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Steven Tyler Shows up in Drag to Audition for 'American Idol': VIDEO


Does he make it to Hollywood?


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NEWS: A Vicious Ad, A Vacant Panel, And Viruses (VIDEO)


Towleroad-roadicon Yikes. Have you seen Obama's newest campaign ad? Simple and brutal. Watch it AFTER THE JUMP ...

Towleroad-roadicon Michele Bachmann goes Muslim hunting:

The Minnesota Republican ... sent letters to the inspectors general of five government agencies responsible for national security to demand they investigate infiltration by the Muslim Brotherhood into the highest reaches of the federal government. In particular, Bachmann singled out Huma Abedin, the [Muslim] wife of former congressman Anthony Weiner and a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In case Abedin hasn’t already been through enough already, Bachmann is now questioning her loyalty to the U.S. ...

Another letter targets the Department of Defense ...

A third letter went to the Department of Homeland Security, alleging the department is covering up the Muslim Brotherhood threat ...

"The Muslim Brotherhood has been found to be an unindicted co-conspirator on terrorism cases and yet it appears that there are individuals who are associated with the Muslim Brotherhood who have positions, very sensitive positions, in our Department of Justice, our Department of Homeland Security, potentially even in the National Intelligence Agency."

Towleroad-roadicon The lesbian sex scene in Black Swan generated more complaints to the British Board of Film Classification last year than any scene in any other movie. (So far, this year's winner is the Daniel Radcliffe vehicle The Woman In Black.

NinaHagenTowleroad-roadicon Mariah might take J-Lo's place on American Idol. No telling who's gonna replace Steven. (My own proposed panel -- of some combination of Lou Reed, Nina Hagen, Elvis Costello, Grace Jones, and the ghost of Klaus Nomi -- has yet to mentioned in the media as a viable possibility. What's up, Simon Fuller?) 

Towleroad-roadicon "How lesbian couples choose a birth mother."

Towleroad-roadicon Straight girl attempts lesbianism:

It was inevitable that at some point, I would attempt to dive a muff. It happened when I was 25. After a series of romantic flops, I was frustrated with boys so I decided to switch over to ladies. Because that's how sexuality works: you choose one when another becomes slightly inconvenient.

Towleroad-roadicon This probably wasn't the best week for Daniel Tosh to unveil his new show, but it seems to have gone over well

Towleroad-roadicon Elizabeth Taylor: beautiful mutant.

Towleroad-roadicon Wall Street -- kind of like Penn State

Towleroad-roadicon On the origins of disease:

If we fail to understand and take care of the natural world, it can cause a breakdown of these systems and come back to haunt us in ways we know little about. A critical example is a developing model of infectious disease that shows that most epidemics — AIDS, Ebola, West Nile, SARS, Lyme disease and hundreds more that have occurred over the last several decades — don’t just happen. They are a result of things people do to nature ...

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NEWS: Tyler, Ravi, And Wei; The Doings Of Drones; Iran; Models; Channing Tatum

Picture 13
Road The New Yorker
has published a long, thoughtful story suggesting that Tyler Clementi wasn't killed by homophobes. At least, not the way we might think.

It became widely understood that a closeted student at Rutgers had committed suicide after video of him having sex with a man was secretly shot and posted online. In fact, there was no posting, no observed sex, and no closet. But last spring, shortly before Molly Wei made a deal with prosecutors, Ravi was indicted on charges of invasion of privacy (sex crimes), bias intimidation (hate crimes), witness tampering, and evidence tampering. Bias intimidation is a sentence-booster that attaches itself to an underlying crime—usually, a violent one. Here the allegation, linked to snooping, is either that Ravi intended to harass Clementi because he was gay or that Clementi felt he’d been harassed for being gay. As he sat in the courtroom, his chin propped awkwardly on his fist, his predicament could be seen either as a state’s admirably muscular response to the abusive treatment of a vulnerable young man or as an attempt to criminalize teen-age odiousness by using statutes aimed at people more easily recognizable as hate-mongers and perverts.

Road Don't have a job? Blame Obama. (But if you've got one, thank a GOP governor.)

Road " ... the U.S. first kills people with drones, then fires on the rescuers and others who arrive at the scene where the new corpses and injured victims lie."

Road Barack Obama's really insistent that war with Iran is a last option. Is he protesting too much?

Road Read as a snickering Ivy-leaguer demonstrates his contempt for underpaid retail slaves.

Road T-Rex is incompetent but adorable.

Road The legacy of the Kennedy presidency just gets weirder by the year:

Mimi Alford, then Mimi Beardsley, interned at the White House in the summer of 1962, quickly caught the president’s eye. The 19-year-old joined the 45-year-old president for a noon swim four days into her internship. Later that day, he took her virginity in “Mrs. Kennedy’s room.”

“After he finished, he hitched up his pants and smiled at me.” Alford says their sex life was “varied and fun” and describes an affair that was more than just sex. They apparently spent an “inordinate amount of time taking baths” and listened to music together. He confided in her during key personal and professional moments, such as when his infant son died and during the Cuban Missile Crisis. But he never kissed her on the lips.

At one point, during another noon swim, Kennedy allegedly asked Alford to “take care” of an aide ...

Road This model has a 20-inch waist and a corset. Thoughts?

Picture 17 Road Meet a lesbian atheist single mother from Point, TX (pop. 792), along with other nonbelievers in difficult situations:

... One by one, members of [Harry's] new family turned against him because of his lack of belief. Harry doesn’t see any of his American family any more. “The last one I saw was my cousin, Ronnie. Every time he invites me over to dinner, he turns to religion. Last time I saw him, I didn’t back out, I took him full on.

