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'Ender's Game' Sparks Same-Sex Marriage Debates At Comic-Con

Comic-Con Panel

Yesterday in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, the Q&A session for Ender's Game got right to the point about the controversy surrounding the film. The very first fan to the mic asked, "There’s actually been a lot of controversy about the author of the book. How involved was he in making the film?” 

The film's producer, Roberto Orci, responded,

"Obviously, we were first concerned with anyone who might be hurt by anything we were associated with. But we’ve decided to use the attention to … completely and unequivocally support Lionsgate and Summit’s statement in defense of LGBT rights.”

The room broke out in applause.

Not to sound ungrateful for explicit support, but answering the question of "How involved was he?" with "We support our studio's statement of defense for gays," doesn't actually answer her question. Like, at all. Additionally, and I freely admit that this is a nit-pick, saying "We support our studio's statement" rather than making one of your own feels a bit half-assed in terms of support.

Wired has a pretty thorough analysis of the event and the boycott. It includes Milk writer Dustin Lance Black's puzzling declaration that the boycott "is a waste of our collective energy,” and director Gavin Hood questioning the disconnect between the themes of compassion and empathy in the book and Card's real-world views of hateful intolerance. 

Over at Huffington Post, they have Harrison Ford commenting on the controversy with, 

"I don't think that issue rears its head in the work. No part of the story concerns Mr. Card's theories about society in terms of gay issues or homosexual issues."

Which is a complete misdirection. As I pointed out the other day, the boycott is protesting Card himself, not the content of the film.

It's uncertain if the positive reaction at Comic-Con will translate into support for the boycott, but to have an entire hall of con attendees applaud in support of LGBT rights is an encouraging sign that cretins like Card are on their way out.

San Diego State University's LGBT Group Causes Controversy by Changing Name to 'Queer Student Union'

San Diego State University's LGBT student group, formerly called the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Student Union at San Diego State University, has changed its name to "Queer Student Union" and the change is not being received well by everyone, FOX5 San Diego reports:

Lgbtsu“We’re here and next year, we’re queer,” junior and president-elect Thomas Negron said

A move to be more inclusive, President Michael Manacop and Negron said “queer” is the easiest way to encompass all of the gender and sexual identities on campus without getting too wordy...

...Some older faculty members expressed concerns over the name change when the story was first reported in the Daily Aztec.

“It doesn’t seem like something you’d want to be called,” sophomore Jake Neely said. “I was always taught not to use (certain) words and… that was definitely one of them that shouldn’t really be said in my house.”

San Diego Students Try to Pray a Drag Show Away: VIDEO


Last night, the student run PRIDE group at University of San Diego held an apparently very threatening drag show called 'Supreme Drag Superstar' on campus for the second year in a row.

Catholic students at the school tried to pray it away:

Speaking on the group's behalf, sophomore Ailsa Tirado points out how the drag show advances an ideology that is opposed to natural law, and serves to perpetuate moral confusion rather than provide true spiritual healing.

"The University of San Diego is unquestionably being deceitful by identifying itself as a Catholic University, while permitting the acceptance and promotion of an ideology that is in direct contradiction to the Catholic moral teaching and social tradition," the open letter states.

Watch 10News' report, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Where is This Seven-Mile Long Mega-Pod of More Than 100,000 Dolphins Going?


On last night's Downton Abbey, the Dowager Countess of Grantham Violet Crawley so wisely observed: "That's the thing about nature; there's so much of it."

And that would certainly be the case late last week off the coast of San Diego, where this seven mile-long mega-pod of more than 100,000 dolphins was spotted following a boat.

NBC San Diego wrote:

Dutra said the boat tour followed the pod for more than an hour and said he’s never seen anything like it.
“When you see something that is honestly truly beyond belief,” the captain said.

Guests aboard the boat started screaming and pointing when they first saw the school of adult and juvenile common dolphins. Dutra estimated there were about 100,000 dolphins swimming in the area.

“They were coming from all directions, you could see them from as far as the eye can see,” he said. “I’ve seen a lot of stuff out here… but this is the biggest I’ve ever seen, ever.”

Watch the video shot by someone on board, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Out Gay Man Elected San Diego City Council President

Todd Gloria is the new president of the San Diego City Council, San Diego Gay and Lesbian News reports:

GloriaGloria, who is openly gay, represents District 3 that includes the LGBT-dominated areas of Hillcrest and North Park. The redrawing of council districts also means that Gloria represents Downtown.

“I am incredibly honored to have the support of my colleagues today. It is an honor to know that these eight people – who are leaders, who love their communities, and who LOVE San Diego – are trusting me to be the Council President,” Gloria said after the vote.

Gloria immediately acknowledged his predecessor, Tony Young, who held the position for the last two years until he resigned from his seat to take a job to head the local Red Cross.

“I have big shoes to fill. Mr. Young elevated the rote of Council President greatly, and the entire City has benefited,” Gloria said.

Gloria was elected unanimously. San Diego's first Democratic mayor in 20 years, Bob Filner, was also sworn in yesterday.

(photo by rex wockner)

The Skies are Getting Very Congested: VIDEO


Here's a cool time-lapse of all landings at San Diego International Airport on Black Friday Nov 23, 2012 between 1030 am and 300 pm fused into a 25-second clip. Enjoy!


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