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Sinead O'Connor Congratulates Pope Benedict on His 'Greatest Achievement': Retiring


Sinead O'Connor, who famously ripped a portrait of Pope John Paul II to pieces on SNL in 1992 while saying "fight the real enemy," said this today about Pope Benedict XVI's retirement:

I would like to congratulate Pope Benedict on his wise decision to retire before the very worst of what has been going on is discovered. I appreciate his alluding to some of it in his statement and assure him The Most High forgives those who can faithfully say they did wrong.

The church had been brought into dreadful disrepute by lies and blasphemies against The Holy Spirit. Benedict’s greatest achievement is this act of retiring. There is a chance now for the church to be re-built and made fit to house The Holy Spirit.

Sinead O'Connor Tells Daniel Radcliffe of Giving Him Imaginary Baths: VIDEO


In an appearance on The Graham Norton Show over the weekend, Sinead O'Connor joked with Daniel Radcliffe that she didn't recognize him with his clothes on because she regularly assists one of her children in taking imaginary baths with him.

She also performed her new single "The Wolf is Getting Married".

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Sinead O'Connor Ends Marriage After 16 Days

Irish singer/songwriter Sinead O'Connor has ended her marriage after just 16 days.

SineadShe writes, on her official website:

Within 3 hours of the ceremony being over the marriage was kyboshed by the behaviour of certain people in my husband's life. And also by a bit of a wild ride i took us on looking for a bit of a smoke of weed for me wedding night as I don't drink. My husband was enormously wounded and very badly effected by that experience and also by the attitude of those close to him toward our marriage. It became apparent to me that if he were to stay with me he would be losing too much to bear. And that being with me was not going to serve him positively , career wise or any other wise. I saw his life leave him because of how people close to him reacted. And I can't take anyone's life. And a woman wants to be a joy to her husband. So.. U love someone? Set them free.

He is a wonderful man. I love him very much. I'm sorry I'm not a more regular woman. I truly believe though it is painful to admit, we made a mistake rushing into getting married, for altruistic reasons, and weren't aware or prepared for the consequences on my husband's life and the lives of those close to him. He has been terribly unhappy and I have therefore ended the marriage. I think he is too nice to do so. And too nice to trap.

Sinead O'Connor Calls for Full Criminal Investigation of The Pope [tr]

Watch: Sinead O'Connor, Thomas Roberts, and Bill Donohue Appear on Larry King to Discuss Catholic Clergy Sexual Abuse Epidemic


Last night, Larry King had a roundtable on the Catholic Church clergy sexual abuse epidemic featuring a barely recognizable Sinead O'Connor, former CNN anchor and sexual abuse victim Thomas Roberts, Catholic League blowhard Bill Donohue, and a couple Catholic priests.

Donohue continued to defend the Pope and reiterated his false claim that priests aren't pedophiles, they're homosexuals.

Said Donohue (in part 3): "It's not pedophilia. Most of the victims are post- pubescent. You have to get your facts straight. I'm sorry. If I'm the only one who is dealing with facts tonight, that's it. The vast majority of the victims are post-pubescent. That's not pedophelia, buddy. That's homosexuality...Post-pubescent means beyond puberty. In other words, you're adolescent. That's what homosexuals do, and of the molesters have been homosexuals in the Catholic church."


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Sinead O'Connor Calls for 'Full Criminal Investigation' of Pope


Sinead O'Connor, who made the biggest headlines of her career in 1992 when she ripped up a photo of Pope John Paul II on Saturday Night Live and said "fight the real enemy," is speaking out against the current Pope and the epidemic of Catholic clergy sexual abuse scandals.

Says O'Connor to the L.A. Times

"There should be a full criminal investigation of the Catholic hierarchy of any country in which this has been an issue. There should be a full criminal investigation of the Vatican. There should be a full criminal investigation of the pope. The pope should stand down for the fact that he did not act in a Christian fashion to protect children, and for the fact that his organization acted to preserve their business interests decade after decade rather than be concerned about the interests of children, and for showing so much disrespect for Christ, God, the victims, the rest of us, their own clergy. . . . The Vatican and the pope need to get on their knees and confess the full truth in the same language they make us use in Mass. . . . They need to get on their knees, open everything up, be transparent, tell the truth, ask the people for forgiveness and prayers."

Watch Sinead's 1992 SNL Pope tear-up, AFTER THE JUMP...

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