 “I’ve been told things like ‘I hope you have an accident, die and go to hell.’ So that’s what I’ve been up against.”

Road Madonna's performance was fine, but maybe a little too classy. Football's over the top! A little dumb! Kind of crazy! Arguably unnexessary! Kind of like this!

Road Last night, Tatum Channing stripped during his on SNL monologue. Watch AFTER THE JUMP ...

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NEWS: Gabbie Giffords Retires; Joe Paterno Dies; Rich Kids Love Romney, And Sex Ed -- Ugh!

Picture 27

Road Gabbie Giffords, sounding sure of voice and better than she has all year, nevertheless announces that she'll retire this week. Watch her announcement AFTER THE JUMP.

Road A Greek anti-discrimination bill is shelved.:

... in order to avoid a government crisis, plans for a parliamentary debate of a new bill that would  punish “serious manifestations of racism and xenophobia” are cancelled indefinitely. The bill would have punished those "who incite, provoke or promote violence or hatred against people or groups based on their race, color, religion, origins, nationality or sexual orientation” with a prison term of up to three years.

... The bill was a project of the previous socialist government, that was replaced by a three-party coaltion last November in order to come to terms with the escalating fiscal crisis that plagues the country.

...The bill was supposed to be debated in the full house last week, after being approved in a parliamentary committee with the support of the socialists and a smaller leftist party. Last Thursday it was revealed that the bill will be shelved indefinitely ... The contents of the bill was for many months the target of angry reactions from nationalist right-wing opinion in the country.

Road Ever visit Fox Nation? If not, here's what you're missing.

Picture 28 Road Aerosmith was my first concert when I was 14 years old, and I still incubate a special kind of love for Steven Tyler. Which is why I wish people would stop hiring him to sing the National Anthem.

Road It's a city of strangers: The subway as musical instrument.

Road Although adorable rich kids love Mitt Romney ...

Road ... The New Yorker thinks Newt might win this thing. John Cassidy invokes the Muskie Curse:

... the main reason I think Newt could win is what is happening to Mitt's campaign. Outside of his own backyard, the former Massachusetts governor has yet to win more than twenty-seven per cent of the vote. At this stage, he is beginning to look ominously like another establishment favorite from the North East who had everything going for him except the voters in his own party: Ed Muskie.

Road Of course, the real winner of the Republian primaries so far, other than Barack Obama, is the National Organization for Marriage.

Road A "coalition of health and education group" released new standards for American sexual education earlier this month ...

Road ... and wow! CitizenLink's Candi Cushman and Focus On The Family's Janet Mefferd are really unhappy about it:

Cushman: The important things for parents to understand is that these standards are supposed to start in kindergarten so at the elementary level students are going to start to be taught to ‘identify different types of family structures.’

Mefferd: Ugh.

Cushman: And then demonstrate respect for these different types of families. That’s basically codes for, ‘We’re going to teach your kids about same-sex marriage and homosexual relationships and this is an option worthy of being embraced just like heterosexual marriages and relationships.’ Not only are they going to be willing to embrace it but they’re going to respect it and they’re going to get that down by the second grade. So they will need to start that probably around kindergarten so they’ll have it down in their heads by second grade. That’s just one example of them dealing with the homosexuality topic.

Mefferd: Well and in most states we don’t have same-sex marriage, so why the need for that?

Cushman: Right, it’s totally undemocratic.

Road Joe Paterno, coach, philanthropist, and alleged enabler of child rape, is dead.

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Oprah's New Show

OprahAfter a miniscule retirement from the small screen, Oprah's back on the networks. Her own network, anyway -- the Oprah Winfrey Network's ratings still suck, and if there's one person in the universe who can yank them into the black, it's the founder.

From Just Jared:

The 57-year-old television personality’s next small screen venture will involve her leaving the studio and visiting celebs at their homes.

"After 25 years I got myself out of the studio chairs. I moved into the next chapter, and I am having more fun than ever - moving around the country and the world talking to people I’m really interested in getting to know and I think viewers will be, too," Oprah said in a statement.

Oprah's first episode will apparently feature a visit with Steven Tyler at his home on Lake Sunapee, NH.

NEWS: Rick Perry Is Drunk, Steven Tyler Is Sober, Financial Service Workers Are Mean, Let's Occupy A Yacht

Road Rick Perry: Tonight, the bottle let him down.

Road Barack Obama overwhelmingly popular in Latin America.

Road 11 to be inducted at Chicago's Gay & Lesbian Hall of Fame.

Road Molecular gastronomy made simple.

Road Chatter swirls around "reformed" predator and Christian candidate Linda Wall.

Road How big are financial sector paychecks? Big.

Road Costume party! Lawyers mock the dirty middle-class scumbags they helped foreclose on:

... two Baum employees are dressed like homeless people. One is holding a bottle of liquor. The other has a sign around her neck that reads: "3rd party squatter. I lost my home and I was never served." My source said that "I was never served" is meant to mock the "typical excuse" of the homeowner trying to evade a foreclosure proceeding.

Road He used to call homosexuality a sin. Maybe he still does. Regardless, now he stands with the bullied, against the bullies.

Road Good news! Steven Tyler is not on drugs.

Road The United States can't handle bioterror.

StraightMaine Road They won! San Diego seniors become America's first lesbian homecoming couple!

Road Sister's eulogy for Jobs.

Road Occupy that yacht!

Road Jamaican sodomy law to face its first legal challenge.

Road Straight people sell gay marriage to Mainiacs. Watch a vid AFTER THE JUMP ...

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