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California Schools Are Now 'the Devil's Schools' Because They Teach That Gays Exist: VIDE


Anti-gay activist and 'Save California' head Randy Thomasson is flipping out that efforts to repeal SB48 (aka the LGBT History Bill) won't make the ballot this year and children in public schools will be taught about gay people and LGBT history:

"The government's schools are no longer for the parents. They're anti-parent. I believe in God's schools and the Devil's schools, and if you want your children in God's schools, you've got to get them out and put them into home schooling..."

Watch Thomasson hyperventilate, AFTER THE JUMP...

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It's Official: Efforts to Repeal Californias LGBT History Bill FAIL

VolunteerIt was reported a short time ago that efforts to repeal SB48 in California were in trouble.

Their lying, bigoted volunteers failed to get the signatures:

The group, Stop SB48, which is named after the law, faced a Wednesday deadline to turn in just under 505,000 signatures to put the law on the ballot and give voters the opportunity to overturn it. In an e-mail, the group said, "We thank all of you that worked so hard to provide the hundreds of thousands of signatures received. In the end, 90 days was too short a time to accomplish such a large task."

They gave no precise number of how many signatures had been gathered. Backers ran the effort out of the offices of the Capitol Resource Institute, a socially conservative advocacy organization in Sacramento. The institute's executive director, Karen England, also was the leader of the referendum.

The group vows there will be another battle.

Group Working to Repeal California's LGBT History Bill Says 'It is Doubtful' They Will Get Enough Signatures

Sb48 In an email blast today, the group working to repeal California's recently-passed Fair Education Act (aka the LGBT History Bill) which mandates school curriculums teach about gay history and important gay people, says it looks unlikely they will collect enough signatures to get the repeal measure on the ballot:

"The News is Not Good ... it is doubtful we will get the number of signatures we need to qualify. Unfortunately the last several deliveries of mail have not been what was expected and a large number of petitions have been pulled out because of errors. From all appearances, we would need a miracle to qualify this referendum."

Sounds like good news to me!

Anti-gay activists had been using child molestation at various stands around the state in order to scare people in signing their petitions.

Anti-Gay Activists Using Child Molestation to Fool People Into Signing Petition Against California LGBT History Bill: VIDEO


Here's some video shot in Oceanside, California by a gay man who was visiting the beach with his husband. He just happened to be walking by and saw an activist gathering signatures for the ballot measure to repeal SB48, California's recently passed LGBT History law (the FAIR Education Act), which requires school curriculum to include teaching about gay people and LGBT history.

The way this activist was getting people to sign the petition was by telling them they were signing something that would protect children from child molesters.

Watch and be disgusted, AFTER THE JUMP...

Meanwhile, the 'Stop SB48' campaign told its supporters in an email yesterday that its petition drive will be successful. And in related news, no press turned up to cover Rev. Lou Sheldon's press conference yesterday opposing SB48.

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