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Manhunt Has Tom Cruise In Its Sight


Gay hookup site Manhunt is hoping to offer Tom Cruise some solace after Katie Holmes' great escape.

That's That: Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Call It Quits


Katie Holmes is definitely jumping the Tom Cruise ship. The 33-year old actress filed for divorce yesterday after seven years of marriage to the Mission: Impossible and Rock of Ages star.

Tom, according to his lawyer, is "very saddened" by the breakup. Aren't we all...

Movies: Rock of Ages. Will It Rock You?

He Will. He Will. Rock You ♫ (Tom Cruise in "Rock of Ages")



At a recent press screening in Manhattan, heavily attended by the gays, the choreographer turned So You Think You Can Dance judge turned movie director Adam Shankman cheerfully introduced the screening of his latest stage-to-screen musical ROCK OF AGES. It's his first musical since the exuberant Hairspray (2007) and he charmingly expressed his nerves and excitement about showing it off. He invited the assembled to not take the movie too seriously ("dumb fun!") and sing along with it if they felt the urge. I was sitting near the front and as Shankman bounded up the stairs to exit from the back, he shouted out  'Oh, and I'm gay!' as a "no shit" style punchline. The crowd laughed and the lights went out. 

The energy of Shankman's introduction can't have hurt the screening but his invitation to sing-along proved redundant. It doesn't take long for the movie to send out its own karaoke invitation.  In the jukebox musical's first number we meet a small town girl, living in a lonely world, who takes a midnight train bus going anywhere. Her name is Sherry Christian (Julianne Hough) but she's not exactly going anywhere. She's purposefully headed to Los Angeles to try to make it in the music business. No sooner has she begun singing "Sister Christian" (get it? Um… haha?) than the unnamed extras on the bus start grabbing solo lines from the verses until the whole bus is singing about Sister Christian. Her time has come!  

Hough & Bonita as 'Sherry & Drew'  in "Rock of Ages"

Upon her arrival in the big city, this girl from the sticks lands both a new job and a new bartender/songwriter boyfriend (Cam Gigandet) at a famous club operated by a beleaguered old pro (Cher) and her gayish sidekick (Stanley Tucci). The club is having financial trouble thanks in part to a mercenary money man (Eric Dane) and hopes that a big voice (Christina Aguilera) will resurrect its fortu--- 



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Tom Cruise Rocks Guyliner, Gun Tatts for 'W' Magazine


Celebuzz debuted the new 'W' magazine cover today, which features Tom Cruise dolled up as his Rock of Ages character Stacee Jaxx. The mess of a trailer, if you missed it, is here.

Tom Cruise Jaxx Off in 'Rock of Ages' Trailer: VIDEO


Above, Tom Cruise has a reflective moment as rocker Stacee Jaxx in a new extended trailer for Rock of Ages, while elsewhere Alec Baldwin is throwing up — in his pants.

Check out the whole hot mess, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Cuba Gooding Jr.: My Dad Asked Tom Cruise if He Was Gay

Cuba Gooding Jr. is set to appear on The Graham Norton Show on Friday night and a few details are being shared with the press:

GoodingThe actor remembered bringing his father to the set of 1996 movie Jerry McGuire, in which he starred alongside Tom.

Cuba was lost for words when his dad questioned Tom’s sexuality and subsequently banned him from coming back on location.

“He gave Tom Cruise a hug and said, ‘I love you man. Now seriously, are you gay or not?’ I almost fainted,” Cuba told British TV host Graham Norton. “And thought, please Lord, let me disappear. Tom just laughed and said ‘no’.”

Gooding says he is also sick of people shouting "show me the money" at him.


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