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James Franco Shaves Nipples, Flaunts a Tattooed Torso for 'The Long Home': PHOTOS


James Franco's latest film is the coming-of-age story of a Tennessee carpenter and the moral battles he faces over the death of his father years earlier. The film, which Franco is directing, producing, and starring in, is an adaptation of The Long Home by William Gay (his projects do all have a gay angle).

The film is providing Franco a wealth of opportunity to showcase the film as well as his shirtless (and creatively tattooed - love the suspenders) bod on Instagram.

One interesting additional gay angle: the portrait behind Franco in the Instagram photo below was painted by out artist Paul Richmond, who wrote on Facebook:

Last week I was commissioned to paint a portrait for actor James Franco to use in his new movie, The Long Home. Yesterday DennisAaron, and I delivered it to him on the set! It was such a fun adventure that culminated with Aaron and me donning period costumes and appearing in the background of several scenes with him and co-star Courtney Love. James loved the painting and has already commissioned me to do another piece for him. I can't share any pics or details yet, but I'm so glad I was given the ok to tell you about it -- keeping secrets is not my greatest strength. 

Wrote Franco: "I think this is my favorite role/movie I've ever done."

Check out four more shirtless Instagram shots of Franco, including a bloody Ashton Kutcher and a nipple shaving session, AFTER THE JUMP...


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'Golden Girls' Super Fan Gets Golden Ink: VIDEO

Golden Girls Tattoo

As mothers around the nation can attest, nothing says love and admiration quite like a tattoo. H. Alan Scott, super fan of classic 80s sitcom The Golden Girls, decided to express his dedication in the same way, though not for his mother but for Rose, Blanche, Sophia, and Dorothy. Now that's being a friend.

You can watch him get tatted up AFTER THE JUMP...


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Amazing 80-Year-Old Grandpa Gets Equal Sign Tattoo to Support Gay Grandson: VIDEO


Joe, a grandfather who is almost 80-years-old, got an equal sign tattoo in solidarity with his grandson, who came out to him. A video documents the process as Joe tells his tattoo artist about how much he believes in the courage of his grandson for coming out.

Writes Will Wrench:

Watch as my partner Joe's almost 80-year old Grandfather gets tattoed to show his support for gay rights. About a month ago, Joe got an equal sign tattoo in support of human equality, and Grandpa Frank wanted to show his love and support, too. The world is really blessed to have people like Frank, who not only love unconditionally, but also accept everyone for who they are.


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Texas Tattoo Parlor Offers $20 'My Little Pony' Tattoos To Raise Money for Suicidal Bullied Teen

MylittleponyImperial Tattoo in Sugar Land, Texas has become a surprising well-spring of anti-bullying activism after the attempted suicide of Michael Morone, an 11-year-old student and "brony" (a male fan of "My Little Pony") from North Carolina.

The tattoo parlor's owner, Tony Wayne, took action immediately, offering $20 "My Little Pony" tattoos in order to raise funds for Michael and an anti-bullying organization. It turns out that Michael and tattoo aficionados have more in common than one might initially think.

The Houston Chronicle reports:

"We've done 25-30 of them since last week and more are booked this week," said store owner Tony Wayne. "They're regular guys, tattooed mean lookin' guys."

Wayne says as soon as he saw Michael Morones' story, he knew he had to help.

"Tattoos are about freedom of expression. Michael should have been free to like My Little Pony if he wanted to,"  Wayne said. "I knew other kids would be being bullied and this was the only way I could think to help."

Patrons with personal stakes in Michael's story have also gone to Imperial to receive their equine ink.

Christy Van Kannon, 34,  from Katy got a blue My Little Pony with a red mohawk on the inside of her left arm.  She said she felt compelled to do it because one of her 12 year old daughter's school friends also committed suicide because of bullying.

"I have three kids," said Van Kannon, "For me this was an incredible opportunity to show people how important it is to stop bullying,  We have to stand up for others that cant stand up for themselves"

Michael's recovery is suspect at this point, and he is still in critical condition at a North Carolina hospital. He may have severe brain damage. A recovery fund has raised nearly $70,000, but some of the Imperial's donations will also go to Stomp Out Bullying, a bullying prevention organization aimed at kids and teenagers.

"I didn't even realize this was going on, but things should not be gender specific. I'm getting (a My Little Pony Tattoo) myself now. You don't have to be a girl to like My Little Pony," Wayne said.

Man Wants Ryan/Romney Tattoo Removed: VIDEO


Remember back in November when we predicted regret?

It has happened:

An Indiana man who tattooed the logo of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign on his face says he is removing it. Eric Hartsburg says he initially planned to keep it, but cites post-election comments by Romney for his change of heart.


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One Direction's Harry Styles Got a Massive Abdominal Tattoo


One Direction's Harry Styles added a new tattoo to his collection of more than 30, E! reports:

"...although his face can't be seen in the photo tattoo artist Liam Sparkes posted on Flickr Jan. 22, a rep for the One Direction singer tells E! News that is definitely Styles in the snap."


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