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Notre Dame Officially Recognizes First GLBTQ Organization

For the first time, Notre Dame says it will officially recognize a student organization providing services and support to LGBT students and allies, The Observer reports:

NotredameThough this is a historic decision in Notre Dame’s efforts to better serve a diverse student body, University President Fr. John Jenkins said the plan for the unnamed student organization is a natural progression of previous initiatives. “In the 1990s, as I said, we created the Standing Committee [on Gay and Lesbian Student Needs]. In 2006, that was changed to the Core Council [for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Questioning Students], and various initiatives were undertaken in conjunction with those efforts,” he said. “I see this as the next step to be more effective.”

The announcement was made after a five-month review process by Erin Hoffmann Harding, vice president for Student Affairs:

The plan, titled “Beloved Friends and Allies: A Pastoral Plan for the Support and Holistic Development of GLBTQ and Heterosexual Students at the University of Notre Dame,” details the establishment of a “new support and service student organization for GLBTQ students and their allies,” as well as a new advisory committee and the establishment of a full-time student development staff position focused on GLBTQ issues, according to a Dec. 5 University press release.

Harding said members of the Notre Dame community should consider more than the establishment of the student organization when evaluating the plan.

“The comprehensiveness of this not only being about the organization is a very important element to the entire thing because of the education, because of the awareness, because of the support and interaction with other University offices, we think this is a plan that we believe and hope will be much more than about one organization,” she said.
Harding explained the significance of the planned group’s intended status as a student organization rather than a club, a distinction she said is meant to ensure the continuity of the organization over time.

Notre Dame Arts Center Thinks Equality Is 'Mature' And 'Adult'


Either the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center at Catholic Notre Dame University anticipates some kind of sexual revolution at an upcoming discussion about marriage equality or the center truly thinks a debate about people's rights crosses the line of decency, because the announcement for the event says that the talk "includes mature or adult content."

Or maybe they're just warning people about National Organization for Marriage's Maggie Gallagher, whose lies, to be lobbed at Wayne State University professor John Corvino next Thursday, definitely qualify as "adult content"

Oliver Darcy at Campus Reform offers more background on Notre Dame's long and complicated relationship with LGBT people:

Notre Dame University is a private catholic institution which is technically bound by Catholic Doctrine which teaches that homosexual behavior is a violation of divine law.

The Catholic institution, however, is also reconsidering some of their policies regarding LGBTQ issues.

Administrators have recently been urged to allow a proposed gay-straight alliance on campus. A petition, signed by 366 Notre Dame faculty and staff, was published in the student paper demanding the repeal of a long-standing policy that forbids such a club from being sanctioned.

Notre Dame Students Demand Adoption of Gay-Straight Alliance, LGBT Non-Discrimination Policy: VIDEO


Students at the University of Notre Dame, calling themeselves the 4 to 5 Movement, are demanding that the school recognize a Gay-Straight Alliance on campus and adopt an LGBT non-discrimination policy in a new video, called "It Needs to Get Better".

The Observer reports:

"[The video is] addressing the University at large, telling them what the current campus atmosphere is, what the current campus policy is, and how that policy needs to change in particular ways in order for certain groups to actually feel like they're a part of Notre Dame," [Senior Jackie Emmanuel, co-president of the Progressive Student Alliance] said.

The video advocates for a gay-straight alliance on campus and an amendment to the non-discrimination clause to protect LGBTQ students and faculty, Emmanuel said.

Student Senate recently passed resolutions in favor of both additions, and Emmanuel said she hopes the video will alert the administration of student support for these measures.

"We're hoping that [the video] will support Student Senate's resolutions … and then hopefully it will inspire the rest of campus to follow suit," she said.

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Hundreds of Notre Dame Students Stage Gay Rights Protest


Following the publication of an anti-gay cartoon advocating gay bashing that recently appeared in the independently published Notre Dame paper, hundreds of students marched through campus on Wednesday to deliver a letter to University President Father John Jenkins.

Read the letter, in part: “Father Jenkins, when the University refuses to acknowledge club status for alliance and refuses to add sexual orientation to the non-discrimination clause, we are reminded of our other-ness"

The students said their march was not a direct response to the cartoon but was certainly "spurred on" by it, WSBT reports.

