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The Smithsonian Explains The Science Behind A 3D-Printed Bust Of President Obama - VIDEO

Obama 3d bust

President obama 3d bustRecently, the Smithsonian stopped by the White House to take a 3D-printed portrait of President Obama.

The finished product will be be the highest resolution digital model of a head of state.

Earlier this year, the Smithsonian Institution added hundreds of artifacts to document LGBT history including a selection of props and memorabilia from Will & Grace.

Take a look at an official White House video of the process, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Jenny McCarthy Apologizes For Calling Hillary Clinton A Lesbian: VIDEO

Jenny mccarthy

Jenny McCarthy has apologized for suggesting on The View that Hillary Clinton might be a lesbian, reports Huffington Post.

As McCarthy and her co-hosts discussed Ronald Kessler's new book, The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents, she suggested Hillary Clinton might be a lesbian and said the Clintons could have some sort of marital "arrangement."

However, in a later blog post, McCarthy claimed she uses jokes while on The View because she is out of her comfort zone:

“[Following the Clinton segment], we talked about a female CEO not helping other women in her workplace and my spiritual side felt excited to get out my personal mission statement about “girl code.” I stated that we women need to look out for one another. That we need to stop ripping on each other and empower one another. This is something that is very important to me and I hold so close to my heart.

"That night, as I lay in bed and reflected on my day, I realized I was a hypocrite. How could I make a joke like that and then five minutes later preach about female empowerment? It makes me sad when I see women ripping on other women, and there I was making a joke about our possible first female president!

"I hope you will be patient with me as I continue to figure myself out and grow to be the example of female empowerment I always intend to be."

Watch the Huffington Post report, AFTER THE JUMP... 

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Tolerant Nixon Worried Gays Might Cause The End Of Civilization: LISTEN


In new transcripts of tapes revealed in Vanity Fair, President Nixon proved to be modern in his views on homosexuality, claiming that gay people are “born that way.” The recordings come after earlier tapes that revealed homophobic views held by Nixon.

The transcripts are an adaptation from a forthcoming book by Douglas Brinkley and Luke A. Nichter. The authors used 3,700 hours of Nixon’s White House tapes to convey the inner workings of the Oval Office.

Speaking with national-security adviser Henry Kissinger and Chief of Staff Bob Haldeman on April 28, 1971, Nixon claimed that he is “the most tolerant person” on the issue of homosexuality. He went on to say that gay people are “born that way...the tendency is there.”  

However, while acknowledging that many important historical figures were gay, Nixon also claimed that “boy Scout leaders, YMCA leaders, and others bring them in that direction, and teachers.” Comparing the U.S. to ancient Rome, he also worried that tolerant attitudes to homosexuality could lead to the fall of civilizations.

Listen to Nixon’s views on homosexuality, AFTER THE JUMP...

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140 Religious Leaders Petition For Exemption From Obama’s Pending LGBT Executive Order

IRFA letter on anti-discrimination in the workplace

On June 25 a group of about 140 religious leaders and advocates for religious freedom sent a letter to President Barack Obama to try and secure an exemption for faith-based groups in a pending executive order which aims to protect LGBT government contract workers from discrimination.

Barack obamaOrganized by the Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance, the letter does not endorse the pending order as the best way to curtail work discrimination. It also recommends the religious freedom protections that the Senate accepted in November 2013’s Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) bill, but requests additional protections.  

Although the House announced it would not vote on the legislation, the June 25 letter suggests that Obama adopt some of the religious exemption language from the bill.

The letter states that religious organizations that contract with the government to provide such services as overseas relief and development with USAID:

"Often are the best-qualified applicants for federal contracts or subcontracts. It would be counterproductive to bar them from offering their services to the federal government simply because of their legally protected religious convictions; it would be wrong to require them to violate those legally protected convictions in order to be eligible to receive federal contracts. Their exclusion from federal contracting would be diametrically opposed to the Administration's commitment to having 'all hands on deck' in the fight against poverty and other dire social problems."

However, a growing coalition of critics is urging Obama to drop the practice of allowing religious groups to hire and fire based on a person’s faith when they receive federal money, saying Obama is reneging on a promise he made in 2008. Obama, who originally campaigned against the Bush-era discrimination policy, said in 2008:

“If you get a federal grant, you can’t use that grant money to proselytize to the people you help and you can’t discriminate against them — or against the people you hire — on the basis of their religion."

Some of the religious leaders who signed the letter include: Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals; Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Christian Hispanic Leadership Conference and Hispanic Evangelical Association; Joel Hunter, senior pastor of Northland-A Church Distributed; Franklin Graham, president and CEO of Samaritan's Purse and The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association; and George Wood, general superintendent of the Assemblies of God.

Additionally, the letter was signed - personally,rather than on behalf of their organizations - by the presidents of numerous Christian colleges, including Colorado Christian University, Houghton College, Biola University, Calvin College, Moody Bible Institute, and Denver Seminary.

Americans React To FDR's Unexpected Death This Week: VIDEO


In a special President's Day edition of Jimmy Kimmel's 'Lie Witness News,' the late night host proves just how much most Americans don't know about our presidents by getting reactions from passersby to the (definitely false) news that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt passed away today. 

Watch people react to the death of our 32nd president (born in 1882), AFTER THE JUMP...

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Nicolas Sarkozy Gets on the Shirtless President Vanity Train


Was the thought of having his love handles exposed the reason why French President Nicolas Sarkozy attacked paparazzi while on vacation at Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire earlier this month?

On August 9, Paris Match published a photo of French President Nicolas Sarkozy canoeing at the lake (top), but absent were the poignees d'amour that were showing in the same photo (bottom) published by other French media outlets days earlier.

Immediately there were accusations that a directive to photoshop the love handles had come from Sarkozy's office, but Paris Match denies it:

"The only line we work on is the political and diplomatic one. We are rather bad at Photoshop here...the position of the boat exaggerated this protuberance.(But) In lightening the shadows, the correction was exaggerated."

Our take: Sarkozy got wind of those dripping-with-machismo shirtless photos of Putin and realized he couldn't be shown up at the next G8 summit.

Is this the new way to flex power on the international stage? With all these world leaders ripping their clothes off, let's hope Bush doesn't get any ideas.

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