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Russian Steve Jobs Memorial Taken Down After Tim Cook Came Out Will Now Be Auctioned Off


In 2013 the Western European Financial Union ZEFS erected a 6’6’’ iPhone-shaped memorial to Steve Jobs in St. Petersberg. The memorial stood for about a year in the courtyard of a local IT university campus before being taken down after Apple’s CEO Tim Cook came out as being gay. The Moscow Times is now reporting that ZEFS has chosen to auction off the interactive statue after a forum of the Union’s members overwhelmingly voted against reinstalling it. Bidding for the statue begins at 5 million rubles, or about $94,000.

The memorial was originally taken down the day after Tim Cook’s announcement and ZEFS chairman Maxim Dolgopolov was frank in his reasoning behind removing the interactive statue. In addition to concerns of American spying raised by Edward Snowden’s revelations, ZEFS found Apple’s support of its CEO, and its explicit support of gay rights, in clear violation of Russia’s homophobic “LGBT-propaganda” laws.

"After Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly called for sodomy, the monument was taken down to abide to the Russian federal law protecting children from information promoting denial of traditional family values," ZEFS said in a statement to Reuters.

In other news, the iPhone is selling quite well in Russia.

Russian State TV Uses Fake 'Gay' Clip As Evidence The U.S. Is Indoctrinating Kids With Homosexuality


Russia's state-owned TV channiel Rossiya-1 was in full propaganda mode last Friday in a Special Correspondent news report alleging that Western society is brainwashing children with homosexuality, Vox reports:

The segment presents, as evidence, a Western grade-school biology textbook, which includes diagrams of human reproductive organs. As foreboding music plays in the background, the Rossiya-1 news anchor states that Western children are "forced to learn everything there is to know about sexual intercourse and are told to pick which gender they would like to be," according to a translation by Julia Davis.

AdThe segment then cuts to a video that it says shows a typical American family at home. A father leads his young son into his bedroom to show him a surprise: he has covered the child's bedroom wall with explicit gay pornography. The child shouts in joy at the present. The Rossiya-1 host, disgusted at the display, sternly asks, "Is it appropriate for a child's bedroom to look this way?"

The video that Rossiya-1 presents as real is of course an obvious fake, created as a joke by the users of 4chan. The video is a satirical re-cut of this much-mocked commercial by Fathead, a sports paraphernalia company. The original shows a father showing his son that he has covered his bedroom wall with a giant photo of a monster truck. 4chan users changed out the monster truck with gay pornography as a way to mock the commercial. Rossiya-1 either mistook or willfully misrepresented the satire as documentary news footage.

Considering this is the same program that blamed gays for the Chelyabinsk meteor strike last year, I'm betting it's the latter. 

Watch the clip of the segment, AFTER THE JUMP...(warning: NSFW images)

And head over to Vox here for a more in-depth breakdown of how this story is part of Russian president Vladimir Putin's larger agenda to "seal off Russia's 144 million citizens within a propaganda bubble, a world in which Putin can shape reality how he wishes."

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LGBT Russians Seeking Asylum in U.S. Face Significant Economic Hurdles


There has been a steady uptick of gay Russians seeking asylum here in the U.S. in light of increasing anti LGBT-sentiment in Russia. Facing extreme persecution and harassment in their home country, many queer Russians are faced with a difficult choice living under constant threat of physical harm or relocating to a country with which they have little to no relationship. While the U.S. can act as a pseudo-safe haven, those Russians that do decide to flee to the U.S. are often presented with a new set of economic problems.

Andrew Nasonov, a former journalist, fled to the U.S. with his now husband Igor Bazilevsky earlier this summer. Though the couple was able to legally marry after moving to Washington, D.C., staying financially stable and independent has proven to be difficult.

"It was hard to leave our relatives, friends, and parents behind in Russia,” Nasonov explained to the Associated Press. “We have nothing here, and in many ways are completely dependent on the assistance of the people who surround us."

While the United States will offer LGBT-identified individuals asylum, the government will not yet classify those granted asylum refugee status, which makes the official immigration process tough to navigate.

"There's no worse way to immigrate to the U.S. than the way these people are doing it," said Russian-American journalist and LGBT activist Masha Gessen. "You have nothing, and you have no right to work or public assistance. We've seen people end up on the streets."

Since 2012 the number of applications for asylum from queer Russians has increased by 34 percent according to the Department of Defense. While the U.S. is one of the more receptive western nations when it comes to granting asylum to endangered populations, each applicant is required to document and prove their circumstance on a case by case basis.

"It makes no sense because most of our arrivals have advanced degrees and speak good English," said Russian asylum advocate Larry Poltavtsev. "They're capable of being productive, paying taxes, but we are not letting them do those things while they're waiting."

