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News: Gay Pride Suppression, Hillary Clinton, Russia, JJ Abrams

1NewsIcon A gay man in Boynton Beach, Florida, is being accused of trying to start abstract "trouble" after his neighborhood association nixed his pride flag. The man, Dave Armstrong, says his neighbors are just homophobic. "I said, 'Listen, everybody else has an American flag on the front of their property, so why can't I have my pride flag right out here?'"

GayPlates1NewsIcon An Atlanta man is suing Georgia after state rejects his three gay-themed vanity license plates, "4GayLib," "GayPwr" and "GayGuy:" "All three were denied because they were already on a list of more than 10,000 banned tags, the state's 'bad tag list'. 'There are some limits that are proper but none of this makes any sense,' [Attorney Cynthia] Counts said. 'It's completely contrary to any first amendment principals.'"

1NewsIcon The Connecticut Senate approved the state's first openly gay Supreme Court justice.

1NewsIcon MSNBC panels says Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was "at her very best" during yesterday's Benghazi hearings.

1NewsIcon New rules from the Kremlin demand military officers inspect recruits' bodies, including their genitals, for tattoos that may indicate gang or gay affiliation. "The reason for getting tattoos could indicate a low cultural or educational level," the directive reads. "If an influence by external factors is determined, for example, persuasion or direct coercion, this indicates the malleability of the young man, his disposition to submit to another's will."

1NewsIcon Scotland Yard says it has arrested three people suspected of being involved in a "Muslim street patrol" that recently assaulted a gay man in London.

MotherJonesGraph1NewsIcon More about corporations turning on the Boy Scouts for the Scouts' tenacious homophobia, including a chart on who's giving how much to the organization. (Click on image to expand.)

1NewsIcon David Hall, the former Air Force sergeant booted under Don't Ask, Don't Tell, discusses his experience as a "citizen co-chair" during President Obama's second inauguration. "I think he tried to put us all at ease and talk to us as normal people," he said of the commander-in-chief's demeanor.

1NewsIcon Rather than joining the momentum that will most likely usher in marriage equality in Rhode Island, and simultaneously going against his party peer, Gov. Lincoln Chafee, Democratic State Sen. Frank A. Ciccone III plans on introducing a bill that will put same-sex unions to a popular vote, rather than allowing lawmakers to decide.

1NewsIcon Despite outcry from LGBT students, Chick-fil-A will stay put at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. The school, however, agreed to give them $1,500 to see if they can start an anti-bullying and general awareness campaign on such a small budget.

SDorff1NewsIcon Stephen Dorff found some relief in the Roosevelt Hotel's bushes.

1NewsIcon Here are the president's remarks on the Pentagon lifting the ban on women in combat: "Today, by moving to open more military positions—including ground combat units—to women, our armed forces have taken another historic step toward harnessing the talents and skills of all our citizens..."

1NewsIcon Polish lawmakers begin debating civil unions.

1NewsIcon Why didn't Sheryl Crow tell the world that former lover Lance Armstrong was doping?

1NewsIcon David Beckham in a "fashionable dressing gown."

1NewsIcon Is JJ Abrams going to direct the next Star Wars flick?

1NewsIcon "Does lightning cause migraines?"

Stephen Dorff Rejects Man Breasts, Dodges Chest Acne for 'Immortals'


Stephen Dorff talks to NY Mag's Vulture about Immortals and the perils of playing a slave:

My lower back was really screwed up in a way it had never been before, and I felt like I’d get more out of having my own team to get my back in shape and get the right exercises. I also didn’t wanna have man breasts, and there were a lot of man breasts in the cast. I felt like it looked like people had gotten chest implants. I wanted to stick with the abs look.

He said the cast, which includes Henry Cavill and Kellan Lutz, paid a price for being shirtless the entire film:

I’m not really the actor who wants to compare nipples and pec size, and Tarsem wasn’t that anal. I had hair on my chest, so he wanted me to shave my chest for a cleaner look. I was like "Fine, I’m just not gonna wax my chest." There was this incredible chest acne breakout, which I wasn’t interested in. So I came up with the fact that I could do it with my Braun electric razor. It was a much cleaner way of going and I didn’t get any chest acne. I don’t have that much hair. I’m also so dirty — I’m probably the dirtiest guy in the movie, being a slave. I’d never spent that much time in a makeup room, because normally I’m not naked in a movie so much. I have a lot of tattoos and it took a long time to get me ready. It was annoying. I had an extra hour and a half on everybody because we had to airbrush the tattoos. Then we put the grease on, but the grease takes the tattoo makeup off. Then you put on the dirt and then you can’t see the abs that I’ve been working so hard on. It was a disaster. And usually I’m thinking about my character, not all this kind of stuff.

Check out a whole bunch of hot stills from Immortals here.

Kellan Lutz, Henry Cavill, and Stephen Dorff Show Off Their Greek Godliness in New 'Immortals' Shots: PHOTOS


Turns out Kellan Lutz eats 16 eggs for breakfast to prepare for costumes like the one above. The folks at Relativity Media sent us over some fresh new shots of Lutz, Henry Cavill, Stephen Dorff, and Daniel Sharman from the upcoming film Immortals, which is in theaters November 11.

That's Lutz in his regalia (I believe he's Poseidon) in the top photo and a Cavill-in-bondage (Theseus) below.

More breastplates, bare chests, and a very dirty man, AFTER THE JUMP....


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Stephen Dorff Drops His Pants for Vman


Stephen Dorff last dropped his clothes for the September issue of T magazine, and he's not stopping for the new issue of Vman, in a photo shoot by Mario Testino. Dorff is promoting his new Sofia Coppola flick Somewhere.

Check out more photos, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Stephen Dorff's Shirtless and Suited Style


Hedi Slimane has dropped a gorgeous bunch of shots of actor Stephen Dorff for the new T Magazine Men's Fashion issue.

Two more shots and the cover, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Stephen Dorff's Body is a Hairy Wonderland


Stephen Dorff is interviewed in the new issue of Wonderland magazine. 

He's in a new film directed by Sofia Coppola. Says Dorff of the film:

"It’s really just about a young movie actor who is living at the Chateau Marmont and kind of going through an existential crisis. He doesn’t really like that he’s famous, doesn’t really like his life, even if from the outside it looks kind of dandy and all real cool. And then he gets a visit from his little daughter [Elle Fanning] and, in the course of events, they spend a month together, and through that time it causes him to look at his life. They go on this adventure, they go to Italy. It’s kind of a father and daughter rekindling something really special, and it causes him to look at his own life. It’s just very poetic and simple the way her other movies are. But she’s the best, you know? She doesn’t want me to talk too much about it, but it’s just such a special role to have gotten at this time in my life. Especially these days when there are very few filmmakers with such unique voices who do their own thing. To do her movie is even better than if I’d got the lead in some stupid sci-fi movie...The whole thing was amazing. I got kind of depressed after. I was kind of like: 'Fuck, how can I go do some zombie movie or these scripts they’re sending me?' So if anything, I’m sitting back. It’s hard because I’m kind of happiest when I’m working.

Two more shots by Derek Kettela from the spread, AFTER THE JUMP...

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