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Gay Iconography: Janet Mock's 'Realness' Revolution

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There are lots of reasons to celebrate writer, activist and host Janet Mock. She’s an inspiring speaker, a brilliant writer and an eloquent advocate for women, people of color and the trans community.

Even though she doesn’t identify as gay (which never kept the icon label from Barbra or Cher or Liza), her work has far-reaching implications that extend throughout the LGBT community. Since first sharing her story in Marie Claire magazine in 2011, Mock has been an outspoken and visible presence in the media, from her work as an editor for and Marie Claire to her bestselling memoir, Redefining Realness. Her heartfelt, straightforward approach to discussing complex issues like intersectionality combined with her Beyoncé-level ferocity are enough to warrant admiration, but Mock’s work has more direct ties to the greater gay community. As she explained to Autostraddle last year:

“You know, I really I wish that we could really talk about gender expectations within the [LGBT] movement. I think that when we’re all born we’re told that if you’re assigned male or female at birth and you’re supposed to, you know, like the ‘opposite sex,’ that’s who you’re supposed to be with. I think it’s about all of those supposed gender expectations. And I think that if we would have kind of started the movement there in that sense, I think we could have been more cohesive in our journeys forward without excluding people.”

Get familiar with more of Janet Mock’s work, AFTER THE JUMP

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You Can Binge-Watch the Entire Season of 'Transparent' for Free Today


Those of you looking for a way to sit out the cold weather today might consider binge-watching Transparent, Amazon's Golden Globe-winning series about an L.A. family and its three adult children adjusting to their father's coming out as a trans woman.

Amazon is allowing anyone to view the entire series for free all day today. The catch is that they'll try to hook you into signing up for its Amazon Prime service at a discounted rate.

The show will be at

Also, check out our Bobby Hankinson's interview with star Jeffrey Tambor here.

Alexis Arquette On Her Transition, Celebrities, And the Topping Of Jared Leto


It's been a while since we last mentioned Alexis Arquette, but the connecting thread between then and now remains the same: sex with Jared Leto. Evidently, Leto's "massive" penis went unused as he bottomed for a trans friend of Arquette.

Arquette dishes on much more in the shameless gossip piece with, including her annoyance with how poorly transfolk are represented in the media, on Oprah wanting to actually film her transition surgery for a documentary, and on being unable to register for Twitter because celebrity leech/gadfly Perez Hilton had already registered her name.

The interview is a bit of a guilty pleasure puff piece, but credit has to be given to Arquette for being loudly, fiercely, and unapologetically trans:

Unless you want to have sex with me, there’s no point asking me [about my privates]. Unless you want to discriminate against me, I don’t know why it would be an issue. Why would you treat someone differently? You’re gonna hold the door for me just because I have a vagina? It’s nice to hold the door for everyone.


HRC and NCLR File Brief Supporting Denial of Saks Fifth Avenue's Motion to Dismiss Trans Discrimination Lawsuit

Saks Fifth Avenue

In the ongoing case of Saks Fifth Avenue claiming that it has the right to discriminate against transgender employees, the Human Rights Campaign and National Center for Lesbian Rights have followed up the formal refutation of Saks' motion to dismiss the case by filing an amici curiae brief to further deny Saks' motion to dismiss. It is a dense and thorough read, but the heart of it is this:

JamalAmici agree with Plaintiff that SAKS’ motion to dismiss ignores a host of case law and the conclusions of the EEOC and Department of Justice, all of which firmly establish that harassment or discrimination against a transgender person, whether for having transitioned their sex or for not conforming to gender-based stereotypes, constitutes sex discrimination under Title VII. Therefore, taking all the factual allegations of the complaint as true, as the Court must at this stage, the motion to dismiss should be denied.

Saks has not made any response as of the writing of this post.

Read the brief below:

Pennsylvania Governor Advocates For First Openly Transgender Physician General

Pending an upcoming confirmation by the state Senate, Dr. Rachel Levine could become Pennsylvania’s newest Physician General and the first transgender woman to hold the position. Prior to being submitted by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, Levine’s decades long career included practicing pediatrics and psychiatry.

LevineShe currently serves as the chief of the Division of Adolescent Medicine and Eating Disorders at the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, where she is also a professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry.

Levine, who is openly trans, became actively involved in the Pennsylvania trans community 10 years ago. Since then become a fixture in local queer student outreach initiatives as the liaison for LGBT Affairs to the Penn State Hershey Office of Diversity.

"You don't suddenly decide at 50-something that you're transgender,” Levine said of her coming out. “I think that it has helped me in terms of the LGBT community in terms of understanding what all the issues are, and I think I've been able to serve as a mentor and role model to LGBT individuals at the medical center as well as in the community."

Prominent Gaming Organizer Ousted Following Sexual Harassment Allegations

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Johnathan Lugo is best known for his involvement in the close-knit, Super Smash Bros. competitive gaming community where he was commonly known as “Alex Strife.” Lugo played a major role in organizing and coordinating Apex, one of the largest Smash tournaments held in North America. Apex recently put out a statement ahead of its 2015 gathering, however, announcing that it was parting ways with Lugo following a series of harassment accusations from a number of different women.

In addition to making a number of sexually aggressive advances towards cis-women participants at events, Lugo made a point of pursuing an subsequently harassing Haley "Nyanidesuka" Jones, a transwoman.  In a lengthy Reddit post complete with screenshots, Jones recounts a series of interactions that began as awkward and ultimately became invasive and sexually inappropriate.

“He fetishizes transwomen but at the end of the day has absolutely no respect for us as human beings,” said Jones, citing Lugo referring to her as a ‘chick with a dick.’ “Then again, he seems to have no respect for cisgender women, or any other humans, so this shouldn't surprise you.”

“The community doesn't need somebody like this. And if "outing" myself gives the little extra push needed to help make this community safer for the players who come after me, and for people of alternative genders and expressions in any community, then I'm all for it.”

News of Lugo’s history of outing trans-women within the Smash community surfaced just days after Nintendo, the game maker behind Smash, announced that it would be an official Apex sponsor for the first time. Though much of the Smash community were shocked to learn of Lugo’s behavior, Apex was rather frank in their position on the matter.

"At this time, Alex Strife will be stepping down from his duties at Apex,” Apex spokesmen clarified yesterday. “We will be moving forward with Apex 2015."

Apex 2015 begins January 30th in Secaucus, NJ. Check out the trailer for the event AFTER THE JUMP...

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