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Ohio Bartender Writes 'FAGS' on Customer's Receipt, Goes Viral on Facebook: VIDEO


A receipt from the West End Tavern in Lakewood, Ohio is going viral on Facebook because Alissa Maugen (below), the bartender who issued it, replaced the name of the patron with the word "FAGS". The patron was a friend of hers, and posted the image to Facebook because he too, thought it was hilarious.

Maugen doesn't seem to think it's any big deal. Said Maugen to WSYX ABC 6: "I understand it's a very sensitive thing but it wasn't meant to be offensive toward anybody."

The bar has not commented on the incident, though the receipt has been posted to its Facebook page numerous times by irate users.

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Will The Boy Scouts Of America Reconsider Its Ban On Gay Adult Leaders Later This Month?


Following the ouster of yet another gay adult leader, LGBT advocates say they're hopeful the Boy Scouts of America will reconsider the ban at its upcoming national meeting later this month.  

Brian Peffly, 35, is an Eagle Scout who served as assistant volunteer Scoutmaster for a troop in suburban Columbus, Ohio. Peffly outed himself as gay in a TV interview in April 2014 about the Boy Scouts' decision to remove openly gay Seattle troop leader Geoff McGrath. In September, Peffly's local council adopted a nondiscrimination policy that includes sexual orientation. But in March, Peffly received a voicemail and letter from the national office saying he was being removed for unspecified reasons, according to Cleveland.com

"Due to issues with your ability to comply with some of our rules and regulations, we're going to have to be revoking your registration in the Boy Scouts," Steve McGowan, general counsel for Boy Scouts of America, said in the message.

A subsequent letter from McGowan didn't elaborate.

"As I indicated in my phone message, when someone states they do not comply with policies of the Boy Scouts of America, regardless of the topic, they may no longer be considered for a volunteer adult leadership position in the organization."

The BSA lifted its ban on gay youth in 2013 but continues to bar gay adult leaders. However, the Greater New York Council of the Boy Scouts recently hired an openly gay man to serve as youth leader. Meanwhile, the New York attorney general's office has launched an investigation into whether the Boy Scouts' employment practices violate the state's ban on anti-gay job discrimination. Ohio has no such law. 

WahlsZach Wahls, executive director of Scouts for Equality, called the BSA's decision to remove Peffly without telling him why cowardly, according to The Columbus Dispatch. But Wahls said he hopes cases like Peffly's will prompt the BSA to reconsider the policy at its upcoming meeting in Atlanta. From Cleveland.com

"There's a real possibility that it could enter the conversation," Wahls said. "We think that is increasingly likely, given what happened up in New York, given Brian's situation. This is clearly not going away. ... 

"If they wait until they have no other option, there is no honor in doing the right thing and this will further tarnish all that scouting stands for," he said.

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'Vulgar' Straight Pride Posters Removed at Ohio's Youngstown State University: VIDEO

Straight Pride ohio

Posters promoting “straight pride” week at an Ohio university have been removed after it was determined that the message went beyond free speech, reports ABC News.

Straight pride posterThe posters in Youngstown State University encouraged students to "go about your day without telling everyone about how 'different' you are."

However, student leaders in consultation with university officials said that while they believe the posters were meant as satire, the message was inappropriate.

Student Government President Michael Slavens said:

"If you actually read through it, it seemed like it went way further than a free speech issue. There were swear words and took it a little further than the average free speech should go."

University spokesman Ron Cole added that the posters go against the college’s mission to create a diverse campus.

A statement from the student government reads in part:

“It has been brought to the attention of several SGA Executive Board members that ‘Straight Pride’ posters have been hung across campus, seemingly in response to LGBTQIA efforts to promote diversity and foster a culture of acceptance on campus. Though SGA respects the free speech of all YSU students, these postings were not authorized, contained vulgar language, and, unfortunately, miss the point of minority activism.

“When individuals belong to dominant societal cohorts (Caucasian, male, heterosexual, etc.) it is very easy to state ‘We have nothing against your sexual orientation’ and to claim that efforts to raise awareness are ‘annoying.’ For minorities who every day face discrimination and marginalization, such efforts are necessary – without zeal and persistence, sociology teaches that minority concerns very easily go by the wayside. Thus, dismissing the efforts of LGBTQIA students to push for equitable treatment as unnecessary is dangerous because it catalyzes discrimination, whether meant to do so or not.”

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Last year, posters advertising "Straight White Guy Pride" appeared in a gay-friendly area of Columbus, Ohio.

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HRC Warns 12 States ‘Don’t Repeat The Mistakes Of Indiana' In New Media Campaign

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 1.42.53 PM

The Human Rights Coalition launched a new ad campaign asking 12 state governors to reject bills that target LGBT people like the one Gov. Mike Pence passed in Indiana. HRC's new campaign comes after a study conducted by the organization yielded results stating that a majority of Hoosiers believe Pence’s bill is damaging Indiana’s economy. JoDee Winterhof, HRC's vice president for policy and political affairs, warned of the repercussions states could endure if they follow Pence’s example.

Said Winterhof:

"Gov. Mike Pence found that experimenting with anti-LGBT bills that allow businesses to discriminate killed his approval ratings and damaged the Hoosier economy. Governors who go down the same path as Mike Pence and put their state economy at risk in an attempt to further discrimination are going to find themselves at risk of being rejected by the voters."

The results of HRC's study reflects Winterhof's warning as a majority of voters (70% to 24%) believe that businesses should not discriminate against people based on sexual orientation or identity. Surprisingly a majority of Republican voters (58% to 36%) concur. Pence’s approval ratings have since plummeted, allowing for a potential Democratic challenger to make gains in the state. HRC's media campaign officially began today on social media in Alabama, Indiana, Louisiana, Florida, New Hampshire, Michigan, Missouri, North Dakota, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio and Texas. Although Pence attempted to clarify that official language in the new law would prevent LGBT discrimination, HRC isn’t buying it, noting that the state’s laws are still devoid of any clear LGBT anti-discrimination laws that would grant full protections to LGBT people in the state.

Cleveland City Council Passes Resolution Supporting Same-Sex Marriage: VIDEO


In a 14-2 vote, the city council of Cleveland has passed a bill to show its support for same-sex marriage. More symbolic than purely legislative, the bill does not make gay marriage legal within the city, but rather it’s a part of Why Marriage Matters, a larger statewide movement urging cities throughout Ohio to come out in support for its LGBT populations.

"It's joining Cleveland to the chorus of other voices around Ohio that says we are ready for the freedom to marry," said Why Marriage Matters Ohio’s campaign manager Christopher K. Geggie. "We've gone on a very long journey since 2004 when the constitutional ban came into place. From every single segment of our state, people are saying that Ohio is ready."

Why Marriage Matters, a grassroots campaign rallying support for Ohio marriage equality has been working to reach out to members of local governments, religious institutions, and social organizations. Their work is all leading up to the Supreme Court’s hearing of a case that will decide the future of gay marriage in the state.This upcoming Friday Why Marriage Matters is throwing a send-off for Jim Obergefell and his late partner John Arthur, a Maryland-married couple whose fight to have their relationship recognized in Ohio could set a momentous legal precedent.

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Gay Marriage News Watch: MI, KY, OH, TN - VIDEO


Matt Baume with American Foundation for Equal Rights reports on the four briefs filed with the Supreme Court by the four states who will be defending state bans on same-sex marriage - Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. 

The briefs, as Baume explains, are filled with "weird claims and arguments that just don't make sense."

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