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Watch: Susan Sarandon Spanks Pigs


Susan Sarandon's not one to turn down a little late night fun. At a concert by Of Montreal on Tuesday night at NYC's Highline Ballroom, Sarandon got busy and delivered some corporal punishment to some naughty pigs (as in, bad boys in pig suits).



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Vandals Slash Tires of Two Dozen Cars at Gay Orlando Nightclub

More than Police are looking into an incident Monday night at Revolution nightclub in Orlando, Florida in which the tires of more than two dozen cars were slashed:

Revolution "Monday night at Revolution is billed as an evening catering to mostly Hispanic gays and lesbians, according to the club's Web site. Police investigators have not confirmed if the incident is considered a hate crime, but some victims said the tire slashing made them think it was an attack against their sexuality and ethnicity. 'There are cars at the nearby apartments and I have not heard of any tire slashing happening there last night,' patron Miguel de Arias said this morning. 'It's been Latino gay night here for years and someone had to know that to do what they did.' If detectives confirm the tire slashing incident is a hate crime, it will be the second such crime in the city in the last two months."

In November, The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Community Center of Central Florida in Orlando and a nearby gay-owned business were targeted with graffiti featuring a swastika and the words 'Gay Pawer,' 'Die Fags,' 'Go To Hell' and other homophobic slurs.

At Chicago Gay Bar, Drag Queens Need IDs of Themselves in Drag

Hunters Nightclub, in Elk Grove Village outside of Chicago, recently implemented a new entrance requirement because of cross-dressing prostitutes. However, the new rule (a valid photo ID that matches their "gender presentation") is presenting some issues for transgender people. The Chicago Tribune reports:


"Hunters Nightclub reluctantly imposed its new ID requirement because cross-dressing prostitutes were advertising on Craigslist and mentioning the establishment, said manager Peter Landorf. 'They're implying they're coming here,' said Landorf, whose new rule could cut down on his cross-dressing clientele. 'If it is prostitution in any form, that could cost me my liquor license.' Under the new admission rule, cross-dressers must have a government-issued photo ID that looks like the person presenting it at the bar. That, of course, is a serious hurdle for people like Andy, a 'part-time transgender woman' who lives in Goshen, Ind., but goes to Chicago to 'dress' as Jeanette. The ID requirement is unfair, he said.' Since I am not a full-time trans, it is not really feasible for me to have my 'femme' photo on my license,' he said. 'I do not even know if they would allow it. ... This is discrimination, pure and simple.' And, according to Ed Yohnka, spokesman for the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois, it could be."

The club's owners say they are working on a solution.

At 10, Anderson Cooper Went to Studio 54 with Michael Jackson


Anderson Cooper shared a personal Michael Jackson story last night on AC360:

"When I was 10, for some odd reason, I went to Studio 54 with Michael Jackson and a bunch of people and I had no idea who he was and I saw him dance and I was like, Oh, that guy is a really good dancer. Why I was at Studio 54 is a whole other story... Child welfare authorities probably want to talk to my mom."

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney Kicks Off


Sydney, Australia's annual gay and lesbian Mardi Gras kicked off yesterday with a sunset party at the Royal Botanic Gardens dubbed the Harbour Party. Gold-winning Olympic diver showed up. You can view a gallery at Aussie gay site Same-Same.

Some footage of the event, AFTER THE JUMP...


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News: Michigan, Sirius XM, Elton John, Prop 8, Larry Sinclair

road.jpg Who murdered Robert Wone?

Depressionroad.jpg As recession thrives in NYC, so does gay nightlife.

road.jpg Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick live in filth.

road.jpg Defamation suit brought by Obama accuser Larry Sinclair against three people who anonymously criticized him on the internet is dismissed.

road.jpg Michigan TV station debates airing anti-gay Christian infomercial: "A controversial one-hour paid program on the 'radical homosexual agenda' scheduled for WOOD-TV is delayed for the second time as partisans on both sides debate its merit. Opponents decry it as verging on hate speech, as they press WOOD-TV officials to cancel a special funded by the American Family Association. But backers are just as passionate in their belief it should air, adding heat to an issue that has long divided West Michigan."

road.jpg Sirius XM to file for bankruptcy?

road.jpg Shark attacks Navy diver in Sydney Harbor, leaves him with severe injuries: "Paramedics said they went to Woolloomooloo Bay about 6.50am after someone reported a man had been bitten by a shark. They arrived to find the man, a diver with the navy, with severe right hand and leg injuries, an ambulance spokesman said. The man's leg injuries extended from his buttocks down to his knee, he said."

road.jpg Britney Spears rocks 50's look for "If U Seek Amy" video.

Jackmanroad.jpg Hugh Jackman ready for his Oscar close-up.

road.jpg Madonna and Demi Moore to co-host second post-Oscar bash at Guy Oseary home.

road.jpg Texans spent $1.4 million on Prop 8: "Texans spent more on the fight over same-sex marriage in California last year than they did in their home state in 2005, according to campaign filings released last week. And more than three-fourths of the money from Texas went to groups supporting Proposition 8, California’s ban on same-sex marriage that was approved by voters in November. The campaign filings from the California secretary of state cover the period from Jan. 1, 2007 through Dec. 31, 2008."

road.jpg Lily Allen's "Fear" remixed.

road.jpg After paper's inquiry, Portland Mayor Sam Adams' staff reopens old website that was live when Adams first met Beau Breedlove: "The public could again see Adams' 2007 open letter in which he denied having sex with...Breedlove. Blogs and others linked to that letter after Adams acknowledged in January that he had lied about his relationship with Breedlove, nearly 24 years his junior."

road.jpg Katy Perry in a washboard ab sandwich.

road.jpg Billy Joel and Elton John to play Chicago's Wrigley Field, together: "The singer-songwriters will perform duets playing twin pianos and trading vocals. Each will play a set with his own band, followed by both bands joining for a finale."

road.jpg A pecker for your pecker.

Tornadoroad.jpg Why does God hate Sally Kern?

road.jpg Waynesboro, Pennsylvania school board votes 6-3 in favor of gay-straight alliance: "The decision was made Tuesday night before dozens of members of the community who came out to voice their opinions on the club. The school board voted six to three in favor of the club. Five of the members who voted 'Yes' cited the law as their reason why. The American Civil Liberties Union had written a letter to the board saying based on the Equal Access Act of 1984 they had to approve the Gay-Straight Alliance. The Equal Access Act states that if the school allows any non-curricular group whose purpose is not related to the school's curriculum that cannot deny that access to another group. More than a dozen community members addressed the school board. The majority of them were against the club's formation."


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