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Hooters-Style Restaurant Featuring Scantily Clad Male Servers Coming To Dallas' Gayborhood


The male equivalent of the breastaurant Hooters reportedly is coming to Dallas' Oak Lawn gayborhood. 

TallywackersAccording to a Craigslist help wanted ad, Tallywackers is a bar, restaurant and entertainment venue that will feature scantily clad male servers. From the Dallas Eater blog: 

If you've ever wondered why there wasn't a male version of the skeezy dining establishment that is Hooters, well, your prayers are about to be answered: Brace for the arrival of Tallywackers, coming soon to the gayborhood. ... 

If Hooters and Twin Peaks are considered breastaurants, does that make Tallywackers a... dickstaurant? Discuss.

Tallywackers3Billed as Dallas' "newest and most exciting place to be" and scheduled to open in May, Tallywackers staged a hiring event Saturday for bartenders, servers, cooks, bus boys and hosts. And judging by photos from the event on Facebook (right and below), there were some highly qualified applicants. 

We reached out to Tallywackers for more info but didn't hear back right away.

For those familiar with Dallas, Tallywackers will occupy a seemingly cursed spot on Lemmon Avenue that changes restaurants every few years. But in a city that supports more than its fair share of gay dancer bars, perhaps Tallywackers will have better luck. 

At the very least, Tallywackers could make for another scandalous float in the gay Pride parade — and piss off the local newspaper columnist who's obsessed with that billboard. 

Check out more photos from the Tallywackers hiring event, AFTER THE JUMP ... 

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11 Places to Find Nightlife in Miami Right Now: Gay Travel

(You never know who you might run into at Twist - instagram)


As far as gay clubs on South Beach go, there are two classics left in the game — Twist and Score.

Twist, which has been around since 1993, is the longest-running gay club in South Beach and is a habitrail of rooms, stairways, various dance floors, seven different bars, and a stripper lounge. Generally packed late night in season.

Score moved from its old location on Lincoln Road to a location on Washington Ave. and has been around for more than 15 years. It has got a huge dance floor. If you knew Snatch, Lux, or Shock over the years, that is where Score is today. Score's upstairs dance floor is the old Liquid.

HouseAlso recommended are House (midtown Miami), which is generally straight but gay/alternative on Saturday nights (reader tip: it'll help getting in if you buy a bottle - or know someone with a 'key'!). (image instagram)

Other alternatives suggested by readers are Club Azucar at 2301 SW 32nd Ave in Miami proper. Longtime club promoter Edison Farrow throws events and shows at The Cabaret South Beach. Check his page here.

For the ladies, check out iCandee events.

For people looking for a more mixed crowd, try the large assortment of bars in Wynwood such as Gramps and Wood Tavern. Lagniappe and the Broken Shaker (South Beach at the Freehand) are also recommended by one reader, who says: "They aren't oriented completely toward gay people. However, I have been hit on by guys at both."

Finally, for those of you who are interested in a middle of nowhere nude stripper bar in an industrial warehouse area, you might check out Floppy Rooster.

Mainstream straight/mixed clubs worth checking out on South Beach include LIV Miami at the Fontainebleau Hotel, Basement Miami at The Edition which is Studio 54-inspired. and The Rec Room, downstairs at the Gale South Beach Hotel.

Finally, for those of you who seek a traditional piano bar vibe, head to Magnum Lounge on NE 79th Street off Biscayne Boulevard.

Next stop, 3 Beaches to Visit in Miami Right Now...


If you have an exciting Miami travel tip to share with us, please email us at and we'll check it out and consider adding it to this guide. Help us make it better!

A Gay Scene Is Slowly Forming In North Dakota's Oil Patch

Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 7.08.10 PM

The above image is an actual Craigslist ad for "Men Seeking Men" in Williston, North Dakota. 

As one might expect, Craigslist and Grindr are among the few ways for gay men to meet in the state's booming oil patch — the Bakken shale formation. drills down into the region's gay scene, beginning with the author's first-person account of a rendezvous with a roughneck: 

My one and only liaison in the oil fields of western North Dakota was with a 23-year-old truck driver. Like most such encounters in the oil patch, ours originated on Grindr, the mobile hookup app for gay, bisexual, and curious men. He sent me a photo, and we traded some biographical details. A few hours later, he was in my room at the Williston Super 8.

After our rendezvous, as the November night air dipped below ten degrees, we took shelter in his car to smoke cigarettes. I was only going to be in the state for 48 more hours, but we made tentative plans to go shooting the next day. I was less interested in exercising my Second Amendment rights for the first time than in extending our easy fling. He just needed to see whether he could get off work that day—no small task for someone accustomed to 16-hour shifts, six days a week.

Because they work such long hours, most gays in the oil patch have little time for romance, the story explains. The closest gay bar is in Winnipeg, Canada, a seven-hour drive, and workers risk harassment or losing their jobs if they come out — since few of the companies doing business there have LGBT protections: 

At Outlaws' Bar & Grill, a steakhouse in Williston, I met Jim, a 52-year-old twice-divorced Wisconsin native with two sons. Jim used to run his own advertising business, but it fell apart in the 2008 recession. After struggling to pay off his debt, he decided to move to North Dakota to take a job in what's euphemistically called saltwater disposal, the process of pumping water-like fracking waste deep underground.

