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Stephen Fry Set To Narrate Gay Musical TV Wedding For Channel 4


Stephen Fry is set to narrate a special for the UK's Channel 4 called, "Our Gay Wedding: The Musical." With music and lyrics written by the couple, composer Benjamin Till and actor Nathan Taylor, and group numbers to be performed by the couples' guests (and a couple of special appearances, yet to be announced), the special is looking to be a hit and to bring awareness to the issue of gay rights around the world.

The Independent reports:

“We’ve been together for nearly 12 years and never thought we’d get the chance to get married, for real,” the couple said. “Doing what we both do for a living has meant that we’ve spent our entire lives expressing emotion through song, so getting married in a musical, particularly one that we’re writing ourselves, felt like the most natural thing in the world.”

In a nod to the struggle for gay rights, there will be tributes to other gay and lesbian couples getting married and reminders of the hardships faced by gay people in countries where homosexuality is still a crime. 

“We are proud to be marking a huge milestone for gay rights - a cause that has long been close to Channel 4’s heart,” said John Hay, Channel 4’s commissioning editor for arts.

Fry, who is openly gay, has been an outspoken advocate for LGBT rights in Britain and globally. He was particularly vehement in his attacks on Russia and urged Britain to boycott the Sochi Olympics.

Fry likened the Sochi Games to those hold in Berlin under Nazi Germany. "I am gay. I am a Jew. My mother lost over a dozen of her family to Hitler's anti-Semitism. I for one, weep at seeing history repeat itself," he wrote in a letter to Downing Street.

Channel 4 has not yet set a date for the musical wedding extravaganza. England and Wales' same-sex marriage legislation will go into effect on March 29th, though, so expect to see Benjamin and Nathan tie the knot soon after. 

Photo via The Independent.

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Elton John, Stephen Fry, George Michael, Graham Norton, and Tom Daley Get Together: PHOTO


The Kaleidoscope Trust, a UK based international LGBT rights charity, is auctioning off seven sets of these Russian nesting dolls in a #ToRussiaWithLove campaign.

The auction will be held today through December 22  to raise money for The Kaleidoscope Trust and their counterparts in the Russian LGBT community, says the group.

They add: "Over Christmas, Mother will deliver a set of dolls to the Russian Embassy in London and The Kremlin as an act of solidarity with the LGBT community in Russia."

Stephen Colbert Spars with Stephen Fry: VIDEO


Actor and activist Stephen Fry stopped by the Colbert Report late last week to talk about his Broadway debut in Twelfth Night, his suspicious intelligence, his atheism, the Lord of the Rings, bipolar disorder.

Fry also praises New Jersey for getting marriage equality, and the 'It Gets Better' campaign.


If you missed Fry's documentary about confronting homophobia, check it out HERE.


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Stephen Fry's 'Out There' Explores Attitudes Towards Gay People: Watch 2 Episodes - VIDEO


Stephen Fry, the British actor, writer, director and activist, has released a new two part documentary entitled, Stephen Fry: Out There, "a series about gay people and the trouble people have accepting them." The first episode sees Fry, a long-time foe of anti-gay bias, interviewing Elton John and David Furnish, discussing how John's coming out was a "game-changer," and later psychologist Joseph Nicolosi, a major proponent behind the "reparative therapy" movement. The second episode follows Fry as he travels around the world, examining a broad range of oppressive attitudes towards homosexuality, as The New Statesman points out:

in Brazil, a gay person is murdered every 36 hours; in Russia, it is illegal to “promote” homosexuality, a law that has far-reaching and monstrous consequences for the parents and children of gay people (who are “promoting” homosexuality by being alive); in India, the hijras (men who, broadly speaking, identify as women) are forced to live on the outer margins of society.

Fry's own introduction to the series sums up his point of view very succinctly:

There are people who are so rabidly homophobic and I just find that fascinating. It’s as if you met someone who absolutely spent all their life trying to get rid of red telephones. You’d go, what? You just would not understand it. Why would someone bother to attack a group of people who mean to do them no harm?

You can watch both episodes AFTER THE JUMP...

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Stephen Fry Tells Author of Russian Ban on 'Gay Propaganda' He's Making Big Fool of Himself: VIDEO


Earlier this week we posted a clip from Out There, Stephen Fry's docu-series about homophobia for BBC2, which featured Fry interviewing the founder of 'ex-gay' group NARTH. In this new clip, Fry confronts Vitaly Milonov, the author of St. Petersburg, Russia's ban on 'gay propaganda', and tells him how ridiculous he sounds.

Says Fry:

"You really ought to stop because you're making a great fool of yourself on camera. This is going to be shown around the world and if people hear you speaking like this they're going to think so little of Russia. They're going to think, 'Is this man actually allowed to use the street and the telephone, let alone be a politician?'"



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