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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #958

TRAIN SURFING IN INDIA: This can't end well.

TEXAS: Car gets a baptism.

EVOS: THe latest concept car from Ford.

RED BULL MINOR THREAT: Surfing with a flare.

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #947

KELLY SLATER: Still a genius surfer.

ITCHY YET?: A mosquito bite in HD.

HUNGARIAN SWIMMING POOL: This can't end well.

FORGET YOU: Here again is the military band whose Adele cover I featured the other day. These guys are really good.

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Watch: Surfer Films Two Massive Sharks Circling His Board


If you were paddle surfing and two massive sharks circled you for 15 minutes, would you return to the same spot the next day on just your paddle board to try and film them?

Shark Chuck Patterson did, off San Onofre State Beach in California:

"The day before I shot this video, I was SUP [stand up paddle] surfing with a couple friends and 2 sharks circled us for about 15 minutes. The next day, I decided to go back out at around the same time and take my camera mounted on a 10 ft pole and do some exploring. Sure enough within 5 minutes, a 9 ft shark came out of nowhere and circled twice and slapped his tail on my board before disappearing. Then a minute later, a 7 ft young juvenile Great White swam circles around me for 12 minutes."

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Watch: Man Surfs with His Domesticated Alpaca


Alpacas were not meant to be doused with gnarly seawater, much less hang ten


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More Surfing with Sharks


As an addition to our surfing with sharks series, I present this recently published photo.

Here's a Great White Shark off the coast of Perth sharing a wave with a surfer: "Contributors to Australia's Surfing Life magazine have awarded the Irishman the 'Euro surf-dude of the month' award."

Surfing with Sharks [tr]

News: True Blood, Sarah Silverman, Bronx, Ed Koch, Caribou

road.jpg American Airlines endorses ENDA.

road.jpg Victory Fund endorses 100 candidates in 2008.

Bronxroad.jpg Gay families plentiful in the Bronx: "Same-sex couples in the Bronx are more likely to have children than those in any other New York City borough, according to a study released last month, and perhaps more than any county in the country."

road.jpg Britney Spears takes the isle of Manhattan.

road.jpg The Pope rejects French ambassador to Vatican because he's gay and married to a man.

road.jpg Popular Chicago bartender-turned gay activist takes own life: "Ron Ziebarth, a North Side bartender with a dedicated following, was a champion fundraiser for Equality Illinois and a former chairman of the gay rights group's annual gala. Mr. Ziebarth, 52, died Tuesday, Sept. 23, said Colm Treacy, owner of two Andersonville bars where Mr. Ziebarth worked. He had suffered from bouts of depression for a few years, and he killed himself by hanging, Treacy said."

road.jpg Sarah Silverman: Do the great schlep for Obama.

Palinlipsroad.jpg Report: Sarah Palin lip liner is a tattoo.

road.jpg Jonas Brother merges with a Mustang.

road.jpg Rep. John Shadegg (R-AZ): Bailout defeat had nothing to do with Pelosi speech.

road.jpg Pride Reinvention Festival giving Perth, Australia a gay identity crisis?

Dungannonroad.jpg Homophobic attack in Dungannon, Northern Ireland: "The victim claims to have been lured to the old railway lines around 9pm on Tuesday, September 23 where four males beat him up. He required medical attention in the minor injuries unit for abrasions."

road.jpg Washington D.C. police arrest suspect in anti-gay July attack.

road.jpg Wisconsin man who stabbed his roommate because he believed the roommate was spreading gay rumors about him is ordered into a mental health facility in Wisconsin.

road.jpg Washington State Bar Association comes out in favor of marriage equality: "The resolution was adopted unanimously by the group's 14-member Board of Governors despite considerable opposition from association members, board president Mark Johnson of Seattle said. 'We felt it was appropriate to take a position,' Johnson told the Tri-City Herald. 'There certainly will be people who will be distressed.'"

Kwanten_2road.jpg True Blood's Ryan Kwanten hangs ten.

road.jpg Janet Jackson hospitalized with sudden illness.

road.jpg Straight model sues Genre magazine over unauthorized use of image.

road.jpg Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch campaigning for Barack Obama in South Florida: "Koch, who represented Manhattan's East Side on the City Council and in Congress before being elected to the first of three terms as mayor in 1977, told an admiring crowd that Obama is the best choice for president. His 15-minute speech at Temple Beth Torah/Tamarac Jewish Center was one of four stops Sunday to campaign for Obama. Koch also spoke at the Sunrise Civic Center, Temple Emeth in Delray Beach and Century Village in West Palm Beach."

road.jpg Caribou wins Canada's Polaris Music Prize.

road.jpg Guardian's Balaji Ravichandran: Public schism in India opening between the Health Ministry and the federal government of decriminalization of homosexuality.

road.jpg University of Iowa boosts harassment training after anti-gay graffiti discovered in public men's room: "A male student last week reported to school officials he saw several weeks ago a message written on a chalk board in the third floor men's restroom in North Hall. The student said the message was an anti-gay slur against Beth Skinner, a doctoral student and teaching assistant in social work. School officials don't know how long the message was there, and it was gone when the male student reported it, Saunders said. Skinner, 36, said her first reaction was disbelief that such a slur would be written in the School of Social Work. 'We have a core set of values and ethics that guide our practice and this would not be one of them,' she said."


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