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Quebec Government Picking Up Cost of in vitro Fertilization for Gay Couple’s Surrogate

The Quebec government is picking up the cost for fertility treatments of a surrogate mother acting on behalf of a gay male couple, a change that has led to renewed scrutiny of the province’s involvement in subsidizing expensive in vitro fertilization programs.

The Globe and Mail reports:

Joël LegendreMedia personality Joël Legendre (pictured) joyfully announced on his Facebook page this week that he was expecting twins with his partner this summer, thanks to a Quebec woman who agreed to act as a surrogate. Her in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment is being covered under the province’s health-insurance plan.

Mr. Legendre, a radio host, said the IVF program had been unfair because while lesbian couples could benefit, gay men could not.

“It was impossible for two men,” he said to a radio interviewer. “It’s completely discriminatory.”

After multiple rejections by the Quebec health-insurance board, Mr. Legendre appealed to his provincial MNA for help, who in turn passed along the request to Réjean Hébert, health minister under the previous Parti Québécois government.

A week later, Legendre was informed that the policy had been changed and that gay male couples could now be covered under the program. Legendre said several other male couples he knows followed suit. 

The province, which became the first to fully fund IVF, is currently reviewing the program. IVF costs exploded this year to $67 million, from $27 million in its first eight months in 2010. Liberal health minister Gaétan Barrette has described the IVF program as an “open bar” and says the program needs clearer guidelines. 

Texting While Muslim

Picture 16Those who toil in competetive industries often discuss their work using hyperbolic language. (Recall Mitt Romney's recent promise to bloody the nose of President Obama, and Newt Gingrich's subsequent promise to not just bloody the First Schnoz, but to knock the President unconscious.)

Well -- if you're a Muslim, hold your tongue. According to the AFP, a Muslim businessman in Canada was recently arrested and briefly imprisoned after authorities intercepted a text message in which he told his sales staff to "blow away" the competition at a New York trade show.

From the AFP:

Moroccan-born Saad Allami, who works as a telecommunications company sales manager, was arrested three days after he sent the message in January 2011 and detained while police searched his home, said the Muslim Council of Montreal.

"The whole time, the officers kept repeating to the plaintiff's wife that her husband was a terrorist," said court filings in a lawsuit filed by Allami, cited by local media. Allami was released after four hours of questioning.

Mr. Allami's colleagues were reportedly detained at the border en route to New York.

Mr. Allami's not taking this treatment lying down. He's not seeking over $100,000 in damages from the Quebec provincial police. His day in the Quebec Superior Court arrives in early March.

Quebec Newscasters: Johnny Weir Flamboyance 'Sets a Bad Example', He 'Should Compete in the Women's Competition'


Johnny Weir met the flamboyant Stephen Colbert over the weekend.

Meanwhile, more sports commentators are the subject of complaints regarding their treatment of Johnny Weir, this time in Quebec, from veteran sportscasters Claude Mailhot and Alain Goldberg.

Said Mailhot: "This may not be politically correct. But do you think he lost points due to his costume and his body language?"

Replied Goldberg: "They'll think all the boys who skate will end up like him. It sets a bad example."

The exchange wasn't the first time they had made questionable comments regarding Weir: "In earlier RDS coverage of Weir, Goldberg and Mailhot also brought up South African runner Caster Semenya, who was forced to undergo gender testing following her 2009 win at the world track and field championships in Germany. 'We should make him (Weir) pass a gender test at this point,' Goldberg said and Mailhot then jokingly suggested Weir should compete in the women's competition."

The Quebec council of gays and lesbians has demanded a public apology.

Meanwhile, Weir gave an interview to  Eddie McGuire, Australian newscaster who suggested Weir "didn't leave anything in the closet" when performing.

Weir forgave McGuire: "For me, I take everything as a game. I am very laid-back as far as that goes. I like to poke fun at people, there's no harm with that, it's all in good fun."

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 roadEarly AIDS doctor Bertram Schaffner dies at 97.

