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Tops and Bottoms: Power Ranking 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Finale Reunion — RECAP

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RuPaul crowned her winner, and all is right in the world.

After weeks of intense competition, hog bodies and oatmeal eyebrows, we finally have our season six champion and America's Next Drag Superstar. We checked in with all of this season's queens before the winner was announced on tonight's reunion special.

Check out the top moments, and weigh in on the winner, AFTER THE JUMP

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Tops And Bottoms: Sizing Up The Final Three On 'Drag Race'


UPDATE: Read our finale RECAP HERE.

It's become a reality competition cliché to declare every season's contestants the best they've ever seen. Still, it's never been more true than season six of RuPaul's Drag Race. It was a fierce group of 16 queens, (OK, maybe only a dozen or so were truly formidable), but now we're down to our top three. Tonight at 10 p.m. Eastern on Logo a winner will be crowned.

Who will it be? (Well, it better be Bianca, or else I'm going to pounce on my TV like some kind of hero cat.) We've been tracking their sequined successes and shake-and-go wig struggles all season. Take a look back at the highs and lows of each of tonight's final three contestants, AFTER THE JUMP

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RuPaul and ‘Drag Race’ Final Four Queens Strut Their Stuff in ‘Sissy That Walk’ – VIDEO

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Just in time for the Drag Race finale next week, RuPaul and the final four queens have released the music video for “Sissy That Walk” - a video glamorously demonstrating their mastery of the catwalk.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP

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Tops and Bottoms: Power Ranking 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Episode 12 — RECAP


We're almost at the end! Tonight, the final four queens took the stage to convince the judges they are America's Next Drag Superstar. They sashayed down treadmills. They donned their finest frocks. They made treacly speeches on the runway about how much the last few weeks have changed them as a person.

Who was tonight's top video vixen? Find out who shed tears and who went home, AFTER THE JUMP

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RuPaul Drives Henry Rollins: VIDEO


DILFy punk rocker, spoken-word poet and gay ally Henry Rollins took a ride with drag superstar RuPaul for Ru's vehicular webseries. In fact, part one of their drive is here, but in this installment they discuss an invaluable piece of advice that Rollins received from a close friend who called him out for always staying busy. 

Although we've always dreamed of Rollins being in a secret gay relationship with rocker Glenn Danzig, Rollins is not actually gay — and would admittedly kick your ass if he was. He has however been an outspoken advocate of marriage equality, going so far as to blast House Speaker John Boehner's defense of the so-called Defense of Marriage Advocate, to sympathize with closeted politician-slash-toilet tramp Larry Craig and to clown the homophobic Duck Dynasty guys by suggesting that they re-imagine themselves as bears. 


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Iggy Azalea: I'm Not a Lame Person Pretending to Be Gay — VIDEO


Australian rapper Iggy Azalea sat down for a lengthy interview with PrideSource in which she discussed the music business, the themes in her music, and her relationships with gay people.

Said Azalea:

I know I talk about women a lot, and I think women are beautiful and I like talking about them, but I didn't want people to misconstrue that and think that I was being a fake lesbian. It wasn't a, "Don't think I'm gay," but more so me being like, "Hey, I'm not a fake lesbian." Straight's cool too, you know! It's almost like gay nowadays is so trendy that people want to be gay and then they don't. I'm not gay. I love gay people, but I'm straight. I don't wanna kiss girls. I'm not into girls. I appreciate women, and I like rapping about them, but in case you thought I was a lame person pretending to be gay, um, I'm not...I just hate when people do it to try to be trendy, and I see it so much in songwriting and it's like, you're not even bi-curious! You've probably never even been with a girl in any capacity! But somebody's written this lyric for you and you think it's cool so you're saying it? It's corny and it's lame.

She also took a ride with RuPaul in the latest episode of his in-car interview series.

Check it out as well as her video for "Fancy", AFTER THE JUMP...

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