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'Ex-Gay' Pittsburgh Pastor Duane Youngblood Accused Of Molesting Teenage Boy

Duane Youngblood, author of Freedom From Homosexuality: No Longer Living The Lie and owner of the Higher Call World Outreach Church in Homestead, Pennsylvania, has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a teenager.

YoungbloodThe boy, now aged 21, told police that the pastor sexually abused him between 2009 and 2001 while Youngblood was supposed to be counseling him, reports CBS Pittsburgh. Youngblood is also accused of showing the teen an adult movie on his computer.

The pastor reportedly asked his victim not to tell his mother “because he didn’t want to get into trouble.”

In his 2006 book, Youngblood "shares insights and truth to help anyone struggling with perversions find a place of forgiveness and deliverance in God."

Neighbors say the pastor, who is a registered sex offender, is married with multiple children.

In 2006, Youngblood was sentenced to one year of intermediate punishment and seven years’ probation after he was found guilty of molesting a 15-year-old boy whom he was also counseling.

Here is the Unedited Video of the Pittsburgh Cop Violently Arresting the Woman at Gay Pride: WATCH


Yesterday we posted a video which had been circulating on social media which showed a Pittsburgh cop violently assaulting a woman at the city's Gay Pride festival over the weekend.

OfficerReuters now has more on the incident:

Moments into the shaky 15-second video clip that was shared widely on social media, Souroth Chatterji, a male police officer, can be seen dragging Ariel Lawther, 19, who attended the march, down by the hair and punching her in her torso.

Lawther was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. A criminal complaint said Lawther had been in an altercation with an anti-gay protester, and then began hitting the officer as he tried to break up the fight, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Chatterji has been placed on desk duty for 30 days while the incident is investigated.

Mayor Bill Peduto reacted to the incident yesterday, saying: "I just want to reassure the people that this is a new day, we won't look the other way when incidents like this happen. And we want to assure everybody, and that includes both the public and the police, that we want fairness."

A longer, unedited video emerged online and shows verbal exchanges between a group of women and a street preacher before the assault, however, it does not appear to show anything that would inspire the violent arrest seen on the clip.


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Pittsburgh Mayor Marries 19 Gay Couples in Mass Ceremony: VIDEO


In a ceremony in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's City Council chamber over the weekend, Mayor Bill Peduto officiated the marriages of 19 gay and lesbian couples, KDKA reports:

FlagEach couple repeated their vows and exchanged wedding rings, making their marital bliss official.

The couples posed for pictures on the steps of the City County Building, then celebrated by hoisting the rainbow flag.

“It feels great, you know,” said Sameer Samudra. “It’s not just about same-sex marriage, it’s about marriage.”

The celebration continued with all 19 couples leading the annual gay pride parade through downtown.

“I never though Pittsburgh would, we never thought Pennsylvania, we never thought the country, I didn’t dream of marriage,” said newlyweds, Cindy Neitz and Christine Allen-Neitz. “I didn’t think itwas possible in my lifetime.”

Watch KDKA's report, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Video of Cop Allegedly Violently Assaulting Woman at Gay Pride Emerges on Facebook: VIDEO


A video posted by Jenna Renee Kenny on Facebook shared more than 5,600 times shows what appears to be a police officer violently assaulting a woman at a Pittsburgh's Pride in the Street festival which took place on Saturday..

Wrote Kenny: "EVERYONE WATCH THIS!! This happened right in front of me at pride today. & please share he's a prick & shouldn't get away with it. He was smiling the whole time after he got her in cuffs."

The alleged assault occurs after a voice is heard over a loudspeaker saying "Well now she is getting arrested."

It's unclear what happened before or after the video was shot. We'll post more details if they become available.

There is a duplicate YouTube video, AFTER THE JUMP...

(via reddit)


UPDATE: The mayor's office is launching a full investigation. WTAE has posted transcripts of the criminal complaint and statements by the arresting officer.

