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Tom Daley Wins Gold in Best Solo Dive at Commonwealth Games: VIDEO

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Tom Daley took home the gold medal in the men's 10-meter platform diving competition at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland on Friday.

Tweeted Daley:

Daley released a video of his preparation for the competition and reaction to medal win, which you can watch AFTER THE JUMP...

Daley's boyfriend, screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, also sent out a congratulatory message following the results:



MitchamOpenly gay Australian diver Matthew Mitcham also won gold at the Games in the 10-meter synchronized diving event, Outsports reports:

For Mitcham, winning the gold medal was an accomplishment since he had won six silvers in the event in the past few years. The Aussies beat the Brits by .18, an extremely close finish. Since there were only four teams competing in the final, no bronze medal was awarded.

You can head over to the Outsports article HERE to check out more photos from the competition.

Congrats guys!

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UK Cooling Towers Demolished in Spectacular Fashion: WATCH

UK tower

Residents in the southeastern British county of Oxfordshire received an explosive wake up call early Sunday morning with the controlled demolition of a set of cooling towers.

BBC reports that many residents made the most of the big event by camping out overnight, baking tower-themed goods, spreading the word via Twitter and belting out “The Final Countdown” just before demolition. How festive. 

Check it out yourself, AFTER THE JUMP

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British Rugby Star Zak Hardaker Says He’s Now 'A Better Person' After 5 Game Ban for Anti-gay Slur

Zak hardaker

British Rugby Player Zak Hardaker, who was punished with a five-match ban for calling a player a “f—king fag” in late May, says that his suspension and subsequent work with the LGBT community has made him “a better person now.”

Attitude reports:

Hardaker recently asked to train with the LGBT rugby team The Manchester Canalsiders, and says he has “learned what you can and can’t say” from the experience.

“I try to enjoy myself and live life to the full,” said the 22-year-old player. “Along the way you learn new things and this is one of the lessons I have learned. The Canalsiders have been terrific and at least some good has come out of what happened.”

He continued: “They recognised it was just a heat of the moment comment and I am really thankful for their support. I think it has helped to raise certain issues, including the profile of the club, so that’s great. I have learned what you can and can’t say and how it affects different people.”

Earlier this week, Hardaker also met with other members of Manchester's LGBT community to learn about the impact of homophobia.

British Rugby Player Banned Five Matches for Homophobic Slur


British rugby player Zak Hardaker was punished with a five-match ban for calling a player a "f--king fag" in late May, the Daily Mail reports:

The 22-year-old England international was also fined £300 by a Rugby Football League independent disciplinary tribunal which sat for almost four hours in Leeds.

Hardaker, who was represented by his club's legal team, was charged with a grade E offence, which carries a suspension of between four and eight matches, after his offensive comments were spotted on television during Leeds' 24-6 defeat by Warrington 11 days ago.

Hardaker last week issued an apology for his comments, admitting he used inappropriate language and insisted they were aimed at Warrington captain Michael Monaghan, rather than referee James Child, which appeared to be the case.

Following the punishment, Hardaker tweeted:

Gay Couples Can Now Marry in Russia...as Long as It's at the British Consulate

Gay couples can now marry at British consulates in more than 20 countries, including Russia, where same-sex marriage is outlawed, The Independent reports:

BritembassyThe Foreign Office has opened the doors of its missions to British nationals and their partners who wish to wed but are unable to under foreign laws.

Chris Bryant, the former Foreign office minister and openly gay Labour MP, said he hoped the move would be "celebrated" in countries like Russia where homosexuals face prejudice and persecution.

The countries include Australia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Japan, Kosovo, Latvia, Mongolia, Montenegro, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, and Vietnam.

United Kingdom Deporting Lesbian Mom To Face Possible Beatings, Imprisonment, Death In Uganda

Asaba_AidahA young Ugandan woman who fled her home country after being persecuted, beaten and raped because she is a lesbian will be deported from the United Kingdom this Saturday, May 24, according to Gay Star News. Aidah Asaba, 27, came to the UK last October seeking asylum after life in Uganda became untenable. If deported, Aidah fears she will be killed. 

Aidah's hell first began at 22 when her mother caught her with her then girlfriend: 

‘That’s when the problems started. My family rejected me, calling me weak and evil. My father locked me in my room almost 10 hours and beat me with a stick and with his fists. Then he kicked me out of the house.

‘I went back to the university. After some time he called me to come back home and told me he had a man to marry me. He said I didn’t have a choice, if I refused he would disown me or take me to prison.’

Aidah did marry and her husband eventually found out about her sexual identity. He raped and beat her on a repeated basis. She eventually gave birth to a daughter, now four, whom she had to leave in Uganda when she fled for the UK. 

As a demonstration of the anti-gay blood-lust that awaits her should she be forced to return, Aidah recounted a time she received an ominous summons from members of her community:

Community leaders sent me a letter and demanded I come to a meeting to discuss my sexuality. They said I was recruiting young girls to be lesbians.

I have been to meetings like that before. I have attended some meetings where they just started beating people. There is no control.

Earlier this year, Uganda passed a bill that criminalized homosexuality, punishing victims with up to life in prison. A report has since shown that anti-gay violence has been on the rise since the law was passed. Local officials have also wasted no time enforcing the law with many individuals already face charges in court. Ugandan newspapers have even published the names of individuals suspected of being homosexuals, Aidah among them. 

UgandaGiven the state of affairs in Uganda, Aidah has very real concerns for her safety should she be forced to return. And though the UK has a policy of not deporting LGBT asylum seekers who would face certain persecution if sent home, Aidah’s deportation has for some reason been fast-tracked: 

It harmed her case with the UK Home Office that she didn’t go out to gay bars in Britain as they didn’t believe she was lesbian. But she told GSN she was traumatized from what had happened to her and from leaving behind her daughter so stayed in the house rather than partying.

In January she applied for asylum but just six days later she was arrested and put in to an asylum detention center near London's Heathrow Airport. 

You’ll recall we previously reported on accounts that surfaced of other LGBT asylum seekers in the UK facing ‘extraordinary obstacles’ in proving to the UK Home Office that they were in fact gay. Though Keith Vaz, Labour MP and chairman of the Home Affairs Committee, previously remarked that "It is absurd for a judge or a caseworker to have to ask an individual to prove that they are lesbian or gay, to ask them what kind of films they watch, what kind of material they read” and that "People should accept the statement of sexuality by those who seek asylum,” it seems that Aidah’s statement of her sexuality has not been accepted by officials handling her case.

You can sign a petition calling on the Home Office to cancel Aidah’s deportation HERE.

(Photo via Gay Star News)


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