Students were stopped at the doors to the Golden Dome, where they were to deliver their letter, and weren't allowed in. After a long period of waiting, an administrative assistant to the President finally came out and accepted it.

Watch a report, with interviews, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: La Cage, Johnny Weir, Haiti, Notre Dame, Indiana, Jon Hamm

 road Housing Works CEO Charles King blogs from Haiti as he assists with relief efforts.

Lacage roadSome new artwork for the forthcoming Broadway production of La Cage Aux Folles, which will star Kelsey Grammer and Douglas Hodge.

 roadIs being drunk at awards shows 'in' this season?

 roadChina won't be sending a delegate to this year's international Mr. Gay Pageant: "Police shut down the first-ever Mr. Gay China pageant just before the event started Friday, but organizers had planned to privately select a candidate from the eight contestants. They have now reversed their decision, so no one from China will compete at the pageant in Oslo, Norway."

 roadAubrey Sarvis: Obama must lead the way against discrimination.

 roadMale model fix: Andrew Cooper.

 roadJohnny Weir finishes third at Nationals, makes U.S. Olympic figure skating team.

 roadWhitney Houston wraps herself in crazy.

Milan  roadIn Milan, the model men go marching.

 roadCanadian man turns himself in for the murder of his partner, an Israeli hairdresser: "On Monday, instead of holding a joyous homecoming, Allon’s family were planning his funeral. The well-known hairdresser and prominent member of the gay community in his hometown was found dead Thursday in Montreal. A passerby found his body stuffed inside a suitcase on a street corner in the city’s downtown core."

 roadChinese man sentenced to death for killing German partner.

 roadEditor of Notre Dame paper featuring gay bashing cartoon resigns: “a miscommunication between another editor and myself led to the comic running without me first reading and approving the material. Regardless, no excuse can justify the comic even being considered for publication, and the duty to censor it fell to me.”

 roadWhy do famous people keep showing up on Guys with iPhones? Five theories.

 roadNOM gave Massachusetts GOP senate candidate Scott Brown a $50,000 check.

 roadPee Wee Herman makes L.A. comeback.

Pad  roadJared Padalecki also up for Conan?

 roadYes, Jon Hamm did have the best Globe beard.

 roadIndiana senate to debate constitutional ban on same-sex marriage: "The Indiana state senate is controlled by Republicans and the resolution stands a good chance of passing. The Senate has passed a marriage amendment every year since 2004. The Indiana House, however, is another story. House Democrats have killed the resolution every year since gaining control in the 2006 elections."

 roadChurch of England to vote on expansion of rights for partners of gay clergy: "Traditionalists have expressed strong opposition to the move, which they claim would give official recognition to homosexual relationships. They warn that affording equal treatment to heterosexual and homosexual couples would undermine the Church's teaching on marriage. At present, the Church bars clergy from being in active gay relationships, although it bowed to pressure to allow them to enter civil partnerships on the condition that they are celibate. Liberals believe that the motion, to be unveiled this week, could be a major breakthrough in securing rights for gay clergy."

Notre Dame Student Paper Prints Cartoon Advocating Gay Bashing



This is repulsive.

GLAAD reports:

"The cartoon depicted a conversation between two figures. The conversation read, 'What’s the easiest way to turn a fruit into a vegetable?' 'No idea.' 'A baseball bat.' As many people know, 'fruit' is often used as a derogatory term for members of the LGBT community. This type of advocacy of anti-LGBT violence must stop. It isn’t funny. What’s more, it promotes hate crimes, which are all too prevalent in society today. The cartoonist had posted on his blog – though it’s since been removed – his original version of the cartoon. In the original version, it shows that the punchline read, 'AIDS' instead of 'A baseball bat.' The paper, he reported, preferred 'not to make light of fatal diseases.' The Observer made a dangerously misguided decision that promoting violence was somehow superior to making fun of HIV/AIDS. Both versions of the cartoon were abhorrent. GLAAD contacted The Observer immediately upon seeing this cartoon. The Editor in Chief Jenn Metz relayed a tearful and what appeared to be heartfelt apology by phone. She explained that she was not present when the decision to run this cartoon was made, and that she was incredibly upset that others on staff had made that decision."

A retraction and apology are reportedly forthcoming from the paper, and GLAAD has called upon the school's president to issue a statement condemning violence against gay people.

UPDATE: The paper has printed its apology. Read it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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