"I'm pretty much in the closet," Jim told me. "I just don't want to have to deal with all that comes with it—you know, with all the questions. I think, for me, it's all about meeting Mr. Right. If I met Mr. Right, then I'd be more open." ...

During the day, Jim often cruises Grindr, looking for other "masculine" types. There's no shortage of them: the guys who sport beards and tattoos—some heavy-set, some more fit—and self-identify with the app's "rugged" tribe or insist on "masc only." Other than scouring social apps—and if you can't bear the small talk, there's always Craigslist—there aren't a whole lot of ways for Jim to meet Mr. Right.

But even in the oil patch, which may be among the last professional frontiers of gay acceptance, things are slowly changing, Vice reports. Minot, on the eastern edge of the patch, has a Pride group as well as bars with large gay clienteles, and signs of queer life are even starting to bubble up in the heart of the shale:  

There is something of a growing community in Williston at the center of the oil industry as well. Jon Kelly throws occasional house parties for his queer friends. The gatherings are small, but Kelly sees them as evidence of broader progress.

"There are the beginnings of a scene here," Kelly said. "Over the last few years, more and more people are willing to be open about it."

Read Vice's full piece here

Fire Completely Destroys Lincoln, Nebraska's Largest Gay Nightclub: VIDEO


Lincoln, Nebraska's largest gay nightclub Karma has been destroyed after a large fire erupted inside the building Saturday night. 

The Lincoln Journal Star reports:

The fire started at the club at 226 S. Ninth St. around 7:15 p.m. Saturday.

Club occupants were being evacuated from the building by 7:30 p.m., when flames were seen coming from the building.

Around 8:15 p.m., firefighters began to take defensive positions around the perimeter of the club and at 8:25 they began to form a collapse zone around the structure.

Within minutes, the roof collapsed and heavy smoke came pouring out.

10/11 News adds:

Karma1Lincoln Fire Battalion Chief Leo Benes said the business is at a total loss. Fire crews were on the scene throughout the night to control any hot spots that might appear.

Benes said fire investigators will come Sunday morning. Benes also mentioned that crews have not battled a fire this large in quite some time. 

Performers and patrons reportedly gathered across the street as the fire blazed Saturday night, with many hugging and wiping away tears. 

No word yet on how the fire began and no injuries have been reported.

Watch a news report on the story, AFTER THE JUMP...

[h/t Aksarbent]

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Employees At San Antonio Gay Bar Brutally Attacked In Apparent Hate Crime: VIDEO


Two employees at a popular San Antonio gay bar were brutally attacked in an apparent hate crime as they left work early Wednesday. 

SaintDaniel Ramos, an employee at the Saint Nightclub, said two men pulled up in a black Silverado and asked for jumper cables. When Ramos' co-worker turned his back to look for the jumper cables, the men attacked him. From Fox 29

"Random guys asking for our help, we were willing to help them, but then all of a sudden, it was an attack,” Ramos said.

He said the guys started punching his friend.

"I heard the commotion and went around to try to help, got hit in the face by the second guy,” Ramos explained. “Fortunately, I only got hit once. Nothing as extreme as my friend."

The friend did not want to be identified, but he told us the attackers yelled gay slurs while they pounded on them. Ramos believes his sexual orientation is the reason behind the beating.

Ramos suffered a gash below his left eye, and his co-worker reportedly was admitted to a trauma unit. 

The attack was caught on surveillance video, but the suspects are still at large and San Antonio police haven't indicated whether they're treating the incident as an anti-gay hate crime: 

"I come to work thinking that it's a gay establishment, I'm a gay individual, my boss is gay, I'm supposed to feel safe,” Ramos said. ... 

"I've never, never been assaulted this way,” he said. “Stuff like this really needs to stop. It really does."

Watch Fox 29's report, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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From Stonewall Inn to Stonewall Warehouse: Nation's Fastest-Growing City Gets A Gay Bar


The nation's fastest-growing city now has a gay bar. 

San Marcos, Texas, nestled between Austin and San Antonio on Interstate 35, has been named the fastest-growing city in the US for each of the last two years by the U.S. Census Bureau — growing at a rate of 8 percent from its official 2012 population of 50,001 people. 

Back in September, San Marcos hosted its first LGBT Pride celebration. And on Wednesday night, the Stonewall Warehouse opened its doors, becoming the city's only gay bar. 

Forty-five years after the unofficial start of the gay-rights movement outside the Stonewall Inn in New York City, perhaps the opening of the Stonewall Warehouse deep in the heart of Texas is a sign of just how far we've come. Or maybe it's just a bar. 

General Manager Chris Rue discussed plans for the Stonewall Warehouse with with The University Star in August: 

When Rue attended Texas State from 2003-2007, he knew only of LAMBDA as an on-campus resource for members of the LGBTQIA community. Rue said he was not out in college for fear of being judged.

“Managing Stonewall is my way of giving back to the San Marcos community,” he said, adding that he wants to become something of a “beacon of hope” for everyone regardless of orientation. ...

As far as obstacles go, Rue said they exist but he tries to not let them get in his way. He said he isn’t worried about people who may not necessarily want a gay bar in town, and most people with that mentality haven’t even been to one before.

“There’s a certain mentality whenever you step into a bar in a big city, but this is still San Marcos,” Rue said. “We’re going to do things in a classy way that could only benefit and improve upon the town.”




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