Harry  roadA wet ginger in Barbados.

 roadSome Utahns disappointed over backdown on LGBT rights legislation: "The choice has been made to roll over rather than go down swinging. Make the anti-gay legislators have their feelings be known and draw them into the spotlight. This just gives them another year to hide." Background.

 roadObama should address gay rights at National Prayer Breakfast.

 roadGerard Butler says people will probably think he's romantically involved with his male costar.

 roadSarah Palin's PAC spent more money buying her book than it did giving to candidates: "The papers filed over the weekend show SarahPAC spent $47,777 on copies of 'Going Rogue' during the last 6 months of the year. Meanwhile, she handed out just $43K in donations to candidates seeking federal office. The PAC bought the books from HarperCollins, Palin's publisher. The FEC reports show Palin has been purchasing the book to send to donors, some of whom got a copy after contributing a certain amount to the PAC."

Watw  road"We Are the World" all-star remake in the can.

 roadMadonna said to send Jesus back to the manger. Jesus puts on skateboard show.

 roadGay publication Atlanta Free Press struggling...

 roadQuebec to expand anti-homophobia policies: "Weil — who is also the minister responsible for the fight against homophobia — said the goal is to make Quebec a place where sexual minorities are equal in the eyes of the law, and of society. Already lauded as a province ahead of the pack on gay rights, Weil made big promises to gay Quebecers."

 roadLesbian albatrosses are now parents.

 roadRahm Emanuel apologizes for referring to liberals as "retarded".

John_furnish  roadElton John and David Furnish sign on to production team for Broadway production of Next Fall, "a new play about the happiness, strains and religious differences between two gay men over the course of their five-year romantic relationship." Website.

 roadLGBT hedge fund set to launch: "Hailing from the likes of Goldman Sachs, Prudential Financial, Inc., Bankers Trust and Chase Manhattan Bank, Anders Jacobsen and Paul Thompson plan to launch LGBT Capital in two parts. The first is a specialist Corporate Advisory and Investment Management Unit focused on the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) consumer market. The second will provide corporate advisory and business development services for companies that serve the LGBT consumer sector."

 roadDaily Beast reporter plays with Grindr.

 roadIrish Times publishes its first gay wedding announcement: "Vivian Cummins and Erney Breytenbach were married at their holiday home in Hermanus, South Africa, by the Reverend Pieter Oberholzer, on December 12th. As they spend every alternate Christmas there, they decided to avail of its climate for their big day. The major determining factor, however, was the fact that they could get married in South Africa, which is not possible for them, as two men, in Ireland."

News: Van Gogh, Greece, Dom DeLuise, Quebec, 911, Supreme Court

 roadTwo arrests made in Oakland Park anti-gay assaults: "Victor Gonzalez, 21, and Pargu Leandro, 25, both of Deerfield Beach, were jailed in connection with the April 6 early morning attack that left Craig Cohen, 47, on life support and caused severe head injuries to David Villanova, 27. Gonzalez and Leandro each face attempted murder, battery and robbery charges" Background.

Vangogh  roadTurns out Gauguin may have cut off Van Gogh's ear, and may also have been seriously infatuated with him.

 roadTeen arrested for swearing on 911 during emergency call for her seizing father.

 roadActor Dom DeLuise dies at 75.

 roadOpenly gay Iraq veteran Anthony Woods running for Ellen Tauscher's seat in Congress.

 roadVandals strike gay community center in Burlington, Vermont.

 roadLittle Britain to be feature film for Ben Stiller's production company Red Hour: "Creators & stars Matt Lucas and David Walliams have just finished penning a script for the film that sets the action in Las Vegas. 'We’re really happy with it, but the whole film project is still kind of dependent on how much we can raise our profiles in America' says Walliams."

 roadPolitico on Obama and the consideration of a lesbian Supreme Court Justice. But did we already have one?

Lambertoil  roadVote for the Worst is holding an auction to benefit Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. One of the items is a painting of Adam Lambert.

 roadFake memoirist James Frey has a "secret" about Oprah Winfrey, lost passage suggests.

 roadDavid Ogden Stiers (Major Charles Winchester from M*A*S*H): I'm gay.

 roadClassified. White House has no plans to release NYC Air Force One flyover photos: "So we're not gonna see the fruits of this cruel joke?"

 roadRebellious Iowa counties stir up opposition to marriage equality, call for resolution.

 roadWriter-performer Mario Baldessari "sets out to slam bigotry" in D.C. production of Fat Gay Jew.

 roadAll the outfits at the MET's Costume Institute Gala.

