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Nick Jonas And His Abs Make Appearance At NYC Gay Club: VIDEO


Nick Jonas, who's been serving up the beefcake as of late ahead of his new show Kingdom being released, made a stop at New York City gay night club BPM last night. According to The Daily Mail, he played his solo track "Jealous" for the crowd and then performed a mini-strip tease atop a podium, revealing the abs that have gained quite a following:

Sandwiched between nearly-naked men with dollar bills wedged in their Y-fronts, Nick ripped open his white shirt, after shedding his suit jacket.

And, while he danced provocatively for the crowd and treated them to the 'Gun Show', he left his trousers on and his shirt around his shoulders encouraging the crowd to use their imaginations for the rest.

Watch videos of Jonas dancing, meeting fans, and baring his abs, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Montreal Men Allege They Were Kicked Out Of A Straight Bar For Kissing

Gabriel Dion

Gabriel Dion was at the Saint-Sulpice bar last Friday to celebrate the initiations into the med faculty for the University of Montreal, and like other celebrants he got a little tipsy and made out with someone. In his case, it was another man, whom he retreated with into a stairwell. Even though the two men made efforts to be discreet in their behavior, a security guard was alerted to them and escorted them from the bar, not even allowing them to return inside to collect their belongings. The bouncer told them that they had done something stupid, which Dion interpreted as the bar throwing the two of them out for being gay and presuming that because they were gay they would eventually try to have sex in the stairwell.

The bar owner Maurice Bourassa responded to Dion's circumstances by saying that the security guard found them in a more compromising position than just making out, saying:

We can kiss, no matter the sexual orientation. But once we’ve become horizontal, I believe there we have some limits.

He also asserts that the stairwell the men were making out in was a fire escape, which is against fire department regulations. Bourassa ensures that there is no homophobia in his bar and that gay men and women are, and have always been welcome.

Documentary On ‘Club King’ Mario Diaz To Premiere At Miami Gay And Lesbian Film Fest: VIDEO


A documentary on gay nightlife impresario Mario Diaz, who you may recognize from his appearance in ‘Rambo, But Gay’ or from the neon nightlife he has become such a staple of, will debut at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival on May 8, according to OUT Magazine. ‘Club King’ focuses on Diaz’s life as a club promoter extraordinaire, permanently surrounded by glitz and go-go-boys. Reflecting on how he came to his line of work, Diaz says,

“When I was in high school and I was young and I knew I was going to end up in New York City one day, I remember thinking, ‘Wow!’ That’s what it’s like to really be gay and be in the gay city. And you know these underground clubs and this freedom of sexuality—it just seemed so exciting and cool and I wanted to be part of it.” 

The film also features Mario (perhaps inadvertently) imparting tips and life lessons to the audience—i.e. “Remember, the slower you dance the hotter it is.”

Check out a (beefcake-laden) trailer, AFTER THE JUMP…

For more information on the film, you can visit the doc’s Facebook page HERE.

(Image via Facebook)

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Should Straights Stay Out of Gay Bars, and Gay Men Avoid Lesbian Bars? — VIDEO

Ask A Homo Gay Bar Sign

Slate has started a new video series called "Ask A Homo" and for the first outing June Thomas, editor of Outward, fields questions about gay bar etiquette, specifically what should straight people do when they go to gay bars. Her advice, in short, is to not go to bars where you don't belong (this also means gay men should stay out of lesbian bars), but if you absolutely must then stand quietly to the side and just accept any disdain or abuse the waitstaff gives you and be prepared to tip them - and drag queens if you're at a drag show - extra generously as a "tax" for being a straight person in a gay bar.

Less separatist and more tongue-in-cheek advice can be found from both gay and straight perspectives over at Vice and BroBible, respectively.

You can watch "Ask A Homo" AFTER THE JUMP...


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Attacks On Russia's Largest Gay Club Continue, Roof Completely Destroyed

Central Station Roof

Central Station, Moscow's largest gay club, has suffered the brunt of attack after attack recently, including a shooting and even a poison gas attack. The latest attack occurred last Saturday when over 100 people utterly dismantled the roof of the club, stealing and disabling some of the club's utility equipment in the process. Club owner Andrei Lishchinsky wrote a letter to President Putin asking for protection and arguing that the attacks on the club have been provoked by anti-gay animosity.

It is unlikely that Lishchinsky will receive any response as the government has collectively turned a deaf ear to the plights of gays in the country. The police even refuse to open a criminal investigation, and the over 30 complaints that have been filed with them have been ignored. It should be noted that the police were quick to follow through on a drug bust on the club that produced exactly zero evidence of drug trafficking or consumption.

It is suspected that the source of the conflict is between the club owners and the building owners, who are believed to be putting pressure on the club to get it to shut down.

LGBT activist Nikolai Alexeyev chimed in and gave further credence to the theory that he is really just the Kremlin's "pocket gay" by claiming that the attack was purely an economic issue, saying:

The building got a new owner recently who tried to break the lease contract with the owners of Central Station, but failed to do so even through a court, which is why the owner started to take measures that would not allow the club to function properly.

The Moscow Times made repeated calls to Central Station on Sunday that went unanswered.

New York City Nightlife Ins and Outs: Atlas Social Club, Rawhide, and 'Project Pie'

San Diego-based Project Pie is set to take over the space once occupied by the gay bar Rawhide on NYC's Eighth Avenue, DNA Info reports:

RawhideThe new tenant plans a "major renovation" on the 2,640-square-foot space, according to Cushman & Wakefield, including the addition of folding glass doors and outdoor seating.

Rawhide was a darkened space with no windows, advertising itself as having "NYC's hottest male dancers every night." The bar will soon reopen at East 58th Street and Third Avenue.

It is one of several longtime Chelsea institutions to close. Gay club Splash is expected to shut its doors later this month, and the nearby Paradise Cafe closed last week.

Towleroad also received some info about Atlas Social Club, the new Hell's Kitchen bar from Josh Wood, Benjamin Maisani, Pablo Raimondi, and Asi Mazar (below) opening in September:

Weekday nights and weekends, A.S.C. will bring a downtown feel to 9th Avenue and 51st Street. Josh Wood, of Josh Wood Productions, says, ‘Atlas Social Club brings downtown uptown. The DJs. The vibe. The sensibilities. Hell's Kitchen has exploded as a nightlife hub in New York City, but there has not yet been a bar to bring that cool, edgy, downtown culture to the neighborhood. I'm thrilled to be opening this bar with three of my closest friends. We created A.S.C. as place for us and our friends to go.’ A schedule will be announced for the fall season focusing on up­and­coming New York DJs with international guest DJ sets.

Benjamin Maisani, who designed the interior together with the team of partners, describes A.S.C. as ‘a cross between a gay speakeasy and a retro athletic club. The decor uses vintage muscle magazines and turn­of­the­century photographs of various early physical culturists, such as Eugen Sandow, for inspiration.’ Gentleman's club Chesterfield furniture, industrial light fixtures and 1940’s boxing/wrestling posters accent the stylized three­room bar.



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