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'Teen Wolf' Introducing Two New Gay Characters


Matt Webb Mitovich of TV Line recently spilled some tea about two gay characters that will be making their debut on Teen Wolf in its upcoming season. The show is no stranger to gay characters, having given us some steamy man-on-man action in the past between Ethan (Charlie Carver) and Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) in the past.

Said Mitovich of what we can expect in season 5:

For those who’ve been holding out hope for Danny’s return, there’s this consolation prize: Episode 4 of the new season, titled “Condition Terminal,” will introduce the recurring character of Corey, who in the course of being treated in an operating room for a strange, painful wound dishes on his boyfriend Lucas. (Guest star Lucas, meanwhile, is described as a shy young man who has become an aggressive problem at a club.)

Danny, who was Teen Wolf's first gay character, was not seen in any of the episodes in season 4 though series creator Jeff Davis has hinted that we have not seen the last of of him.

No news yet on who will play the two new characters.


Tyler Posey Strips and Gets Dunk-Tanked On 'Ellen' - VIDEO

Tyler posey pink2

The Teen Wolf himself showed up on Ellen yesterday to show his support for Breast Cancer Awareness month and be the latest contestant to partake in Ellen's dunk tank challenge to help raise money for breast cancer research. Singer P!nk was on hand to attempt to hit a target that would land Posey in the water and net $10,000 for charity. As he made his way on over to his seat in the dunk take, Posey, not known for being shy, stripped down to his pink skivvies revealing all the ink he has become so known for.

Watch a video of Posey taking it off and getting wet, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey Admits He Has a Grindr Account: VIDEO


In a sneak-peek clip for his upcoming MTV special Being Tyler Posey, the 22-year-old Teen Wolf star and his friends get into a discussion on dating apps - with Posey appearing initially uncertain about what Tinder is exactly.

"Tinder? No, what's that? Is it like Grindr for straight people? I know what Grindr is....because I have an account"

It's probably just a a joke - but hey, I can dream can't I?



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'Teen Wolf's' Tyler Posey: Dylan O'Brien And I Make Out All The Time - VIDEO

Tumblr_n9a9o1nbua1s9cl8jo2_250 (1)

Never a stranger to bromantic innuendo, Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey told fans at ComicCon this past weekend just how close he and castmate Dylan O’Brien really are. From MTV News: 

When asked what motivated him to audition for the show, Posey immediately screamed “money!” But, really, the bromance. Posey gushed over his castmates, revealing that “now we [he and O’Brien] make out all the time.”

O’Brien clarified: “We don’t make out. We just sit next to each other in our underwear.”

Watch the clip for yourself (which gets to snogging at around the 3:05 mark), AFTER THE JUMP…

(GIF via Tumblr)


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What To Watch This Week on TV: '90s Nostalgia and Teenage Werewolves- VIDEO

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 5.11.54 PM

Check out our weekly guide to make sure you're catching the big premieres, crucial episodes and the stuff you won't admit you watch when no one's looking.

— While that other show with the beefy werewolves has been a roller-coaster of quality, Teen Wolf just seems to get better and better. The supernatural thriller can get just as scary, but the high school angst keeps the series from ever taking itself too seriously (or falling too far down a nonsensical faerie hole). The fourth season premiere hits MTV tonight at 10 p.m. Eastern.

More picks and clips, including the next buzzy HBO drama, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Colton Haynes' Nipples Are Ready To Discover The World: PHOTO


 Teen Wolf and Arrow heartthrob Colton Haynes posted this Instagram pic of his shorn pecs alongside the following quote: "'You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore' - Christopher Columbus"

Apparently his nipples are ready for adventure! He also spent some time canoodling with a koala and hanging with his handsome friend during his recent trip to Australia. You can see some more pics from that trip after the jump.

See the pics AFTER THE JUMP…

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