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Bruce Kraus Elected As Pittsburgh's First Openly Gay City Council President

2014 will see a new city council president in Pittsburgh, PA in the form of openly gay Councilman Bruce Kraus. Kraus has served on the council since 2008, when he became the first openly LGBTQ member to be elected. He was re-elected in 2012 after several strong years of service, including municipal reforms for Pittsburgh's LGBTQ citizens like the Domestic Partner Registry and the requirement of domestic partner benefits for city contractors. Kraus's achievements extend beyond one specific community, however, and his emphasis has been making Pittsburgh the best city it can be.

BrucekrausPittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents reports:

Kraus’ achievements are perhaps most notable in his fight against blight, litter, and related conditions that plague the neighborhoods, especially those with sizable hospitality businesses. He’s often cleaning abandoned lots with his staff and volunteers, literally “redding up” as well as tackling the issues on a systemic level in Council. Kraus has worked on anti-violence initiatives that generated a safe-schools partnership between Persad and GLSEN. He also notably opened two satellite offices staffed by volunteers, one in the South Side slopes and the other in South Oakland. Kraus currently serves as chair of Committee on Public Works...

While he prefers to focus on the issues on the table, Kraus does acknowledge the unique significance of being the first openly gay man to serve and to assume the role of Council President. He understands that it does matter and it will send a positive message about the diversity he so values. He’s often said “I look forward to the day when it won’t matter, but I understand and respect that it does right now.”

That Kraus's sexual orientation matters is especially evident given the disrespect LGBTQ citizens receive at the hands of another council member, Reverend Ricky Burgess. Kraus reportedly challenges Councilman Burgess's remarks on a regular basis, indicating that his status as the first openly gay city council president could bring a great deal more respect for Pittsburgh's LGBTQ community and their rights. 

Congratulations to Bruce Kraus, and best of luck in your new role!

Study: Straight Men Less Likely to See Bisexuality as 'Legitimate Sexual Orientation'

Bisexuals are often given short shrift when it comes to awareness and advocacy about LGBT issues, subject to prejudice and a general lack of visibility.  According to a new study from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, there are notable differences in attitudes towards bisexuality along gender, racial and sexuality lines.  From a press release today announcing the study's results:

500px-University_of_Pittsburgh_Seal_(official).svgMen who identify themselves as heterosexual are three times more likely to categorize bisexuality as "not a legitimate sexual orientation," an attitude that can encourage negative health outcomes in people who identify as bisexual, according to an analysis led by University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health researcher Mackey Friedman, Ph.D., M.P.H.

"Bisexual men and women face prejudice, stigma and discrimination from both heterosexual and homosexual people," said Dr. Friedman, director of Project Silk, an HIV prevention initiative. "This can cause feelings of isolation and marginalization, which prior research has shown leads to higher substance use, depression and risky sexual behavior. It also can result in lower rates of HIV testing and treatment."

Dr. Friedman and his colleagues asked hundreds of college students for words they associated with bisexual people, getting responses such as 'confused,' 'different' and 'experimental.' They then wrote a 33-question survey which was administered to an online sample of 1,500 adults.  The results were illuminating, if disappointing:

Overall, respondents were generally negative in terms of their attitudes toward bisexual men and women, with almost 15 percent of the sample in disagreement that bisexuality is a legitimate sexual orientation. However, women, white people and people who identified themselves as lesbian, gay or bisexual had less bias and prejudice against bisexual people. Of note, respondents who identified as gay or lesbian responded significantly less positively toward bisexuality than those identifying as bisexual, indicating that even within the sexual minority community, bisexuals face profound stigma. In addition, these findings indicate that male bisexuals likely suffer more stigma than female bisexuals.

As the University of Pittsburgh study shows, not only does our country have a ways to go towards greater tolerance and visibility for bisexual issues--it seems the LGBT community itself has some soul-searching to do on the issue.


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