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Judge Tosses Out Anti-Gay Suit Against Houston Rockets

Earlier this year, food server Rasean Tate filed a lawsuit against the Houston Rockets, charging that several of the team's players taunted him with anti-gay slurs before a game in 2013. Tate was setting up catering in the Rockets locker room when he alleges he was harassed with ugly words and phrases such as "get this f—– out of here!" and "He’s trying to catch a sneaky-peeky!" He says he complained to management but instead saw his work hours cut and was then eventually fired from his job.

HrThis week, a Brooklyn judge rejected Tate's claim against the Rockets. The New York Daily News reports:

Federal Judge Jack Weinstein ruled Monday that since Rasean Tate was not a Rockets’ employee, there is no basis to sue the team for the alleged retaliation that ensued after he complained to his employer, Levy Restaurant Holdings, about the harassment. Tate claims he was barred from working in the locker rooms and his overtime was curtailed.

However, the judge ruled that Tate could pursue a case against the catering company he was employed with at the time of the incident: Levy Restaurant Holdings.

Weinstein said the suit can proceed against Levy. “We respect the judge’s decision but it doesn’t take away the culpability of what Houston Rockets players and staff did in the locker room that day,” said Tate’s lawyer Marjorie Mesidor.

“The comments were discriminatory and they happened.”

Specific players were not named in the original lawsuit.

Nick Jonas And His Abs Make Appearance At NYC Gay Club: VIDEO


Nick Jonas, who's been serving up the beefcake as of late ahead of his new show Kingdom being released, made a stop at New York City gay night club BPM last night. According to The Daily Mail, he played his solo track "Jealous" for the crowd and then performed a mini-strip tease atop a podium, revealing the abs that have gained quite a following:

Sandwiched between nearly-naked men with dollar bills wedged in their Y-fronts, Nick ripped open his white shirt, after shedding his suit jacket.

And, while he danced provocatively for the crowd and treated them to the 'Gun Show', he left his trousers on and his shirt around his shoulders encouraging the crowd to use their imaginations for the rest.

Watch videos of Jonas dancing, meeting fans, and baring his abs, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Harlem Hate Pastor Warns Michael Sam Might Marry A Nine-Year-Old Boy - VIDEO

David james manning

James David Manning, birther, homophobe and chief pastor at the ATLAH World Missionary Church on 123rd Street in Harlem, New York City, has said that same-sex marriage will lead “someone like Michael Sam or others” to legally marry a 9-year-old boy, reports Right Wing Watch.

Manning suggests that such marriages will take place in “an Arabic nation or a nation without power to retort.” 6a00d8341c730253ef01a73d9063be970d-500wi

Earlier this year, Manning caused a stir with a sign outside his church advocating for the stoning of gay people.

Manning also calls same-sex marriages “fixations” and “legalized perverted orgies.”

In another truly bizarre video uploaded to his website on Monday, Manning claimed that the New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a victim of “the power of sodomy” because it will “allow sodomites to march in the parade under their own banner.”

Watch Manning’s hateful ramblings, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Gay Web Series 'Tough Love' Seeks Funding On Kickstarter: VIDEO


Earlier this year we told you about the queer web series Tough Love that mines the hazards of being broke, gay and living in New York City for comedy gold. The show centers on best friends and roommates Steven Bell, who is gay, and Blaire Wendel, who is a lesbian and enjoys looking at pictures of Kate Winslet in her spare time. With the first half of the second season in the can, the show's creators are now turning to Kickstarter to create the final 6 episodes of season 2. Named a staff pick by Kickstarter, the show hopes to continue telling non-traditional narratives that elsewhere might not find a home:

Gay characters in mainstream television are usually portrayed as one dimensional stereotypes, a half-assed attempt by networks to incorporate diversity into their programming. Gay people are as complex and varied as any other human beings, and we wanted to make a show to demonstrate that. [...]

We've been making Tough Love for over a year now, but we need your help to continue.Your financial contribution is not only supporting our show, it's also proving to mainstream television that non-traditional stories are in demand.

