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Anti-Gay Archbishop John Nienstedt, Accused Of Sex Abuse Cover-Up, Refuses To Resign - VIDEO


John Nienstedt, the Archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis, has refused to resign despite allegations of sexual misconduct and a cover-up of child sex abuse, reports ABC News.

Last week, Minnesota newspaper the Star Tribune called on Nienstedt - who in the past told the mother of a gay son that she must reject him or risk burning in hell and said Satan is behind gay marriage - to resign.

An allegation that he touched a boy inappropriately in a public setting resulted in no criminal charges. Another involves accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior with seminarians and priests. 

Nienstedt, who claims both allegations are untrue, said that although he was shown memos about problem priests, he didn't fully grasp the scope of the troubles until last year, after Jennifer Haselberger, Nienstedt’s top adviser on church law, resigned last year and publicly accused church leaders of mishandling several cases.

Writing in a column published last week in The Catholic Spirit, Nienstedt publicly addressed the numerous recent calls for him to resign:

"In a sense, you could say that I didn't see the forest through the trees. But when everything started coming out in October, whoa, Nelly, I just wasn't aware that there was the kind of breadth to the whole thing — which surprised me and kind of sickened me.

"I am bound to continue in my office as long as the Holy Father has appointed me here. I have acknowledged my responsibility in the current crisis we face, and I also take responsibility for leading our archdiocese to a new and better day.”

In a statement, The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests said that it is "saddened" that Nienstedt won't resign "but distraught that he continues to deceive."

Watch a report on allegations made against Nienstedt last year, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Anti-Gay MN Archbishop John Nienstedt, Accused Of Sex Abuse Cover-Up, Called On To Resign: VIDEO

John nienstedt

A Minnesota newspaper has called for St. Paul and Minneapolis archbishop John Nienstedt to resign following confirmation that he has been subject to an investigation of sexual misconduct, ignored evidence of pedophilia, and concealed the names of priests involved in the abuse.

Last December, Nienstedt, who launched a mass mailing campaign of 400,000 anti-gay DVDs, told the mother of a gay son that she must reject him or risk burning in hell and said Satan is behind gay marriage, was accused of inappropriately touching a minor.

In an editorial last Saturday, the Star Tribune said that for the sake of the Catholic church, “one of this state’s most valued institutions,” Nienstedt’s service at the archdiocese should end now.

The editorial continued:

“Nienstedt has become the face of a coverup that has put children in harm’s way. His credibility is in tatters. The archdiocese needs a different leader — a reformer — to have a reasonable chance of restoring its damaged reputation and sustaining its service to the community.

“The damage that brand name is suffering in Minnesota has become severe enough to put public support — and, crucially, donor support — of all things Catholic at risk. The abuse scandal has become more than an internal problem.”

In conclusion, the paper suggested that Nienstedt should follow Pope Benedict’s example of church leadership:

“Eighteen months ago, Benedict concluded that he was not up to the task of meeting the church’s leadership needs, and broke with 600 years of tradition to resign from office. His decision was not a display of weakness, but of love for his church. Nienstedt’s resignation would show the same.”

Watch a report on last December's revelations, AFTER THE JUMP...

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St. Paul, Minnesota Mayor Chris Coleman Renames Wabasha Bridge the 'Freedom to Marry Bridge'


St. Paul, Minnesota mayor Chris Coleman is celebrating the state's expected passage of marriage equality today by renaming the bridge that spans the Mississippi in its honor.

Tweeted Coleman: "I renamedthe WabashaBridge 2 the Freedom to Marry Bridge for this week. Marriage equality here we come"

Join us at 1 pm ET for the debate and vote.


Watch: MN NOM Pastor Supports 'Friendships' for Gay Couples, Says God Did Not Create Anal Sex


NOM Tour Tracker interviewer Arisha Hatch interviews St. Paul pastor Father Michael Becker about why he came out to NOM's rally, and about same-sex marriage and anal sex.

Says Becker:

"[In homosexual acts] you cannot have a full union of bodies and soul. You cannot have the fruition of children from love. God is not in the sexual acts that [homosexuals] commit."

He adds: "If you want to get to the nuts and bolts of it in the male homosexual world, I think the most heinous act is anal sex. Now, if anybody were to think about that in truth, they would say one person is being harmed by this act, which is why there are so many gastrointenstinal afflictions that come to many homosexuals that do this, and other kinds of afflictions. When you look at that individual act, you say, 'Did God create that? No way.' And would you ever want one of your children or grandchildren to be submitted to that kind of act? No."

Father Becker gets very flustered when he's asked if he's ever had a homosexual thought. I wonder why.


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Watch: NOM's Brian Brown Interviewed in St. Paul, Minnesota


NOM's Brian Brown calls Larry Adams' "noose" sign "totally unacceptable" but spends most of his time trying to paint NOM as victims, asking, "When is the leadership of the same-sex marriage movement going to [repudiate] the attacks on our First Amendment rights?"

By those attacks, he means the ones highlighted in the highly-edited "breaking news" propaganda video they put out.


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Should an Anti-Gay Evangelist Be Allowed to Distribute Bibles at Pride in the Twin Cities?


Twin Cities Pride is set to file an injunction in court following the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board's decision to allow an anti-gay evangelist and his wife to distribute Bibles at the Pride Festival in Minneapolis' Loring Park, which Pride organizers paid $36,000 to secure for the event.

200,000 are expected to attend.

The Minnesota Independent reports:

Pride officials say they will seek a federal injunction Wednesday to prevent the Johnsons from handing out books and anti-gay literature within Loring Park during the festival. They gave the park board until Tuesday evening to reverse the decision to allow the Johnsons in the park.

The Johnsons had put pressure on the park board when they enlisted the help of the Alliance Defense Fund, a James Dobson–affiliated religious right legal organization based in Arizona. The group has defended numerous cases of anti-gay protesters crossing legal lines to denounce LGBT people, including a similar case in New York.

In a complaint to the Minneapolis Park Board dated April 5, ADF called Twin Cities Pride a “festival devoted to the toleration of homosexual conduct.”

ADF “demands that… you will allow Mr. Johnson to enter into Loring Park and onto the perimeter sidewalks around the park to distribute literature, display signs and speak during the time of the festival,” the letter stated.

The ADF says that if the park board doesn’t allow Johnson into the park, it will sue. That prompted the park board to acquiesce. It wrote to ADF that it “will not prevent Brian Johnson from entering Loring Park or its perimeter sidewalks on June 26 and June 27, 2010 during the Minneapolis Pride Festival (‘Festival’) to distribute literature, display signs, and speak to members of the public.”

An April 28 letter from the ADF to Johnson said, “You should be able to return to the 2010 festival and exercise your right to free expression.” The letter added that ADF had closed the file and told Johnson, “Keep up the good work sharing the Gospel!”

Pride officials say not only did the Park Board cave, but they waited more than a month to tell them. In a letter to the board, festival organizers said that they were “shocked and dismayed” to learn about the decision relayed to them only weeks before the event.

Says Eileen Scallen, an attorney for the Pride Festival and a professor at William Mitchell College of Law: "The park board’s decision is akin to allowing the Klu Klux Klan to openly convey their racist and anti-immigration views at the Cinco de Mayo festival."

Organizers are citing a Supreme Court ruling in which a Boston LGBT group was barred from participating in that city's St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Johnson was prohibited from the Pride fest last year, but showed up anyway, and was arrested.

A news report interviewing Johnson before he was arrested last year, AFTER THE JUMP...

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