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Among Six English-Speaking Countries, Study Finds American Sports Are Most Homophobic

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A new study titled "Out On The Fields," which is considered the first international study on homophobia in sport, found that the U.S. ranks the worst in sports homophobia reports TIME. The study, which surveyed 9,500 people from six different countries (U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand), found that LGB people in U.S. sports report the most instances of receiving verbal threats and homophobic slurs because of their sexual orientation.

Researchers found that 82 percent of LGB participants either witnessed or experienced homophobia in sports with 84 percent of gay men and 82 percent of lesbians claiming they were targets of homophobic slurs. Half of the gay men polled along with 32 percent of lesbians noted they hid their sexuality while playing sports in their youth because they feared rejection from their teammates. 

However, the survey is not a peer-reviewed paper published in an established journal; the head author behind the study is a former journalist turned member of Australia's first gay rugby team - the Sydney Convicts Rugby Union Club. A sports sociologist from Florida State University who examined the study's findings found that even though the sampling results ended up with significant over-representation of pro-LGBT respondents, the study clearly and accurately illustrates the pervasive homophobia that permeates sports.

Although homophobia may be pervasive on the field, it looks like attitudes are slowly beginning to change in sports stands.

Australian Rugby Player Casually Grabs Opposing Player's 'Big Willie' On-Field: VIDEO


As rugby players Willie Mason and Korbin Sims discovered during Sunday's match-up, there's more than one way to get your head in the game. reports:

Sims was caught on camera grabbing at Mason’s crotch as the Sea Eagles front rower prepared to play the ball during the second half of Manly’s 30-10 NRL win over Newcastle at Brookvale Oval on Sunday.

Video and images of the incident quickly went viral on social media.

Mason did not react to the grope on the field and after the game laughed it off, saying he hoped no punishment would come to Sims as a result of it.

“Offended? Please. I think it’s hilarious,” Mason said.

He added, "It's just two good teammates from the last three years having a good old ... just having a good reacquaintance.”

See the happy reunion in action, AFTER THE JUMP...

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WNBA Stars Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson Wed: PHOTOS


WNBA stars Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson got hitched at Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday, E News reports

The wedding comes two weeks after Griner and Johnson were arrested on suspicion of assault and disorderly conduct related to domestic violence at Griner's Phoenix home. Johnson later wrote about the incident in a caption on Instagram:

WE'RE OK! @brittneygriner and I are home, injury-free, and still wedding planning! We know we must set better examples, even during the most trying times, and we are EXTREMELY sorry for all the negative attention we brought to ourselves, our family, and the league. We are actively seeking help in order to do BETTER. Thanks for all the Love, Support, and Prayers that were sent our way. #LoveLife #StillBlessed #WorkInProgress #NobodysPerfect


"I am committed to making positive changes and I plan to use what I have learned to set a good example and help make a difference in the world around me," Griner added in a statement released through her attorney following the incident.

WATCH: Insane Parkour Jump on Building's Edge Will Leave Your Stomach In Somersaults

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YouTube user Olegcricket took parkour to new heights with a harrowing series of jumps, hundreds of feet in the air, on the outside of a building's pillar-type structure that will leave your guts churning.

Watch the impressive video, if your heart and stomach can take it, AFTER THE JUMP

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Gay Couple Behind Viral Dodger Stadium 'Kiss Cam' Reveal Their Identity: VIDEO


The gay couple who shared a kiss on Dodger Stadium's Kiss Cam that garnered vocal support from the crowd and later quickly spread throughout the Internet have finally revealed their identity. Couple Steven and Rick Simone-Friedland, who committed to each other in 1999 and later legally wed in a Van Nuys courthouse in 2013, were asked by a camerawoman at the Los Angeles Dodgers game on Saturday if they wanted to appear on the Kiss Cam; Rick agreed, but Steven expressed some trepidation about the crowd's possible reaction:

Dodger"I turned to my husband, I turned to Rick, and I said 'You know, this could go badly. This could not go well,' but then we did it, because we thought it would be just so fun to do, and then we heard the crowd — and that was really unexpected, and beautiful, and affirming.

"All we did was kiss. What made everyone's day was the crowd reaction … I don't think anybody was expecting that reaction … I kiss my husband every single day. That's not the big deal. The big deal is what happened immediately after. That's just the most amazing thing."

Video of the lovely couple's smooch went viral, with the two receiving national recognition including a special mention on Conan and appearing in an interview last night on Lawrence O'Donnell's program The Last Word. 

Watch the two discuss their experience before and after the smooch occurred with Lawrence O'Donnell, AFTER THE JUMP...

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(Top photo via Facebook)

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Crowd Cheers Gay Kiss Cam Moment at Dodger Stadium: VIDEO


It used to be that kiss cam operators would train their cameras on two presumably heterosexual men to try and get an 'icky' laugh out of stadium crowds (the practice was condemned by many, including Dodgers (then A's) pitcher Brandon McCarthy,) for being homophobic.

But there was no "ick factor" reaction from the crowd when it happened at a Dodgers game this week. It wasn't LGBT night either. That's June 19.

Watch (at 00:28 seconds), AFTER THE JUMP...

(via reddit)

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