Watch as Steven and Blaire have a yard sale to help raise funds for season 2, AFTER THE JUMP...

Also, for those in the New York area, the creators are hosting a Kickstarter party on September 18. You can contribute to their Kickstarter campaign HERE. And in case you missed it, be sure to check out previous episodes of Tough Love HERE


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Catholic League's Bill Donohue Is Worried Gays Won't 'Keep Their Pants On' At St. Patrick's Day Parade: AUDIO

DonohueAnd on the bigot side of the reactions to St. Patrick's Day parade organizers allowing a LGBT organization to march under its own banner is Catholic League president Bill Donohue - a longtime supporter of the ban on gay groups in the parade - who is chiefly concerned with whether or not the gays will "behave" come March. 

Listen to Donohue's comments on Michelangelo Signorile's radio show yesterday, AFTER THE JUMP...

Donohue also said that his support for the rule change is "conditioned on allowing pro-life Catholics to march under their banner just as the gay group can"

Earlier this year, you'll recall Donohue applying to march in NYC's LGBT Pride parade carrying a "Straight is Great" banner in a challenge to its inclusiveness following controversy over the St. Patrick's Day parade's gay exclusion. Parade organizers said they would welcome Donohue, but the Catholic blowhard later got cold feet about the whole thing and canceled. 

And in another anti-gay response to the St. Patrick's Day parade's recent decision, Msgr. Charles Pope with the Archdiocese of Washington is calling for an end to the parade because it has now been hijacked by "those who think anal sex is to be celebrated as an expression of love." 

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LGBT Groups Demand Full Inclusion in NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade


(image via twitter nowthisnews)

Mixed reactions are coming in from LGBT organizations in response to yesterday's news that New York City's St. Patrick's Day parade would be allowing an openly gay organization to participate "under its own banner" for the first time next year - with many groups saying that while the decision is a step in the right direction, it does not go far enough. 

Said Empire State Pride Agenda's Executive Director Nathan M. Schaefer:

“The news that the organizers of the St. Patrick's Day Parade will allow one LGBT group – OUT at NBC Universal – to march under its own banner for the first time strikes us as disappointing and self-serving. While this development is long overdue, inviting one group to march at the exclusion of all others and continuing to refer to our vibrant community as “gay” when it is in fact lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, is a far stretch from the full inclusion we deserve.

Irish queersStatement from LGBT group Irish Queers:

This is a deal that was made behind closed doors between parade organizers and one of their last remaining sponsors, NBC. It allows NBC's gay employees to march, but embarrassingly has not ended the exclusion of Irish LGBT groups. The parade organizers have said, astoundingly, that we "can apply" in years to come.
To the extent that parade organizers have changed their tune, it's the result of Irish Queers' many years of organizing, which led to last year's refusal to march by Council Speaker Mark-Viverito and others, and Mayor de Blasio, the withdrawal of major corporate sponsors and escalating criticism of uniformed city workers marching in the Parade.
We welcome this small victory, but our call remains the same -- the parade must be open to Irish LGBT groups, not "in subsequent years" but now. (We remember too well how parade organizers used fake waiting lists to bury our applications before.)
via GLAAD:
“It’s about time,” said GLAAD President & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. “Discrimination has no place on America’s streets, least of all on Fifth Avenue. As an Irish-Catholic American, I look forward to a fully inclusive St. Patrick’s Day Parade that I can share with my wife and children, just as my own parents shared with me. Until then, parade organizers must be held accountable to ending this ban once and for all.”​ 
According to The Associated Press, the parade's committee is claiming that the NBC group's application to participate in next year's parade was the only one from a gay group received.
The AP adds:

De Blasio said Wednesday that the inclusion of OUT@NBCUniversal was "a step forward," but he would not commit to next year's parade until he knows more.

Guinness' parent company said, "We are pleased to see that the various parties are making progress on this issue." It said it was open to talking with the organizers about supporting the 2015 parade.


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