The 35-year-old woman had testified in December that Warren punched her in the face, pinned her to the floor and threatened to rape and kill her after making obscene comments about her sexual orientation. She said that Warren was an acquaintance who showed up uninvited to a small party at her Hudson home the night of Nov. 26."

Hubbleroad.jpg You can vote on where the Hubble telescope is going to look next.

road.jpg Thread about sexuality of Chicago schools chief Ron Huberman disappears from popular local website.

road.jpg And they said it wouldn't last.

road.jpg Cornify: A button that will make your computer shit rainbows and unicorns.

Apobamaroad.jpg AP going after Shepard Fairey for copyright infringement because "Hope" poster was based on photographer's image.

road.jpg Gay Iraqi man faces deportation from UK: "Campaign group Iraqi LGBT says the asylum seeker will become the seventh gay Iraqi to be returned to the country by the UK, despite the country being one of only nine in the world where homosexual people are executed. Though a ruling was made in September 2007 allowing two gay Iraqis to remain in the UK, campaigners working on behalf of the man facing deportation tomorrow say his case was held too long ago to benefit from the change in case law achieved in 2007. Keith Best, the director of the Immigration Advisory Service, told the Guardian that the government ought to give the asylum seeker a fresh hearing."

road.jpg Ashley Judd is pissed about Sarah Palin's wolf hunting.

Orlandobloomroad.jpg A tree blooms from Orlando's crotch.

road.jpg Penetration has a chat with Matt Alber, whose video we featured late last month.

road.jpg RuPaul in Details: George W. Bush was a drag on drag culture. "When we live in a fear culture—and it's cyclical, it comes from time to time—gender experimentation goes underground because it's the last thing people want to deal with. Sexual experimentation is thought of as subversive and dark—scary. Now I think drag is coming back."

road.jpg Ferrari in Cristiano Ronaldo smash-up not faulty, but Ronaldo's driving perhaps was...

road.jpg British man pleads guilty to gay blackmail: "David Beales demanded £500 from his victim after he had communicated with the married man through a gay website. Beales sent the man a text between August 1 and September 19 last year asking for the money and threatened to tell his wife that he had been using the gay website if nothing was handed over."

road.jpg Saugus, California woman's car targeted in hate crime: "Sgt. Ron Price of the Santa Clarita Valley station said that a swastika and the words 'gay' and 'bro' were written on the windshield of the car. 'She thought it was unusual because she told us she wasn’t Jewish or gay,' Price said. The victim did have a "bro" sticker on the back of the car."

News: Michael Phelps, Kiss Arrest, Richard Serra, Australia, Oral Sex

road.jpg Houston judge and AIDS activist John Paul Barnich, the first openly gay man to become a city court judge in Texas, dies at 63. Gay historian and NYC activist Donn Teal dies at 76.

Pygmychameleonsroad.jpg Google Earth helps scientists find wealth of new species in Mozambique, including pygmy chameleon.

road.jpg Meet the sheriff who's out to get Michael Phelps!

road.jpg Phelps makes first appearance.

road.jpg Two women say they were arrested for kissing at a San Antonio mall: "Garcia said the officers — a Bexar County sheriff's deputy and an employee from a private security company — began harassing them Dec. 26 because her girlfriend gave her a kiss on the cheek while sitting inside the mall on a bench. Mall officials said the women, both 22, were acting inappropriately and were told to leave because they were not complying with the shopping center's code of conduct."

road.jpg Tom Cruise shows off his bod in Brazil.

road.jpg Gay Bishop Gene Robinson leads Maryland Senate prayer "[in which he asked God to bless the legislators with] anger at discrimination in all its forms."

road.jpg Someone left Richard Serra out in the rain...

Cocodormroad.jpg Federal judge: Gay porn website Cocodorm has right to run business out of Miami home: "Cocodorm.com features black and Hispanic men, known as 'dorm dudes,' who share a webcam-filled house together and have sex on schedule. For that they are paid at least $1,200 a month, plus free room and board. Miami has tried to shut the house down, arguing it constitutes an adult business illegally operating in a residential area. The city's Code Enforcement Board in 2007 agreed, but Cocodorm responded to the code enforcement proceedings by suing in federal court."

road.jpg Google now wants to know where you are all the time.

road.jpg Does oral sex help protect against HIV? "The study, published in the (expensive, subscription only) AIDS journal and helpfully summarised by Aidsmap suggests that men who give lots of blow jobs to their HIV-positive partners develop antibodies specific to that partner’s virus, protecting themselves against infection. The more virus their partner has kicking around in their semen, the higher the concentration of specific antibodies, and the protection seems to last for quite a while too."

Pennroad.jpg L.A. Times: Penn's Milk an act of kindness.

road.jpg Jason Mraz meditates on spirituality.

road.jpg Jesus: Is Madonna pulling a power trip on A-Rod?

road.jpg Iceland's Sigurdardottir wants nation to join EU: "Sigurdardottir touted EU membership at a joint news conference Tuesday with Finance Minister Steingrimur Sigfusson, whose Left-Green Movement teamed up with the prime minister's Social Democratic Alliance to form the new two-party minority government. The Alliance party was until recently the only movement in Iceland's five-party parliament to push EU membership as a viable way to rescue Iceland's suffering economy."

road.jpg In the green room: How Ang Lee discovered gay Woodstock figure Elliott Tiber's memoir about the music festival that is the subject of his forthcoming film.

road.jpg Gay extortion suspect sought in Sydney: "Investigators are looking into the matter, which began when a 39-year-old man met another man at a hotel in Bourke Street, Darlinghurst on November 30 last year. The pair went back to the victim's Potts Point home where the items were stolen. 'Since then, the man has been subjected to ongoing threats of violence and forced to handover his bank account PIN numbers,' police said today." Police warn of AIDS cure scammer too!

Michael Phelps Issues Apology After Bong Hit Photo Surfaces


Michael Phelps was compelled to issue an apology after a photograph surfaced in tabloid News of the World which showed the 14-time Olympic gold-medaller using a bong.

The NYT: "In a statement, the United States Olympic Committee said it was 'disappointed in the behavior recently exhibited by Michael Phelps,' describing him as a role model who was 'well aware of the responsibilities and accountability that come with setting a positive example for others, particularly young people.' ... Under the current World Anti-Doping Agency code, cannabis is not considered a banned substance during out-of-competition testing. Athletes face suspension only if they test positive for it at a competition."

Said Phelps in a statement: "I engaged in behavior which was regrettable and demonstrated bad judgment. I’m 23 years old and despite the successes I’ve had in the pool, I acted in a youthful and inappropriate way, not in a manner people have come to expect from me. For this, I am sorry. I promise my fans and the public it will not happen again."


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