Tilos  roadGreek court rules same-sex weddings held on the island of Tilos last June invalid: "We will appeal within May ... but I fear the appeal court's decision won't be different, considering how conservative Greek courts are."

 roadPaula Abdul's new single, "Here for the Music".

 roadCurly-haired pigs.

 roadCarrie Prejean gives Joe.My.God the tweet of death.

 roadQuebec government supports LGBT seniors with $500,000 in projects: "Marguerite Blais, the cabinet minister responsible for seniors, and representatives of the gay and lesbian communities made the announcement in Montreal today. The new initiatives are centred around education campaigns that highlight the isolation felt by many homosexual seniors.Laurent McCutcheon of the gay helpline Gai Ecoute says homosexuality is taboo in many institutions which serve the elderly, leading many Quebec seniors to hide their sexual orientation. Blais says her support for the projects came after statements made during Quebec-wide public consultations in 2008 on issues facing the elderly."

News: Wisconsin, Grey Gardens, Rainbow Flag, Quebec, Stevie Nicks

 roadDomestic partnership bill advances in Nevada...

 roadWisconsin Supreme Court asked to review 2006 civil union, same-sex marriage ban vote.

Quebecaids  roadQuebec HIV prevention campaign asphyxiates Chihuahua: "The campaign focuses on objects highly appreciated by homosexuals, using evocative symbols to offer the target audience a different take on the issue."

 roadWill Lindsay Lohan play Stevie Nicks on film? "Over my dead body."

 roadMeghan McCain gets six-figure book deal: "on an as-yet-unknown subject..."

 roadJust Jared interviews Southland's Benjamin McKenzie: "To be completely honest, they’re hinting about a few things, but before the seven episode run, you’ll see a romantic, um, sexual interaction."

 roadManchester University in UK caught filing Homo Britannicus, a book on the history of man, in the gay section of the library.

 roadHarlow Cuadra appeals guilty verdict in murder of rival porn producer.

 roadFirst impression: Ab not looking too Fab.

Hand  roadThe hand of God? (via sticky - nsfw)

 roadW talks with Sally Quinn, who bought Grey Gardens from Little Edie in 1979. What was the stench like? "You can imagine. 20-30 years of cats. There was no kitty litter in that house."

 roadFormer student files lawsuit against Indian River High School in upstate New York over harassment, anti-gay bias: "The lawsuit claims that district employees wouldn't allow former student Charles P. Pratt, 20, to start a Gay-Straight Alliance in 2004 and that Superintendent James Kettrick, who was the high school principal at the time, 'displayed utter and willful indifference' to the harassment Mr. Pratt said he was subjected to at school."

 roadGay former manager of the Bay City Rollers and ex-con, Tam Paton, dies at 70.

 roadAfterElton launches its Hot 100.

 roadMichael Jackson creates chaos in Beverly Hills.

 roadAnd they're telling you, they're young and they're not going...

Mozcake  roadThe Mozcake of dreams...

 roadFlorida teen spends night in jail for saggy pants, blames David Beckham and Prince Harry.

 roadNeptune, New Jersey Township Committee to take up question of whether or not residents should be allowed to display rainbow flags: "Ref: Display of sexual orientation flags. More and more, we are noticing flags being displayed on (Shark River Hills) properties declaring the occupants' sexual orientation or proclivity — not just the multicolored "gay' striped flags, but also banners indicating fetishes and or other "lifestyle' choices. While this type of display may be acceptable in certain gay enclaves, there is simply no justification for it in a family oriented neighborhood..."

 roadPolice to investigate gay pizza party in Brooklyn's Carroll Gardens.

 roadFarrah Fawcett released from hospital: "The 62-year-old actress, who was first diagnosed in 2006, was hospitalized in Los Angeles after a routine treatment for anal cancer, which has spread to her liver. The procedure caused bleeding inside her abdominal wall."


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