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NYC Transgender Woman In Critical Condition Following Hate Crime Attack: VIDEO


New York police are hunting for four men who beat a 28-year-old transgender woman unconscious in Brooklyn on Sunday night, reports the Daily News. Two of the suspects are pictured above, captured on a local store's surveillance camera.

Bushwick and halsey new york mapThe woman, a client of New Alternatives for Homeless LGBT Youth, was attacked on Bushwick Ave. and Halsey St. at around 11:20 p.m.

According to witnesses, the victim was nearing the corner when the attackers started yelling "faggot." When the woman yelled back, the group followed her, kicking her repeatedly until she fell to the ground. Reported to be in a critical condition, she was struck with a plexiglass board and knocked unconscious while on the ground.

New Alternatives executive director Kate Barnhart said that it is not clear if the victim will have permanent brain damage.

The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the incident as a hate crime.

Last month, police in New York arrested and charged two men and a teenage boy with menacing, third-degree hate crime and assault in the first degree after they chased and shot at a gay man in Brooklyn. The victim was dressed as a woman at the time of the attack.

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Georgia Transgender Teen Elected to School's Homecoming Court

In what is believed to be a first for the state, a transgender high school student in Georgia has been elected to homecoming court, The Marietta Daily Journal reports:

Sage lovellSage Lovell, 16, was one of about 50 other girls in the junior class who were first nominated for homecoming court. The junior class then elected her and three other young women to serve on the court. She is not eligible for homecoming queen since that position is only offered to seniors.

Sage said she is excited she was chosen, and has received support from many of her classmates, who came up to her and told her they were going to vote for her.

“I’m so flattered to be representing my school, to be, like, able to, like, just represent my entire junior class,” she said.

Sage's father, Joseph Lovell, has been supportive throughout her daughter's transition and plans on escorting Sage onto the football field Friday.

“It’s very important for young people to be who they are and that’s just the whole point of life,” the computer programmer said. “It’s not important for people to be what society wants but for people to be who they are, who they want. I can’t make you be something that you are not and if I could, it would be something very uncomfortable for you, very sad for you and I just feel like everyone needs to have the opportunity to be who they are no matter how much someone else might not like it. You can see that all over the world and it all starts at home.”

[photo via Twitter]

American Family Association Targets Married Mississippi Trans Man for 'Biological Fraud'

FulghamNick and Jessica Elliott Fulgham are at the center of the American Family Association's latest media offense against marriage equality because of the couple’s personal history. Nick, a trans man, is legally registered as being biologically male within Mississippi, where he married his wife late last month. Nick’s birth certificate, the AFA contends, invalidates the marriage given that same-sex marriage is not yet legal in Mississippi.

Bryan Fischer, a vocal spokesperson for the AFA and host of one of its online programs, took to his platform to publicize private information about the Fulghams in an effort to draw more unwanted attention to their personal lives.

"Two lesbians getting married could not possibly be more illegal and unconstitutional anywhere in the United States than in Mississippi," the organization said in an inflammatory statement on its website.

"Nick and I love and stand behind each other and will do whatever we have to so that we ensure our rights and prove we did everything legally," Jessica told local news station WSFA."We aren't second-class citizens; we are people just like everyone else."

Despite the AFA’s vitriolic campaign against them, the married couple has found acceptance and support within their local community. Together, the Mississippi Gulf Coast Rainbow Center and the Dandelion Project are holding a joint potluck reception to honor the couple’s nuptials.

Chilean Senate Votes In Support of LGBT Civil Unions

ChileAfter hours of heated debate the Chilean Senate voted in favor of legalizing same sex unions throughout the entire country. Though the approved bill does not, technically, make same-sex marriage possible, provisions within the law seek to put gay unions at parity with their heterosexual counterparts. Two previous versions of the bill were blocked by AVP, a conservative organization working to limit cohabitation benefits like inheritance and power of attorney, for both gay and straight couples.

“Marriage is between a man and a woman,” said Sen. José Ossandón, who opposed the bill “I recognize that homosexuals have rights…I recognize that is not the AVP.”

Michelle_BacheletMoving forward the bill will be presented to the Chilean House of Deputies where it will be further reviewed, put up for approval, and passed along to Chile’s recently elected President Michelle Bachelet. In the past Bachelet has been vocal about her support of marriage equality and an expansion of rights for Chile’s trans community. Many Chileans, however, feel that she is not doing enough to improve upon her predecessor’s relationship to Chile’s queer population

In 2012 Chile’s former president Sebastián Piñera introduced an updated version of Chile’s anti-hate crimes law in response to the murder of Daniel Samudio, a 24-year old gay man. He was also responsible for introducing a much earlier version of the LGBT civil union law in 2011. Though Piñera was partially supporting of LGBT citizens, his government also made headlines for arguing against a re-definition of marriage that would have allowed for same sex couples to wed.

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Embarks On Inclusion-Focused Rebranding

TaskforceIn an effort to strengthen its position as one of the country’s leading organizations fighting for queer equality, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has rebranded itself the National LGBTQ Task Force. Though the Task Force remains dedicated to its original mission of advancing the rights for lesbian and gay individuals, its new name is meant to reflect an evolution of the group’s focus.

Rea Carey, the Task Force’s Executive Director, explained that recent advances in the fight for marriage equality were a foundational part of the modern gay rights movement, but there was still more work to be done.

“There is a deep desire for more change, to look beyond marriage equality,” she explained in a statement. “With millions of us still facing formidable barriers in every aspect of our lives: at school, in housing, employment, in health care, in our faith congregations, in retirement and in basic human rights.”

The Task Force’s inclusion of bisexual, transgender, and queer identities is the latest in the organization’s effort to foster the development of a socio-politically inclusive group of sexual minorities. The rebranding is joined by the new “Be You” tagline, encouraging all  people marginalized for their gender expression or sexuality to feel welcome within the Task Force’s cause.

“Now more than ever we have the power to define the future we want — a world where every LGBTQ person can be themselves without any barriers,” said Carey “We have worked hard for decades to create this momentum. Let’s seize this opportunity, let’s be ourselves fully, and let’s make a future together that’s worthy of our struggle.”

Watch the National LGBTQ Task Force's latest video introducing its Be You campaign AFTER THE JUMP...

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Dana McCallum, Trans Twitter Engineer Pleads Guilty In Spousal Rape Case


Yesterday, Dana McCallum pled guilty to two misdemeanor charges of domestic violence and false imprisonment in connection to the alleged rape of her wife. In January McCallum pled not guilty to the five initial felony charges which included three counts of spousal rape. She was released on a $350,000 bail.

A vocal member of the trans-rights community and a Twitter engineer, McCallum had previously made a name for herself as an advocate for sexual and gender minorities’ inclusion within the tech industry. Following the rape allegations McCallum’s web presences on sites such as Model View Culture were deleted. McCallum’s lawyer John Runfola said that the rape allegations came as a result of the couple’s ongoing divorce proceedings and McCallum’s financial success as a top Twitter engineer.

"I'm just disgusted that, you know, this is going on," Runfola told The Examiner. "Dana is an employee [at Twitter] and is about to come into a large amount of money. ... This whole thing is about money."

Erin Caton, a close friend of McCallum’s wife refuted Runfola’s claims, insisting that McCallum attacking her wife was an event separate from their divorce.

Today in court McCallum’s wife expressed that she wanted her ordeal to to be an inspiration to others, like her wife, who were dealing with alcohol addiction, rather than “an ugly headline for the vultures to pick over."


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