Russian Senator: Lawmaker Behind Anti-Gay Propaganda Ban Should Face Criminal Charges, Psychiatric Test


St. Petersburg, Russia, lawmaker Vitaly Milonov (above) wants to put people in jail if they promote so-called gay propaganda. 

But a member of Russia's upper house of parliament says Milonov himself should be jailed for his extremist behavior. 

DobryninRussian Senator Konstantin Dobrynin (right) has requested both a criminal investigation and psychiatric testing of Milonov — a raging homophobe who was one of the architects of the country's anti-gay law, the St. Petersburg Times reports: 

Milonov, who is also a church sexton, has been photographed wearing a T-shirt that read "Orthodoxy or Death" — a slogan banned in Russia as extremist. He was also pictured with knives and firearms during "humanitarian missions" to pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine, Dobrynin wrote.

Additionally, the flamboyant lawmaker has denounced various nationalities, including Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars, whom he described as "crazy goats," "pigs" and "fascist Turkish mugs," Dobrynin said.

All of this qualifies Milonov for a total of 11 criminal charges, including promoting terrorism and illegal firearms possession, the senator said. The charges carry a combined sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

It's not the first time Dobrynin has sought criminal sanctions against Milonov, but on two previous occasions the prosecutor general declined to pursue charges. according to Russia Today. Milonov responded to Dobrynin's latest request by comparing the senator to Judas: 

“For him, everything in Orthodox Christianity is extremism. I don’t want to notice this man,” the politician told RSN radio. “I cannot take this seriously. I have issued a personal spiritual ban for this man. He has probably written more reports on me than Judas had on Christ,” the news site quoted Milonov as saying.

Milonov authored the St. Petersburg measure that was used as a model for Russia's national anti-gay law — and he later called on President Vladimir Putin to enforce the law during the Sochi Olympics.  

More recently, Milonov said he was drafting a bill to close a loophole that allowed same-sex couples to marry in Russia. And after Tim Cook came out, Milonov called for the Apple CEO to be banned from Russia for life, even though he uses Apple products

In other words, he's kind of like Russia's version of Ted Cruz.

Russian Lawyer Assaulted For Defending Gay Rights Activist - VIDEO

Kirill Kalugin

Vitaly Cherkasov, a Russian human rights lawyer employed to defend a gay rights activist, was attacked after leaving a St. Petersburg court, reports the Moscow Times.

Cherkasov was defending Kirill Kalugin (pictured above), who contested his detention for a one-man demonstration during Russia's Paratroopers Day celebrations on August 2nd. Kalugin was later attacked by a group of paratroopers taking part in the annual holiday for Russian airborne troops.


Chekasov, a member of the Agora human rights group, said a group of men accosted him splashed him with an unidentified "corrosive, smelly liquid" that got on his hands, neck and clothes.

He later identified one of the assailants as Anatoly Artyukh, a conservative activist and aide to anti-gay St. Petersburg politician Vitaly Milonov. Milanov is currently drafting a bill to eradicate a loophole in Russia's same-sex marriage ban after lesbian couple Irina Shumilova and Alyona Fursova tied the knot earlier this month.

Although Milanov has denied Artyukh’s involvement, he said that "lawyers are scum and mercenaries who work for money" and suggested that Cherkasov and Kalugin should be exiled.

The court ruled that although police had acted legitimately by interrupting Kalugin’s demonstration, his continued detention at the police station was illegal.

Watch a disturbing video of the paratroopers attacking Kalugin, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Uganda Awarded 2017 World Cross Country Championships Despite Fears Of Harsh New Anti-Gay Law - VIDEO

MuseveniDespite its severe anti-gay laws, Uganda has become the latest country to be awarded a major sporting event, reports Pink News.

Uganda last year passed a draconian anti-gay law which was eventually deemed to be unconstitutional. However, the African nation is expected to introduce an even more severe version of the law as a “Christmas gift” to the nation.

Uganda beat Bahrain - another no-go zone for gay people - to host the 2017 IAFF World Cross Country Championships.

It is expected that 700 athletes and hundreds of journalists will attend the event on March 23, 2017.

Of the decision to award the event to Uganda, sports minister Charles Bakkabulindi said:

“[President Yoweri Museveni] is passionate about athletics. He does not only receive all athletes whenever they shine but has gone a step further to give them a monthly stipend to motivate them. Not even football players get that." IAFF

The sporting world is making a habit of awarding international events to anti-gay nations of late. The 2017 and 2022 soccer World Cup has been awarded to Russia and Qatar respectively, despite both countries having controversial anti-gay laws.

Watch a report on Uganda's bid for the 2017 event, AFTER THE JUMP...

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